Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Tempo

The weather was perfect out, high 50's, little wind, cloud cover; I had to run today. (Christmas Day)...So I made my way to the Clovis West High School track and ran a tempo run :)
I had originally planned only a 2 mile tempo; as I approached the 8th lap, I noticed I still felt full of energy and my legs strong, so I proceeded to extended my workout 1.1 more miles.....
According to my Garmin:

1 mile warm up 10 minute average pace.

5k tempo:
Mile 1: 8:08 pace average (felt great)

Mile 2: 8:05 pace average (still felt great)

Mile 3: 8:03 pace average

1 mile cool down @ 10 minute pace

Total miles :5

Not exactly "start slow-finish fast" more like " just consistent"...whoops! Still, the work out did feel good, and I am happy about that.:)

Now, it's time to eat! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Warning: Whining below

Disclaimer: I know, with training, this will return; and I am being patient with my body, promise...bbbuuuutttttttt...

I'm so out of shape!!!! Wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....I once was so fit, I ran 13.1 miles at average 8 minute mile pace! I miss being in shape!!.......Wwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Ok, had to vent. :)

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 6)

I'm not one to push a product, but I have too with the 'Mizuno Breath Thermo' Body Warming really works! (I am in no way payed by Mizuno to endorse this product)
I set out today (Sunday) for an easy 3 miler, and my toes were never cold, not once; nor did they over heat. (Which I was a little worried about) ...My toes, since I have lived out East, no matter how thick the sock, are always cold at start, and take about 4-5 miles to finally warm. (no kidding) Today's run, no cold toes, not even for a second....I'm sold(!!) and definitely recommend this product to my running amigos(as).
Down side: They are a little pricey, ($20.00 for A pair of socks), but they truly work. I'm definitely saving, and buying 2 more pairs socks, and a hat. (I also had the gloves, and after I generated some heat, I could feel the gloves start to warm.)

I'm a total cold weather wimp, this product will definitely help me be a bit braver with heading out into the cold...


Week 12/12-12/18

AM:Work (blah)
PM: 4.5 miles run (see previous blog:) outside run

AM:*Body Pump x1 hour
PM:Elliptical x50 minutes


AM: 5.6 mile run (treadmill)
PM: *Body Pump X1 hour

PM: 5k tempo. total: 4.5 miles. 1 mile w/u. 5k tempo.(8:30, 8:27, 8:20) 1/2 mile c/d. (treadmill)

AM:Rested again...oops!

AM: Long run with CAR! (outside) 9.8 miles
While I am trying not to look at my Garmin during my runs right now, I did check it out a couple times during Saturdays run. One was when I was huffing and puffing to keep up with Steph, and so thought we were just running a 9:30; but when I looked we were running a 8:45! Cool. (Then we hit a snow filled Haines Point, Steph took off, and I stayed back at a ~9 min pace, nervous of falling)
The next time I peaked, was about mile 7, I took a gander( because I was feeling a little fast:) and it was averaging 8:14, which I decided to try and hold for a mile...and did. After which I dropped to ~8:45 at mile 8, and really slowed the last 1.8 miles in, due to stopping, and walking through the icy/snowy parts heading back to TR island...Yep, I definitely have a phobia of falling. (I'm working on it)

*Body Pump still at increased weight

Total miles this week: 24 miles
Total miles last week: 18 miles

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ankle Confidence! (An amazing run)

I set out today with a goal of 3 miles, because it was looking icky outside, and I had ran 6 miles yesterday. I piled on the layers: 2 long sleeve tops, my MCM jacket to block the rain, my new CWX tights, a hat, and a beanie over the hat. (Oh ya, and gloves) I was ready to face the cold!...but as I walked outside, it didn't feel that cold to me; so off I went!
As I began my run today, immediately I noticed that my confidence in the ankle was much better today. :)

Quick topic change:
The issue with the ankle now, is not so much physical, but in building confidence in it. I find myself sometimes wanting to hold back, "baby it", but I do not need to be. It' s stronger ( but still not at pre-break strength), it no longer aches, and I'm also about 3 months post injury, which means (according to the medical professionals) I can return back to normal activity; bone is healed.

Ok, back to the run:
The 1st mile felt good, so good in fact, I rerouted my 3 mile planned loop and edited my run to do my old 4 1/2 mile loop instead.
This was my second outside run, and I felt great! I also went sans Garmin (dead battery), and I definitely had a much more relaxd/fun run in lieu of it.

I know I started around an easy 10 minute pace, and by the 2nd mile, since I was feeling so great, I dropped pace.( I must have been in the 9:40-45ish time range, it felt that way at least) The 3rd mile, I played the "I want to catch up and pass that girl runner in front of me game", so I did! (LOL) I dropped pace even more, and probably dropped to the hi 8:X pace ( I'm guessing around 8:45ish) and actually after I passed her (in my own personal head race) I decided to hold that pace for 1 I did. :)
The last mile and a half my pace slowly slowed from probably around low 9's to hi 9's pace...but I felt amazing this run! :)

The rain was fun!....and ankle, what ankle, it felt great!
I got what I wanted for Christmas; running. :)

*paces above are estimated by feel.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 5)

First, last blog I mentioned I wanted to start to clean up my diet, so I have scheduled an appointment, next Friday, with a nutritionist. I want to drop the weight correctly=having enough energy to run/train, while still dropping 5-10lbs, so I have decided to meet with a professional. The goal is to drop to my happy 127lbs. The alcohol consumption, unfortunately, will not stop until Jan 1st. I have too many Christmas gatherings to try and stop that this month. I have decided to keep it to red wine only, 2 glasses, and I am avoiding beer and sugary drinks.(both empty calories) I figure, if I am going to continue drinking, drink the "healthier" of the liquor family:

Red Wine - Heart Health Benefits?

I definitely did not meet my "pool run more" goal for the week, in fact, I did not at all. (oopsie!) Tis the season for holiday parties, like I mentioned earlier, so I haven't had the time to actually make it to the pool, in fact my 2 hour workout days, dipped to just 1-1 1/2 hours this week. O well, it is December....However, I did up my land miles this week, so I think that is a fair trade. :)

Total land miles: 18
(total land miles last week: 13)
total pool miles: 0
(total pool miles last week: 7)
total miles: 18

I also went into body pump this week with a new "increase my weight" goal.
Squats: I upped from 15 lbs on bar to 25 lbs on the bar
Chest: 20lbs on bar to 30lbs on bar
Back:25lbs on bar to 35 lbs on bar
Triceps: 15lbs to 20lbs
Biceps: 10lbs to 15 lbs (this is my least favorite muscle to work, and it shows)
Lunges: I have been working on balance strength with my right ankle, first. This week was the 1st time I added weight to the lunge exercise, as I am holding my balance much better. Upped from 0-10lbs.
Shoulders: I use hand weights for this track, not the bar: upped from 8lb hand wts to 10lb hand weights for the over head presses, and deltoids, 8lbs for side raises.
What I have found out, is I can totally lift this weight! I was definitely holding at a happy place for quite awhile, not challenging my muscles, but maintaining instead.

I also ran outside for the 1st time since the injury today! (11weeks post injury) It was great, but boy, I am out of running shape! My pace varied to much, and I was huffing and puffing from mile 2-6,and legs felt weak...but it's just the first time back, this will get better with time and training.
The ankle is feeling great! No pain, and no discomfort; about 70% back to normal, I would say. I actually go long moments now, throughout the days, not thinking about or feeling the ankle; that makes me a very happy runner.

