Thursday, June 28, 2012

Training week 1

I thought it would be fun to go ahead and track my training on my blog once again, on my journey to the Steamtown Marathon. This blog is for the week of 6/18-6/24.

Total miles: 37.44
I have been running at 30-34 miles per week for about 5 weeks at this point. I plan to increase my mileage to ~45-50 during peak marathon training. (Mileage I have held with no issues in past training cycles)

Monday 6/24- 1 mile
Ran stairs x20 minutes (1 mile). Elliptical x 30 minutes. Core work, x3 1 minute planks and stretching followed.
Tuesday 6/25- 6.4 miles
Easy 8:45 pace. (56 minutes) Legs were stiff from stairs, but run felt good.
Core work, x3 1 minute plank and stretching followed
Wednesday 6/26- 8 miles
2 mile warm up. 4 x1 miles completed with easy 800's in between each.
(7:55) (7:30) (7:10) (6:58) Core work x2 1 minute planks and stretching after.
Thursday 6/27-  Rest day
Friday 6/28- 6.04 miles
Easy paced run(8:59). x3 1 minute planks and stretching followed. Since my calves were still tight from the stairs/intervals, I opted out of tempo and decided to run easy pace run to allow recovery time for the calves.
Saturday 6/29- 4.8 mile run
(9:01 pace) The day was too pretty to not run in!
Sunday 6/30- 11.2 miles
(8:43 average pace. Progression run. 1st mile 10 minute pace, last mile 8:07 pace) I ran with my old running club from Fresno (Sierra Challenge) and bumped into/ran briefly with my old kick-a$$ x3 peat Ironman roomate and her dog. It was great to see old familiar faces, and the weather was amazing to run in!
Stretching after. x3 1 minute planks.

I have a meeting on Friday 6/29 with the Coach from Pinnacle Training Systems, I'm excited to join a training group!