Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Cope With Running Injuries at Runner's World

How to Cope With Running Injuries at Runner's World

This article, linked above, I think best explains me since the injury. After reading this, and doing a bit more research on this topic ( athlete and dealing with long term injuries), I feel a bit more "normal". I'm not being silly, or have depression; I'm just feeling my loss, my injury, and the change to my world. I love this article, and just had to share it!

I have my 4 week check up on Monday, and I maybe 1-2 weeks away from beginning weight baring, and 2 weeks away from begining PT....I see the light at the end of the tunnel,and that is helping. The last 4 weeks have been long, and full of all types of emotions, but I think once I can start pool running, swimmng, and driving on my own, my spirits will begin to make it's mend as well.

Thank you everyone who has helped, supported and loved me through this injury. Maggie, Anthony, Max, thank you!!!

Side note: CAR is amazing, I have never seen a club like has amazing people in it and leading it. Can't wait to the day I can work out and race with your guys again!