Week 12/5-12/11

AM: Rest
PM: elliptical x1 hour
Body Pump x1hr ( 1st class at increased weight)

Rest (office party)

AM: Ran 6 miles ( start 10 minute pace, drop 910 pace)
PM:Body pump x1 hour (2nd class increased weight)

PM: active recovery: elliptical x1hour

AM: 6 miles ( start 10:20, dropped 9:50)
PM: CAR Holiday Party


AM: 6 miles (avg pace 9:50) outside run....much, much harder than a treadmill run :)
Body pump x1 hour (3rd class at increased weight)

Good luck to everyone running JATW 10K Sunday! :)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 4)

I have officially added running to my regimen(!!!) and ankle is feeling fine. It is a little achy today, but it is also freezing outside, so I'm not sure if it was the running or the cold weather or a combo of any case, I won't run today (Sunday) or on Monday and I'll take it back to the elliptical for the next couple days. I'm far from being discouraged, I'm only at 10 weeks post break, and I know I am way ahead of the running schedule, so these "aches" are to be expected.
I did less pool time this week, and not on purpose. Tis the season for holiday happy hours and less time to work out. I do want to keep at least 2 days in the pool a week; I'm hoping to add, next week, more pool days back into my routine....but I have a holiday party this Monday and the CAR happy hour on Thursday, so this maybe difficult. :)
Other note: I need to start to clean up my diet, being injured/holiday season, I have let it lax....5 lbs later, yikes, I need to cease this pattern, and get back into shape! ( except for Christmas day>I'll eat whatever)

Week of 11/28-12/4


AM:Body Pump x1 hr
PM: Spin x1 hour

AM: 4 mile run ( started 11 min pace and dropped to 1015 pace)
PM: Hot Yoga

PM:pool running x1 hour 15mins (~ 7 miles in pool)

PM: Margaritas :)

AM:Body Pump x1 hour
PM: 4 mile run x1 hour total tread mill (ended with a cool down walk) started 1045 pace dropped to a 10 min pace

AM:5 mile run ( again x1 hour treadmill, including cool down walk) started 10:45 pace and dropped to a 930 pace.
3o minutes on eliptical and abs

Total land miles: 13
(total land miles last week: 3)
total pool miles: 7
(total pool miles last week: 15)
total miles together: 20
(total miles last week: 18)

I hope everyone is staying warm! Winter is definitely here!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 summed up with music!

Then. Brad Paisley

Womanizer. Britney Spears

Wrong Baby, Wrong. Martina McBride

You Outta Know!! Alanis Morristte

Undo it. Carrie Underwood

Ridin' Solo. Jason Derulo

Unwritten. Natasha Bedingfield

2011 is my year to shine! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week in Review: (Rehabbing wk 3)

Not much extra to add, but cross training is kicking my butt, and I can't wait for my running rhythm to return!
I hope everyone is having a great holiday/long weekend! :)

Week 11/21-11/27

AM: Hot Yoga x 90 mins
PM: 2 mile walk

AM: pool running x1 hr
PM: Spin x1 hr

AM: abs
PM: Hot Yoga x90 mins

Wednesday:(Rest day)
PM: jogged x 1 mile :)

AM: Elliptical x1 hr
Body Pump x1 hour
Stair Climber x 20 mins
PM:Lots of food and red wine :)

AM:2 mile "run" (3 miles total distance when walking distance added)
PM: Hot Yoga x 90 mins

AM: Pool Running x1hr 30 mins
Body pump x1 hr
PM: Rest

Total weekly "running" mileage:
3 land
15 water

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rehab: Attempt 2

Disclaimer: I know I have come a long way in a very short amount of time. I mean to completely break my fibula bone, and 60 days later, I am on the track "running" again; that is awesome. My Ortho doc has explained to me that this type of injury typically takes 3-4 months to get to where I am currently, so I am proud and happy on how fast and well my body is healing. :)

Today I went out to the W&L track for running attempt #2. I "ran" 2 miles today, with a total mileage of 3. (when you add in the walking distance.)
I did the following:
1x1600 "run". 1x400 walk. 1x1600 "run". 1x400 walk. 1x400 "run". 1x 400 walk.
I began to "run" a third mile, but stopped after 400, not because of any pain, or discomfort, but because of frustration. Yes, I mentally crumbled.
At best, I only dropped to a 9:59 pace. Frustrating!! (Please see disclaimer) Mentally, I know what I can do, where I was this past year, so it's frustrating to be trying my all, and see only a 9:59 average on the Garmin.Blah.
I know, I know, it's completely silly to want an 8 minute mile pace's like I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The Angel is saying " great job!" "You've come so far so quickly!" and "Give it time, you'll be back to normal in no time!" The devil is telling me "Come on drop pace!!' "Woo hoo a 10 minute mile pace" (in a sarcastic tone). "look that jogger just passed you!"....urghe!

Again, please see disclaimer.

I plan to go out again on Sunday, all I can do is keep chugging along, and remain positive. I will get back to my 8 minute pace, and beyond, but later not today. :)

One bonus is I finally got to wear my new CW-X tights!

I love them!! It was a chilly, and drizzly morning, and they kept me very warm/toasty. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


1. I am thankful to have such a wonderful family, who loves me and supports me....even through my crazy ideas. :)
2. I am thankful for my friends, who during the month of October really stepped up. I can never say thank you enough to everyone that helped me out, encouraged me to look forward, and even now supports while I rehab back to normalcy.
3. I am thankful I got to jog 1 mile last night with no pain, or discomfort!! :) I plan to try again tomorrow morning.
4. I am thankful for my little kitty Dior...who greets me at the door after work, makes me laugh, and laid on my lap while I was casted. :)
5. I am thankful I have a job...despite some days I complain about it, I am thankful for it.
6. I am thankful this injury was not as bad as it could have been, and that I am healthy.
7. I am thankful I get to spend Turkey day with my bff/sister, Maggie in Bmore. :)
8. I am thankful for the lessons I have learn in 2010, that I will take with me to 2011
9. I am thankful God revealed who I was dating earlier this yr, and I did not marry him :)
10.Lastly, I am thankful everyone I care about is happy and healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Freaking ExcitingWednesday!!

1 mile jog around W&L track. No pain and not even uncomfortable. I could have gone much more....needless to say, I PUMPED!!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New found drive

If you would have told me 8 weeks ago that "everything happens for a reason", I would have tuned you out, and then proceed to mope.
Fast forward 8 weeks,( and it definitely took me a process to say this) but I do really think it happened for a reason. Yes, you read this correctly.
Since I moved out east my drive for training and running have just not been the same. 2010 was the most motivated season I have had as of lately, but it was more because I had great group to get me out there to run along side with. I did have motivation, but it was mute. (actually in my head, all season, I never thought I would get the 3:40 or less, but more like a 3:45-3:50) Yes, I didn't believe in myself so much, and I do believe that is why I only did a 1:46 half in Philly, where I should have easily been under 1:45 like the rest G2B. ( Steph, Beth, Amy, Liz) I needed something to shake me back awake, to wake me back into my love for training, running, and running fast. (my definition of fast;)

I started to feel this new drive the day I was cleared to start pool running, it was just a little spark then, but I was feeling it; and the more my ankle lets me do, the more I feel this new drive. It's exciting!!
Last night I did Spin and it kicked some major a$$, but I also felt this major high during it. I was smiling, having fun pushing, and feeling a drive I have not felt in forever. Wow! Is it possible to get a runners high from a Spin class, because I was ssooo high after!!
I can say now, without this break, I would never have this new found drive and love towards running, training, and my physical fitness. 2011 is going to be exciting!!!! I can't wait to cash in this new found drive!
I'm coming back and with a vengeance!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review (rehabbing wk 2)

So far so good! The ankle is behaving, and I can feel it getting stronger daily! It does have moments where it's sore, but it's not painful or worrisome, it's just sore. ( which I'm told by my doctor is to be expected while rehabbing) I know when to stop, and what I can work through. Any "pain" I feel, I stop. (Being an athlete, I know my body and it's limits well) That being said, progress can't be made without a little push.

I did a few firsts this week, like lunges! (Yay!!) I haven't been able to do these in Body Pump due to lack range of motion; but yesterday I did!Woo-hoo!
I also returned to Spin Monday, which felt amazing! Sweating, awesome/loud/driving music, and being out of breath;did I mention it felt amazing! I felt my inner bad a$$ come out at times during the class, which I have missed! Happiness.
Friday, Jessica, Greg and I went to hot Vinyasa Yoga. I used to do this about 4 times a week when I lived in Baltimore, so I went into it a little too confident. My 1st session was filled with child poses, and dizzy spells, but it still felt great to sweat that much!! Plus, I feel like yoga will definitely help strenghten my ankle quickly, so I will keep this in my cross training regimen at least 2 days a week.
(side note: I just completed my 2nd hot yoga class today, and I am happy to report no child pose rests or dizziness. My ankle even held the balance poses; I felt great!! :)

Ok, I hope every one's weekend is going well!
Below is my week :) Luv!

Week 11/14-11/20

PM: pool jogging x 1 hr

AM: Body Pump x1hr
PM:Spinning x1hr

AM: Elliptical x 45 mins
PM:Stair climber x 25 mins
Body Pump x1 hr

Rest (sick)

PM: Elliptical x 40mins
Stair Climber 20 mins
Walked x1 mile! :)

AM: Pool Jogging x1 hr
PM: Hot Yoga x 1hr 30 mins

AM: Body Pump x1hr
PM: Rest

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three- things Thursday

1. I changed the title and quote to my blog! What do you think?

2.I have signed up for National Half, and so have some my favorite people....can't wait!!

3. I am hoping the doc will clear me, next Monday, to start (my) running (rehab). It's 8 wks post break, which is about 2-4 weeks before he predicted I could run, but my healing has gone much quicker than he predicted. My cast was off 3 wks before he predicted, I began baring weight 2 weeks before he predicted, and my my range of motion and strength have progressed so well, he didn't feel the need to send me to maybe, just maybe, clearance for running will come early as well! :)

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in review (rehabbing: wk 1)

Woo-hoo!! I'm working out(!!!) and I feel my ankle getting stronger daily! I actually ran a few steps this weekend (unconsciously) getting out of the crosswalk for a speeding car to pass. After I realized what I did, first I thought to myself "oops", but then I realized that those few running steps didn't hurt! Ya! (Granted this was like 5 running steps, not 5 miles, but still made me smile!:)

Below is my cross training frenzy week:

Week 11/7-11/13

Pool x1 hour
Body Pump x1 hr

MD check up, and I was cleared to start cross training!! So....x1 hr on elliptical!

pool x1 hour and 15 mins

Body Pump ( snuck in before CAR happy hour)


Pool running x 1 hr
Elliptical x 1 hr

Body Pump x1 hour
Elliptical x1 hour
walking (as cardio) 15 minutes.

My ankle is feeling stronger and is tolerating the elliptical very well. I plan to incorporate biking this week, and continue to increase my walking (cardio) time. I may even attempt yoga:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I loved it so much, I stole it....

I stole this one sentence from Jessica's (Chasing Consciousness) blog....

"After crashing & burning way too soon this season, I am more motivated than ever for the all the training to come."

Exactly. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)

walking (w/ a slight limp) at home with no walking cast! Feels fine/good. Working on stregthing/flexiabilty ankle...I'm hoping (and bargaining) with Dr. Monday to clear me for pool jogging :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Go CAR!!!! ROCK MCM!!!

Special shout out to G2B!!! This is your race!!! I'll see you all under 3:40!! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is definitely the worst injury I have encountered in the 24 years I have been a runner. I have had the IT problem, that took me away from running for 4 months, but I was able to cross train and sweat.
I had my plica syndrome flair up during MCM last year, that took me out from running for 3 months. Again, I was able to cross train, stay busy.
But this injury, all I can do until cleared to start cross training, is weights. Which I realize is better than nothing, so I am definitely not complaining, but this also leaves me a lot time to think and be reflective. Here are some of those thoughts....

1. I have amazing friends, period.
2. I loved running before this injury. But now I LOVE RUNNING!! I have found a whole new love for this sport now that I don't have it in my life. So yes, 2011 training season will be much different than 2010's. Not that 2010 was bad, in fact it was great! PR's, and quick strong times; and if that was produced from when I just loved running, I can't wait to see what I'll produce from my NEW LOVE for running. :) Woot!!
3.While I was weak for the first couple of weeks post injury, I really have learned that I am ok on my own. I really do not need a man to lean on. I have myself, my family, and my friends.
Backing up, after the 'massive heart break of 2010', I dedicated a year to no dating, time off if you will, from dating, to just love myself. I began this promise in March of this year. I am happy to say I have stuck to my promise to take time off from dating, and work on loving me. Eight months later, I'm feeling strong, secure and happy with my decision. I still do not feel ready to date, but I can say 100% without a doubt, I am healed.
4. I need to keep a life while marathon training. This injury slowed down my life considerably, and I was able to reflect and see what/who I had neglected for most of this year. So next training season,( San Diego Rock n Roll 6/11) I will work at maintaining a life as much as I can outside of running. I realize this will be difficult when I reach peak mileage, but I promise, I will try.
5.I don't know where I want to live. I started the year really believing I wanted to move to California soon, but now the bonds I've made, and the club I run with, and the people I've met through running are changing my mind. Now I think I want to postpone this move until at least 2012. But I guess time will tell on this one. :)


Monday, October 25, 2010


( just slight swelling over ankle, but the rest of my ankle is within normal limits!)

I had my 4 week ( and 2 days) check up today, and it was full good news!

1. I get to start baring weight on my right foot, with the walking boot on! I will use the crutches for support while I retrain my body( and brain) to walk and bare weight on the foot. Once I am comfortable and feel confident walking without them, then bye-bye crutches!! (I really want to set up a crutch trashing/cast burning party!...maybe in 4 weeks) Once I am successful in walking without crutch assistantance, I'm heading back to the gym for the weights. ( I have been maintaining tone at home, but it will be good to get out of my place to do the workout:)

Walking with the waking boot is a go! yay!

2. In a week, I can start sleeping without the boot on! Good!

3.Range of motion exercises can also begin! Wow~ I have very little right now.
My exercise is as follow: I have to trace the letters of the alphabet using my ankle. Today this is difficult, it's more like fine print ROM; I know this will progress over time to capital letters ROM. :)
* Range of motion.

4. In 2 weeks we'll talk PT. I think he's waiting to see what I can do on my own, cool. (I think being an athlete does have it's advantage here; PT and regaining range of motion)

5. In 4 weeks I can start swimming and pool running!! (if not sooner for pool running)

6. In 8 weeks we can start talking running!! Which means running will be my Christmas gift in 2010.
Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is to begin running. :)

7. Next appointment is in 2 weeks. I plan to work on my range of motion as tolerated, and have begun walking with crutches today.

I'm excited! Seeing progress make this girl smile. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Cope With Running Injuries at Runner's World

How to Cope With Running Injuries at Runner's World

This article, linked above, I think best explains me since the injury. After reading this, and doing a bit more research on this topic ( athlete and dealing with long term injuries), I feel a bit more "normal". I'm not being silly, or have depression; I'm just feeling my loss, my injury, and the change to my world. I love this article, and just had to share it!

I have my 4 week check up on Monday, and I maybe 1-2 weeks away from beginning weight baring, and 2 weeks away from begining PT....I see the light at the end of the tunnel,and that is helping. The last 4 weeks have been long, and full of all types of emotions, but I think once I can start pool running, swimmng, and driving on my own, my spirits will begin to make it's mend as well.

Thank you everyone who has helped, supported and loved me through this injury. Maggie, Anthony, Max, thank you!!!

Side note: CAR is amazing, I have never seen a club like has amazing people in it and leading it. Can't wait to the day I can work out and race with your guys again!

Monday, October 4, 2010

100 push-up challenge and 200 sit up challenge

So Push ups are going great! Along wih the every other day trip to WSC to take advantage of their hand bike x1 hour. My upper body is gonna rock in 4-6 weeks!

As I was planning this week out, what do I see on the left panel of the 100 push up challenge, but the 200 sit up challenge! Hello....done! Adding that to my broken ankle regimen.

x1 hour hand bike
push ups: 63 total, modified. x5 sets
sit-ups: 67 x5 sets ( along with oblique and lower ab work)

no hand bike
push ups: modified x 5 sets. 71
sit-ups: 81 ( oblique and lower ab work added)

hand bikex1 hr
push ups: 81
sit ups:87 ( oblique and lower ab work added)

Sunday rest


So I'm planning my 2011 season during this time that I am side lined from running. Planning is what is helping me get through the low/down moments. ( along with my many amazing friends:)
I do think this will get easier once marathon season is over (I see my fellow G2B ppl finish under 3:40 )and this cast is off!

Anyhow so far my 2011 looks as so: ( tentative)

St. Patty's 8k-March
National half-Match ( anticipating a slower time, but you never know)
Crystal City 5ks-April
GW Parkway-Late April
Pacer's half marathon or another local half marathon race. (aiming to break my PR 1:46:17) May
San Diego RnR marathon ( returning to where my love for the marathon began) June
2010 training plan was aimed to PR. It was adjusted to 3:40 training once I saw how my running was shaping out.
Next year, I'm upping my goal, or should I say downing it; I am training towards a 3:30 marathon. This injury is the drive, and it has certainly made my determination shoot up 1000%. Watch out 2011!!
A 4th July race
Philly half or Disneyland Half marathon( or where ever CAR goes for a team race)
Chicago marathon ( will just run and not worry so much about time, just have to do this one)

Of course this is all tentative, and more will be added/subtracted as I go. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At home work-out plan

Well, I def can't just sit around and let ALL my muscles I'm planning to maintain an upper body,(and as much as I can lower body) regimen, until I get into a walking cast. Then it's body pump time...but until then my plan is keep things toned, and strong.

(9/28) I did x1 hour toning exercises. I began with with 6 minutes of abs to warm-up. Followed by the '100 push up' regimen. I did 45 total, modified, with 60 second rest between each. During these 60 seconds, I did lower back 'sit-ups'.
Following the push-up/lower back work, I did more ab work. Followed by bicep and tricep work with my weights. Ending with inner/outer thigh work, and hamstrings on both leg. My goal, is to only have to rehab from the knee down on the affected leg.
I did note, however, this was probably too much time with the leg down. ( toes looked a bit swollen) So the new plan is to to do the exercises in pieces, allowing elevation foot, this will give me things to do throughout the day!

(9/29) I did a 6 minute ab warm-up, followed by the 100 push up challenge. Again, 5 sets, with 60 seconds lower back work between. Today's total was 50 modified push-ups total. I am hoping, that by the time I get the cast off, I can do real X amount push-ups daily, easily. :)
I plan to do more abs this afternoon. ( obliques, and lower)

As soon as I can find away to get myself places, I am getting myself to WSC to do the handle-cycle while I re-hab, to get my sweat on!
Like Beth said...I better start shopping for my sleeveless Christmas dress to show off my guns! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


For the first 24hours after my diagnosis I cried, and cried, and stayed up till 3 am and cried. I eventually fell asleep, and the next day I felt shocked, like 'did this really happen to me, now?' 'Really...2 weeks before Chicago?' I even second guessed myself saying I should have listened to my instincts, and the signs from the Gods to stay in Saturday morning.
Today, I'm pissed, so very angry. I am trying to be strong, but really I'm only 4 days post break, and I think it's ok to be angry! I have worked so hard for this 26.2, and was so excited. I am already missing running with CAR, and this is only day 4!!
This running and my training were my therapy to get over Matt, and how bad he broke my heart. Now, one on the major things that have helped me heal, and made me happy again, has been taken away from me, and for at least 2 months!!
Four- six weeks of a cast and crutches are enough to make me want to scream! I can't drive anywhere because it's my right foot that is casted. I can't do things in my apaprtment without working up a sweat, and it taking an hour..and taking a shower, don't get me started.
My family is 3000 miles away, and I am single. While I have THE MOST AMAZING friends, ( and I am so very grateful for you guys!!!) this would be much easier if I had someone, or family that could stay with me constantly.
So all the demons of being single, that I worked on all summer to get rid of is currently creeping back because I have no one close to me, that can constantly help me.
*sigh, I woke up today realizing the magnitude of healing time. I feel helpless, frustrated, overwhelemed, sad, and my butt hurts from sitting so much!!
I'm an active person, how am I going to do this!?
Wake me up, when October ends.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The fall heard around the world...

Well, maybe only heard around Tara's world.

This is definitely something I never would have thought would happen to me. Knee injury, sure, strained muscles, yes, sprangs, possible....a broken ankle, never.( Car screeching sound....say again?!) Just 2 weeks from Chicago, I am going through such a wave of emotion. Why me, cry. Be strong, search for races...and repeat.

Going back to last Friday before the race, I was very excited at the fact that I had made it to taper, NOT injured! This would be my first marathon with out needing a taped or wrapped body part, or icy hot slathered on a certain area.( Thanks to George's training method/belief) I had made it and was dancing around my apartment to that Chicago Marathon rap that night. ( yes, I dance alone in my apartment) Not only had I made it to tapper without a lasting injury, but with a high possibility in running a 3:40 marathon. * Sigh

Saturday morning, I woke up, and my body ( or the universe) was telling me I should run Sunday; I really wasn't feeling it Saturday. ( I'm guessing still racing lingering fatigue)...But after 3o mins sitting on my sofa, I got myself up and dressed, and left.

I was set to run 14-16 miles Saturday morning, I decided to do 15. After meeting up with the group, we began our trek to the towpath. ( note: The towpath is actually one of my favorite paths to run. Yes, I've noticed the rocks, and slightly have rolled my ankles before, but NEVER would I ever expect this as a result.)

Heading out, I noticed a girl from another group take a fall. As we passed her, I noticed her bloody knees, and friends attending to her, as they stood her up, I remember thinking to myself, I hope she's OK, ans how scary that would be. ( Universe warning?)

Well, as we continued done the towpath, I actually rolled my right ankle twice, at two separate times. The rolls were good enough, to throw me off my stride, and have to shake out my ankle. Ironic, is after the second roll I joked, that maybe God was giving me a sign, I should not be running that day. ( Universe warning?)

To side track a bit, I'm not really a religious person. I do believe in a higher being ( God) and that the universe can indeed send you signs. Also, that intuition is a powerful thing, and is what I have been trying to listen to much more this year. So, in hind sight, I had several signs, I just chose to ignore them...*sigh. So, obviously, I'm still not listening to my instincts,and need to learn to do so more.

Back to the fall, according to the Garmin, it happened at 5.5 miles. All I can tell you, is on second I was running, the next, I was hard on the ground, and the ankle instantly hurt. Literally I fell, and instantly went to grab my ankle, that was very much hurting, I had no tears, just pure fear...fear that it was sprang, and there went Chicago. I didn't even feel my cuts, it was my friends whom pointed them out to me.
I had dirt everywhere! All over my legs, arms, hands, white tank top, blood was dripping down my leg...I was quite the sight.

My group that I run with are amazing by the way. ( if I knew how you guys linked other blogs to your blog, I would, but sorry, I'm technology challenged:) I don't remember much, but I believe it was Beth, and Steph that ran for help, while Amy, Liz and Skip stayed to assist. I probably had the group stopped for 10 minutes, and felt bad; they were running their 20 miler, and I had stopped them. Ughe.

Honestly, a lot of it was a blur. I think it was Liz that noted to go back to the lock where we just used the restroom. I hugged my friends, and they began their way to George, and I began my way to the closest lock.( which I though was 5)

I'll some this up, I actually had sat my ass at Lock 6 for quite some time. ( thinking it was 5) I was so fixated on my ankle,and what it meant for my season, that it actually took me awhile to realize this was not the lock that had the restrooms. So after sitting there for probably 30 minutes, I started my walk to lock 5, which took probably another 8-10 minutes.

At lock 5, a group of runners, came to my aid, and one was a doctor! They offered me a ride to a hospital, and help. But I had no cell, not wallet, no ID. If I left to a hospital, one my group would never know where I was, two, how would I get to my car after an ER visit. ( honestly, I still firmly believed it was a sprang, not a fracture, so I didn;t think the ER was needed.) So after a few minutes, they left...and I found a bench to lay down on, and elevate my foot on the table.

I sat here for, I'm guessing, 3o minutes, at which time, I started to think that I had missed George, when I was sitting at lock 6 for so long. I began to feel a little lost on what to do.I sat up, and limped my way to the little bridge at lock 5and stood there for another 10-15 minutes, and also saw Beth and the group run by. Which really made me think I missed George.

SO, I jogged/hobbled my way to Fletcher's, about 2 miles away. I knew Fletcher's was populated with people, and remembered seeing a Ragnar support table. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but painful, not so much.

I arrived at Fletcher, and the Ragnar volunteer saw I was in distress, and I basically yelled, " I need help".
The ladies of Ragnar were very sweet, and helpful to me. The sat me down, elevated my foot, and brought me ice from the boathouse to place on my ankle. They offered me a phone, but I have no numbers memorized to call...dam cell phones.
( i was thinking if worse comes to worse, and if I was not going to see any of my friends, or coach, I was going to call 911 as a last resort.)

Then I see Liz, Amy, and Skip!! What a relief. I don't remember much from this conversation, but I did remember they would come get me at Fletchers. Thank you guys! At least i knew, that I definitely had a ride coming, and two George would definitely be at the island.

Up until this point, I had no tears, just was in "survival" mode. Maybe it was the shock, or what, but it wasn't' until after my friends yelled bye to me, and I watched them run off to the distance, did I start crying.

Well, time passed, and there he was, George! It's like I could here music in my ears, " aaahhhhh". Same sounds you would hear if you just envisioned an angel. Rescue was here, and words, maybe encouraging or maybe truthful, but words from an expert is what I desperately needed to hear. (Sorry, George, seeing you was such a relief, the tears flowed more because of it. )

Fastforwad to Maggie taking me to urgent care: After a two and half hour wait, in a crowded undecorated waiting room, and bad patient care, I was told I fractured my distal end of my fibula. All I heard was "fracture" and "fibula"...then in my head " no Chicago or MCM". Maggie, who is basically my sister, knew it was time to get that PA to shut up and leave, and held me.

And now, I'm here. After a full 24 hours of tears, then another 24 of did this really happen, I'm heading to the doctor today to get a much better idea of it all. ( and hopefully a walking cast, because crutches SUCK!)

Thank you everyone for helping, and loving me during this time. Without all your support, I'd be a crumbled mess on the floor crying.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me Vs. this Bug

It's war!!...and I think I am winning! :) With 17 days till Chicago, I had to take all measures to prevent this cold from progressing into something more. So I marched myself down to the pharmacy in our building, and had a talk with the Pharmacist!
I was in luck, not only did he know what to recommend, but he also advises his friend, who is a Ironman triathlete, on what supplements to intake to help prevent getting sick! I was thrilled to hear this!
So the 3000mg of Vitamin C I have been doing for the last 3 weeks. ( With Chicago around the corner, I didn't want to risk getting sick).
Today, I began the Echinacea/Zinc/Vit C supplements. ( What the pharmacist advised). I can say, I could feel worse, I think all of these measures are definitely helping in keeping this tame.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Philadelphia RnR Half

The week heading into Philly was a great one, related to my running. (Really, starting a week and a half before, at a Thursday tempo run.) I produced a great 5 mile tempo ( W/Liz), a strong 20 miler with the G2B pace group, and Tuesday before Philly, our group also produced at 6:45 mile, totally unexpectantly! ( Hey guys, remember when we ran a 6:45 mile?:)
So,I think it was safe to think I would kill it in Philadelphia! I felt confident ( but nervous) about this.
My original goal was to hit 1:45,but after the week I had, I was playing around with the idea that I could produce a 1:42-1:44 half time. That being said, I was nervous, very nervous, despite my premature confidence.
I was planning, thinking, and even day dreaming of the race. I slowly became OCD about it ( as I have with planning Chicago)
(mistake #1)

The weekend was great. The day before legs were rested, Liz and I had found a great market in Philly, that had some delicious Amish pretzels. Yum! Later that night, we had a great dinner among great teammates, followed by an early bedtime. ( despite needing to drown the noise of a couple in the room above or next to us). We had to turn the clock radio on, and left it on, with the white noise of an AM station, to drown out "the" noise. LOL
As I laid into bed, and after I set my 3 alarms on my iPhone, I texted Amy to ask if she was also nervous about Sunday, and if she knew where the start was located exactly. She responded she was too (relief, I wasn't alone), and no I wasn't alone in also not knowing the exact start area. We passed about 1-2 more texts that we can do this with team work; then I began to settle into bed....Earlier, at dinner, I had also asked what pace the group planned to go out with; I had heard the 8-8:15 pace start,and was panicked about it. Yes, I can do that pace easily in a 5 mile tempo, but 13.1, could I?? So as I closed my eyes I started to plot my race, yet again.
In my dreams, it was great race! :)

I awoke well rested, excited, and super nervous. The first thing I did was look out the window, (as if I was a kid looking to see what Santa had brought on Christmas morning) I saw runners already on their way to the start at 6am! I immediately ran to my information sheet for the race and checked for the one millionth time what time the race started, lol. To my relief, it still said 8am!
As I settled to eat my pre-race banana and peanut butter with nuun ( and half diet coke...sorry George) I could feel my tummy get the nervous butterflies again.
At that time, my roomie, Liz, had awaken, and was helpful in distracting my thoughts from me, to her. :) Just some pre-race chit chat was enough to help me forget my nerves then. ( Good job on your run roomie!! It was hot, and you had a couple outside circumstances you couldn't control, that interfered with your will rock MCM!!) I left the room at 7am, and Liz and I wished Good luck to each other!! I ran a 1.5 mile warm-up to the start, and around the start.
I had a game plan to meet with the girls by bag check at 7:30, but after the warm-up and nerves, I had to use the "powder room". The lines by this time we're long, so long story short, I didn't get to meet up with the group. ( figuring they have already lined up at 7:45, and probably would find them on the course)
So off to coral 5 I went. I was so nervous, I barely could eat my Cliff bar. ( I like to have a banana and PB 2 hours before a race and 1/2 of a cliff bar 1 hour before) I went to the front of the coral, and sat on the ground; I closed my eyes,began to try to calm my nerves. I began to repeat my running mantra to myself, "the body achieves what the mind believes", thinking about my uncle and taking in deep breaths. This helped a bit.
Then it was time. I stood up, and the 1st gun went off!! OK, nervous tummy back.Then the gun for coral 2 was fired, then 3, then 4....our coral was next, We were moved forward to the start line ( which btw, was way fun to be at the front of the coral.)
Then the gun went off; it was time to start! (Nerves!!) I did maintain a 8:20 pace first mile, wow, that was hard, not the pace, but the keeping it "slow", while everyone around you is taking off, and the crowds are cheering. The energy is electric!!
(Right away began to notice how warm it felt, and how strong the sun felt. It was great relief when the buildings would block the sun, and we made it to the shady part of the run.)

I was pretty OCD about checking my Gamin during this run. (mistake #2) First mile was exactly 8:20. (Yay me, I maintained a "slow" start.)...but when you can remember what your Garmin read at almost every mile, you've checked your Gamrin way too much.

Second mile was 16:39. ( 8:19 pace). I felt good physically, but still shaky mentally.
By mile 3 I dropped to 8:10ish pace, and maintained that just for a bit, before dropping to 7:57-8:02 pace. ( which became my comfort zone, unconsciously, and pretty quickly.)
I began to doubt myself ( mistake #3) "Could I maintain this?" "Should I be here now?" I was told to start at this pace, so it must be ok. (why was I doubting myself, when my coach believed I could deliver this?)

I felt great physically throughout the race; legs were fresh, and I felt strong...but mentally, I was not focused, I was everywhere.

Mile 5 I was stoked, Liz flagged me down, and there was my group!! YAY!! I yelled, "ya my group", and ran to them. Well, that was the only mile I stayed on their tale. I got nervous (they were running great and strong) but faster then my comfortable 7:57-8:02 pace. (according to my Garmin) The occasional 7:45 happened in the middle part of the race, each time, me slowing myself down, in fear I was starting my "fast" part too soon.
( BTW, Amy, I watched you for a bit...You're stride was relaxed, your focus strong. I knew when I saw you, this was YOUR race. Way to go girl!!)
I have to confess, I purposefully, dropped myself back, trying to conserve, and thinking I could never keep up with my G2B girls.
( Why I thought this, no clue, because track every week has proven that I could) Where did this self doubt come from?!?

Mile 8, sigh, wasn't a nerve problem, it was a real problem. I took in my 2nd GU, and choked on it!! WTF!! Luckily I run with water, so I could try to spit the GU out from the back of my throat. Choking threw my breathing way off. I couldn't catch my breath at all. Between running a 8 min pace, GU being stuck in the back of my throat, and the coughing, I was a mess! What a site. It took me a good couple minutes to recover, and get my breathing into rhythm again.(and my legs)

I dropped my pace at the 10 mile mark to 7:50 and maintain that till mile 12. During these faster 2 miles, I began to chant my mantra to myself. In attempt to drown out my self doubt with confidence.
The 12th-13th mile, legs were definitely tiring on me, big time, and the mind wanted to see that mile 13 mark. My mind began to play with my body, again, as it had done all 12.5 miles previously. *Sigh*
"Where is that 13 mile mark?" " Why aren't I seeing it yet?"'s almost like I am scared of really pushing my body. ( Reading Amy's post, I can relate...what is the worst that can happen?)
Finally, I saw mile 13,and I picked the pace up again; and once I saw the finish I did an all out sprint to the finish.

1:46:17 time. avg pace 8:03. Garmin read: 13.26 miles. PR'd by 50 seconds. W/U=1/5 miles, the run=13.26 and C/D=1 mile, I squeezed in 15.76 miles for the day.
Yes, I PR'd, and yes I should have been happy, but I was slightly disappointed. It wasn't my dreamed 1:42-1:45.

When I reunited my group, and heard their times, I became even more disappointed in myself. ( Though very happy for them! Congrats!) We have this talked about this before, at the Silver Diner...we're so happy to see our group do so well, but then feel poopy because you wanted to experience it too. (So I know you guys can relate:)

So yes, I had a pity party yesterday. Embarrassing yes, now that I look back...but I felt like Boston was out of my reach. My mind had abused me enough the last 13.1 miles, why stop now. :P

So, I did some thinking last night, while falling asleep and in between sleep. Chicago will be a whole different approach.
1. I plan to stop over analyzing everything about it.
2. I will not look at my Garmin every second, because it holds my pace back. (I will wear my Garmin, but flipped around, so I can't see it easily.)The races I have PR'd this year, were because I had no plan, and I just went with what I was feeling.

Chicago is less than 3 weeks away, so it's time to taper, both in miles, and with my OCD. ;)
I'm not saying I wont be nervous, I will be, I mean it's 26.2 miles, and the last 6 months of my life....but I will not be OCD about it; like how I became with Philly.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miles for 8/29

Sunday: The day after my 20 miler. I was sleepy tired, but my body felt good. ( Thank you ice bath)
Only Body pump today.

Monday: recovery 4.2 miles.

Tuesday: I woke up very sleepy. I even contemplated on heading to the evening session; but many times before I have thought that, and once I start running, I would feel fine. Well, not this Tuesday, after 4x800 I was zapped! I actually went home, called in late to work, and napped for 45 minutes.
(morning session=3.5 miles)
In the afternoon, I set out to run 4-5 more miles to meet my daily mileage. I definitely felt much more awake and stronger this run! Mile 1= 9:20pace. Mile 2 dropped to 8:25. Mile 3 I dropped to 8:12 pace, and mile 4 I slowed to 9. Total miles: 4.75
I had so much fun!! It was a great evening, the weather felt good, and I had great music playing on my ipod!
I came home feeling like a kid that just came in from playing at the playground....smiling, pumped, and definitely feeling the "runners high!"
total mileage=8.25

Wednesday: Still feeling my fatigue, I went to the pool. total pool: 90 minutes or 10 miles.

Thursday: Interesting day. It was very busy at work, and I was still fighting the fatigue of the week. I knew going into track, it would be a much slower tempo then the weeks before; which was fine by me. ;)
I will break down the average pace and miles:
Mile 1: the group was reading all kinds of paces, I can't remember what was shouted out, but my Garmin was reading 8:08.
Mile 1 average pace:8:06
Mile 2: average pace: 8:02
Mile 3: average pace 7:57
Mile 4: average pace 7:35
It was definitely a much slower tempo this week, but I felt very comfortable in it.

Side note: The Coach does always knows best! No mater what may happens; it IS because the Coach wants to see the very best out of you, and wants to see his runners succeed in training. I value EVERYTHING Coach George has taught me this year! He has made me a stronger, wiser, and a much faster runner. So, he will be happy to know,
I am going into this weeks tempo with a whole new game plan. :)
Total mileage: 8.5

Friday: Rest

Saturday: body pump and an easy 3 miles. ( I had 12 hours sleep Friday night; which definitely helped me feel much, much better and rested for the weekend.)

Sunday: 16 incredible miles!! The morning was chilly, I could have definitely worn a long sleeve at start. ( Stephanie was nice enough to let me wear hers for a moment...though I don't think I gave her a choice! lol)
Myself, Marcie, and Stephanie, started together, nice slow easy pace. We ran smart, and held it at a nice easy pace for the first 8 miles.
Mile 8, we began to pick the pace up. ( evident by the group getting quiet, and separating from each other:)
What an amazing run!!! Our average pace from mile 8 till mile 14.84 was 8:02!!! As Steph would write..." OOoo eemmmm gggeee!!!" Mile 11-12 I was averaging 7:45. The pace totally felt effortless; if that's the right word to use. Yes, I was sweating, and breathing fast, but I was definitely not exerting myself, or never worried I would be burnt by the end. Last mile was 7:50 was amazing!!
Thanks running partner for driving me, and pacing me the way you do!! :)

This weeks miles: 49.95
Pool: 10 miles
Land: 39.95 miles

Next weeks long run: 21-22 miles

Weeks till Chicago: 5!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a week!...mileage recap wk 8/22

I am so excited, I had one of my strongest weeks this season! It was definitely a confidence booster! (a much needed boost, after last weeks 18 mile mental break down, and low mileage the week before due to a knee issue taking me out for couple days.)
The following is a recap of the week of 8/22-8/28.

8/22-Sunday-x1 hour pool running (active recovery) and x 1 hour body pump= total miles in pool, 6.

8/23-Monday-Rest day.

8/24-Tuesday-Track work. Exercise: Pyramids. (400,800,1200,1600,1200,800,400) Pyramids, btw, are one my favorites workouts to do on the track, so I was excited for this workout!
(400=1:48) (800=3:25) (1200=5:10) (1600=6:53) (1200=5:02) (800=3:14) (400=1:30)= total miles w/ recovery laps, 6.5.
I felt strong, knee felt good, and the negative splits are exciting!

8/25-Wednesday-pool x1 hour 30 mins. total pool miles, 9.

8/26-Thursday-Tempo-I ran to track as part of my warm up (1.5 m) I did an extra mile on track w/Dre to complete my warm up.(=2.5 miles) Tempo 4 miler (a PR! 4 miles in 30:13!) Cool down, 1 mile around the track, and a 1.5 mile run home. (cool down=2.5 miles) total miles, 9.

8/27-easy 3 miles

8/28-20 miles. I totally did this long run right! First, I ate my Cliff bar and scoop peanut butter one hour before the run, so I still had fuel inside me at run start. (this was something I discovered worked best for me while training for San Diego.) I refueled every 40-45 mins, never allowing myself to "hit the wall"; again this is what I discovered worked best for me while training for San Diego...and I listened to my coach, I began slow, and finished fast.
I began at a 9:50-9:45 pace, and dropped accordingly. I had planned to go out the first 10 miles slow...I did not want to drop below a 9 min pace until the turn around at the 10 mile mark. Miles 10-13, I remained at a conservation 8:56 avg pace. Mile 13 I dropped to an 8:45. Mile 14, 8:35, then 15-18, I dropped my pace to 8:04 average. Miles 18-20, my pace "slowed" to a 8:20 average...I felt strong, and good, and was actually having a lot fun...I felt amazing!!

Total mileage: 53.5

Goals for next week: now that I know my knee is good, get my land mileage up to where it was pre-"injury", and still keep my 1-2 days in the pool up. Do not slack on my body pump class! Next weeks long run will be 18 miles.

Days till Chicago Marathon: 41 days!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miles this week.

Yay! Running again... my knee feels back to normal! :)

Sunday: Pool run x1 hour and body pump x 1 hour ( 6 miles)

Monday: The knee was feeling better, so I test drove it with a 3 mile run. It felt great to sweat, and to get the heart pumping!

Tuesday: I skipped track, and opted for a slower paced 6 mile run.

Wednesday: Body Pumpx1 hour, and pool running for 1 1/2 hour. ( 9 miles)


Friday: 7 mile run

Saturday: a very frustrating 18 mile run. It was hot, no water fountains to refill, and my thoughts would not focus on anything but how much longer I had to go...definitely the worst run for me this season.

Total miles this week: 49 ( pool:15, land:34 )

Friday, August 20, 2010

The knee diagnosis.

I had to get to the bottom of this reoccuring left knee annoyance. This is what slowed me down during Marine Corp last year, so it was instant worry when I began to feel the same signs and symptoms last week.
With no running x 3 days, pool running, ice, and NSIAD's the knee is much happier currently. I was able to run 9 min paced-3 miler on Monday, 6 miler at same pace on Tuesday. ( I had decided to skip track even though the knee was feeling good.I didn't want to push my luck.) I still iced for precaution after each run, though the knee did not feel bad during the runs...and I will continue to do so from here on out to race day.

I did end up heading to the Ortho Doc on Thursday to get to the bottom of this. I wanted to make sure it was nothing that would hold me back from Chicago, or slow me down during Chicago. ( or worse cause an even worse injury to happen).
After some x-rays, and range of motion check, the doc came to a conclusion. Plica syndrome! What?...Doc says it's rare; he only gets 1-2 cases of it in a year! Imagine my worry when he said that to me! :) lol
Below is an explaination of Plica. I have never heard of this before, and had to do what I tell my patients not to do...I googled it.:)

What is plica syndrome of the knee?
The plica on the inner side of the knee, called the "medial plica," is the synovial tissue most prone to irritation and injury. When the knee is bent, the plica is exposed to direct injury, and it may also be injured in overuse syndromes. When the plica becomes irritated and inflamed, the condition called "plica syndrome" results.

Often called "synovial plica syndrome," this is a condition that is the result of a remnant of fetal tissue in the knee. The synovial plica are membranes that separate the knee into compartments during fetal development. These plica normally diminish in size during the second trimester of fetal development. In adults, they exist as sleeves of tissue called "synovial folds," or plica. In some individuals, the synovial plica is more prominent and prone to irritation.

How is plica syndrome diagnosed?
Diagnosis is made by physical examination or at the time of arthroscopic surgery. Plica syndrome has similar characteristics to meniscal tears and patellar tendonitis, and these may be confused. A MRI may be done, but it is often not terribly helpful in the diagnosis of plica syndrome.

"What is the treatment for plica syndrome?
Plica are synovial membranes that separate the knee joint into compartments during fetal development. Problems arise when the plica fail to diminish in size and cause irritation to the knee joint later in life. A plica on the medial (inside) of the knee is most prone to injury/irritation due to repetitive movements such as running and may be commonly misdiagnosed as a meniscus tear or patellar tendonitis.

Symptomatic plica syndrome is best treated by resting the knee joint and anti-inflammatory medications. These measures are usually sufficient to allow the inflammation to settle down. Occasionally, an injection of cortisone in to the knee will be helpful.

If these measures do not alleviate the symptoms, then surgical removal of the plica may be necessary. This surgical procedure is performed using an arthroscope, or a small camera, that is inserted into the knee along with instruments to remove the inflamed tissue. The arthroscopic plica resection has good results assuming the plica is the cause of the symptoms. Often a plica is seen on arthroscopic examination. Unless symptoms are consistent with plica syndrome and the plica looks inflamed and irritated, the plica is usually left alone. Plica resection during arthroscopy is only performed if the plica is thought to be the cause of symptoms." Thank you

Basically I was instructed to continue doing what I have been. I can run, but add in cross training. ( I plan to pool run at least 2 times a week, in place of running), ice, ibuprofen,and stretch! ( guilty of not being consistant on that) I have to listen to my body, but I can continue to train, run, and more inportantly race Chicago!
Dr. Smink wants me back in 3-4 weeks if the annoyance does not subside. At that time he would give me a cortisone shot...but I am feeling good, so I am guessing, and hoping, I will not need that.
It feel good to know what is going on, finally!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miles this week.

I am making it a point to get back to blogging. I began blogging as a way to track my training, and I intend to keep up with this now.

This week has been the most frustrating this season. I started the week with a migraine, and ended the week with an annoyed knee. Eight weeks from Chicago, I'm nervous, and hate not getting my miles on land. I have been told and have read, pool running is just as beneficial as land running. I do hope all that I have read, and heard are true. (because most my miles this week were done in the water. )

Here is my week:

Sunday: Great run! 12.27 miles is what my Garmin read, at the end Leesburg 20k. I ran a avg 8:06 pace and considering I walked a couple times up a couple different hills, that's great average pace!
Monday: rest

Tuesday: skipped track, but ran an easy 6.2 miles in the morning. Body pump in the evening.

Wednesday: I did my first pool run w/ Amy, and Katie. x 1 hour= 6 miles.

Thursday:4 miles on the dreadmill at lunch. ( noticed the knee then) 4 miles post work/storm. Definitely noticed knee then. :(

Friday: rest ( ugh!)

Saturday: 3 hours in the pool running. x3 hours pool running=18miles ( Thanks to Cheryl, Maria, and Katy for the company!)

Sunday: 1 hour in the pool with Liz! x1 hour pool running= 6 miles. Body Pump in the evening.

total miles this week: 44.2 miles ( mostly in water...sigh)

Good news is knee is feeling and looking better. I plan to test drive the knee tomorrow with an easy jog to see if I can track Tuesday. Here's hoping...

Friday, August 13, 2010

The rollercoaster life of marathon training.

Running, especially training for an endurance race, more specifically (for me) a marathon, definitely has its ups and downs.

My ups: I had a great week last week with my track speed work! A strong/fast 2k, PR 1600 @ 6:50, followed by strong 1200, 800, and 400!
Leesburg I raced the (almost) 20k. I ran an 8:05 avg pace, and finished 1:40 feeling very strong! This race left me feeling that I could not only PR in Philly half marathon, but maybe even break the 1:45 mark! Woot!!

My downs: Migraine Sunday night took me out from running( and work) Monday. Due to recovering from such a bad migraine, I was not feeling strong enough for track, so I skipped it per coach's advice, and ran easy 6miler instead.
Yesterday I had to run 8. I did 4 during lunch hour, and the 2nd 4 after work/storm. This was where my L knee decided to say "hello, remember me?"( yes this is the same knee and area that made my Marine Corp experience awful) By the time I finished the 2nd 4, I could tell my knee was swollen, and I had little problem, urg. It wasn't hurting, and I wasn't limping, but it was definitely there, and I was definitely worried! I hit the NSAID's and ice stat! ( and posted on FB,lol)
Coach George saw my FB post, and contacted me. I told him how I was feeling, and that I was worried bc I " had' to run my 20 this weekend. Well, thank God for the Coach. :) He opened my eyes to 1. I did not HAVE to run my 20 this weekend. 2. If I continue on, the potential of injuring further is greater, thus maybe taking me out for good for this season. ( While I know this ALL could happen, after all I am a nurse, I'm too stubborn/hard headed to stop myself)
Now, I am "grounded" from running for a few days because my knee. It's hard especially on a day like today when it's gorgeous out, and I have my new cw-x shorts finally!

A new up: I finally tried pool running on Wednesday with Amy and Katie. I became an instant fan! So the plan this weekend is to get my miles in via the pool Saturday and Sunday. Looks like I'll have company both days!

Here's hoping this heals soon. Chicago is less than 2 months away, and I have Boston on the mind.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Yoga

Being on vacation, I wanted to:

1. "rest" this week from my training.
2. cross train.

Well, I have taken that "rest". I ran or really jogged an easy 6 miler Monday, and 4 easy on Tuesday. I plan to do 6 easy tomorrow, to give a light week mileage of just 16 total. Next week when I return, I plan to ease my way back into my training. Week 1=30 miles total; the following week back to high 30's and up from there.

I was able to do hot yoga yesterday.(cross train!)...How I have missed doing yoga! (especially of the hot kind)I first found hot yoga in Baltimore, 3 years ago. I fell in love on how incredible it made my body feel, how little my body ached ( though I would be sore from the sessions!),and how much stronger I was as an athlete. I also became slowly addicted to the amount sweat you lose;feels like you lose all that yucky body chemicals that is collected from stress, workouts, left me feeling cleansed!

Yesterday, I was reminded on how tight my body has become! Oy! But, it felt so good to stretch all that runner tightness away. In fact it felt amazing!

To back track...I'm horrible at stretching after a run, especially after the long run. I mean, I stretch, but it's of the ADD kind. 1. I'm hungry. 2. It's been hot, and I just want to get home. 3. Once I'm home, ice bathed and showered, it's eat and nap time!, I can say to add yoga to my training would be beneficial keeping me lose! I.e. in theory, injury free.

So new plan, I will add at least 1 yoga class a week to my training. Golds has an 1hr and half Vinyasa sessions every Saturday. I'll also look into Georgetown's yoga studio. I have yet to find a "hot" studio in DC, or Arlington,so until/hopefully I find one, room temp yoga will do! :)
does anyone know of a hot studio in NOVA/DC area?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Love this!

"It takes patience to become the best runner you can be. Top athletes realize that running is a long-term sport. It is set up for people who value delayed gratification and who like hard-earned success." Anthony Famiglietti


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day 5000

I will start by saying this week has been one that has proven to be challenging. (This weeks milage=37) It's not the milage that I find challeging, it's the lingering fatigue from last Sundays HOT 13mile run, that has been challenging to get over.(dispite proper hydration, since then) So, since then, I had been going back and forth on whether to run this race or not.
Tuesady was track work, and after spending Monday "recovering", I had about 80% legs by track morning.
I was able to produce 10 solid 400's, with a 400m PR of 1:30. So while my legs were not 100%, they were still producing good runs, today.
*Tuesday=I would race Friday!
When I awoke Wednesday, I was fatigued, headache, just not my normal up and ready to run, and even work self. I took this day off from everything.
*Wednesday=I would definitely not be racing Friday.
Thursday I did an easy paced 3, along with upper body wts. Still, I did not have the best legs under me, but they were on their way. I felt about 70% recovered on that 3 miler. *So Thrsday, I may race Friday, but would wait till Friday to see how I really felt.
Friday morning came around, and I felt pretty close to "myself". Rested, and legs not "fatigued" or sore, I decided to race...and I did.
It was a twilight race, 7:30 pm start. The weather, very nice. It was probably around 80, with a breeze, at start time...aawwww.Perfect!
I had planned to start " slow", finish "fast". (slow I mean a 7:30 pace) Well, first dowhill I noticed I was at 6:50, yikes! I slowed myself to 7:15 after noticing my too fast start.
Pretty much the hils through the course kept me at a consistant 7:24-7:28 pace...My legs that have been trying to recover all week could not give me what they have been giving me at track, in the past, ug. ( nor did those rolling hills help either! lol) The last mile I was able to drop to 7:24-7:20 pace, good, and I still managed to do 23:02 time, at a avg 7:26 pace. I knew this would not be a PR run for me, since Monday, so felt really happy about my race. :)...and, if I can produce 23:02 on tired legs on a hilly course, what can I produce with 100% legs, and maybe a flatter course?? --> July 24th Twilight 5K

**Also, GREAT job to my fellow CAR runner Amy on her PR, and awesome race night!! :) **


Twelve hours later I woke up planning to run 14 miles this morning.( due to travel restrictions on Sunday morning) Planning was the KEY word. I could tell about 6 miles in I was not going to be able to do 14, and even played with the idea of just doing 10,ug!( With Chicago little over 90 days away, 10 is too little.) I did end up breaking off from my running partners, and slowly made my way to 12 miles total.
Lesson learned this week: My body is tired, and I think it has been asking me all week to take off, and to please let it recover. Me being me, I do know when to stop, and think " I can work through this"....Well, body I hear you, finally. I am on vacation starting tomorrow. I promise you, body, you will get rest this week. I will cut my miles down to 15-20 this week, no speed work, just some easy "paced" maintenance runs every so often; no rigid training schedule this week either. This will be hard for me to do, but I would rather test my patience now, then run myself to sickness, or into the over-trained world, or worse injure.( That is real time loss)

Happy fourth!!

PS. If the race is small, Pacers, why could I not trade my medium shirt for small? Still upset, LOL...Amy will get this :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Figuring this blog thing out...

I'm not much of a computer person, so I have a lot of figuring out to do when it comes to designing my blog page. My page feels inadequate, compared to all my running buddies awesome pages'! How do add the side posts on the side of my blog (ex. PR's, race schedule...) so it's not just a title? How do you add the related websites you're fan of? ( ex. CAR:) SOS...I am computer inept! :P
I am open to helpful hints. :) Thanks!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's hot!...I mean the weather!

It's June in DC, and it's supposed to be warm out, but this heat streak is crazy! Eighty degrees at 7am, plus humidity you can see in the air, means you know you in for a hot one!
I had to do 13 miles today.( this weeks mileage=31) The first 5 miles went by really quick, and easily. We ( CAR) took to the RV park route, which is rolly hilly, but I was feeling great! Holding a good 830-845 pace, I was having my normal fun running; feeling my improvements :)...then mile 7.5 hit. ( I turned around at 6.5 out)
When I turned around, I still felt ok, but the heat was definitely on the rise, at 8am! geez...By mile 7.5ish, I could tell I needed to slow my pace, and now just go into survive this run mode. o! So I dropped it down to 9-910 min. pace. In this heat, you just do what you can to get through it.
The last 2 miles were the hottest/hardest. I veered off to the bike path (Capital Crescent) so I could have shade, and kept my eye sight somewhat downward, b/c mentally I did not want to see what distance I had left. Basically, I had to zone out...
Finally! Made it!...and I ran straight to the fountain at Fletcher's, before heading to my group, and just poured cold water over my head and neck, aahhhh! Then I proceeded to meet with my teammates/coach, who were equally drenched, lol...
13.08 done.
Tired, and drenched from ounces of sweat, and the from the water I poured on myself post run, I was happy to be done,and still feels great to get out there and run...I love this sport!
Next week it looks like it'll be 10 degrees cooler! Here's hoping!! :)

Side note... During the last 4 miles of this run, all I wanted/craved was a huge cup icy Nuun! Which was the the 1st thing I did when I returned home! I made my ice cold nuun drink, and drank it down! mmmm:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

To blog or not to blog...

I have recently discovered more and more of my running teammates are blogging their training, and running experiences. For awhile I thought to myself, what a great way to track your improvements/frustrations when training for a marathon, but I procrastinated at begining my own blog...Finally I have sat myself down, and will also begin blogging my 26.2 training season experience.
Chicago is in my sights...Chicago or bust! :)