Saturday, January 22, 2011

week 1/23-1/29

AM:Pool running x 90 mins (~9 pool miles)
PM: Body pumpx1 hour
abs/calf rasies

PM: PT-Well, what can I say. I only met the PT for 5 minutes, and she walked off and I never saw her for the rest of the hour. I was heated and iced (which I do daily already) and then her assistant came over with a piece paper with pictures, and a band....and we did all the same band work I've been doing. *sigh. I notified the assistant my of my issues, and what I would like to focus on, and she looked at me clueless. (not impressed) On the way out I spoke with the PT, and because she never assessed me, she states my course was to continue with the band work, and ice/heat....I do this already for free!
I've had PT twice before in my life, and I know what it should entail....I was NOT impressed with today. Unorganized, and who doesn't assess your patients....that's annoys me, especially as a nurse! So my search is on for another PT or maybe sports therapist.

4.5 HiLlY (10 min paced) run
Right front shin felt tight, so icing/stretching tonight. Otherwise, body felt great; nice easy hilly run! (PS. I'm sore from pool running!) Thank u Chistina for sharing your different strides. :)

AM:Yogax1 hour @gym
PM: Track- 6 miles total. I didn't keep time, or log it. 1. it's not of my concern right now to focus on the time too much. (Although, the 2nd half of the pyramid was definitely faster than the 1st half:) 2. My Garmin wasn't working anyhow.
1.5 mile warm up with Greg
100 easy
500 easy
800 easy
800 easy
500 easy
.50 cool down

felt good. The left shin started to act up on last 400, so this is why I cut the cool down short...It's only uphill from here. I can only get more fit and more fast. (God willing)

Good news: I'm down 2lbs! 8 more to go....

PM: Weather is ugly; rest day, ughe.

PM: Eliptical x1hour
Shins are acting up today, so crosstraining instead, along with ice/heat treatment.
Body pump x1 hour
bosu balance work
calf raises (toes in, out, straight)

AM: lunch time Spin (RPM) x45 minutes
PM: day 1 of Super Cissus. Let's see if everything I've read, and heard is true! :)
Still resting the shine; really it's the lower inner part of my right ankle. Now I'm thinking it's not shine splints, but an uber tight/weak muscle that is being stubborn. Still, I'm icing,heating, and I took x3 days off from running. I will try and see how it feels tomorrow; goal long run miles 6-8.
I really wish it hadn't of snowed so bad Wednesday, I would loved to get in 2 pool runs this week. O well, there's always next week! (hopefully)

PM: Long Run 9 miles Felt great! I stated nice and slow, and eased into a no faster pace than 9:30, but I could have run forever. I felt so comfortable. This run makes me feel secure enough to know I can run the National Half; it maybe not be a fast time, but I can definitely do the miles.
Shins were happy today, but still icing and heating to be prophylactic about the problem.

Because I rested the shins x 3 days this week from running my weekly miles were only 20, but I did did 90 minutes pool runing, so that would put my miles this week at 29 miles.

Land: 20
Pool: 9
Total: 29

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Game Plan....

So I've been thinking, out of 4 total marathons I have signed up for, I have finished only 2, and one with a post 4 hour time, boo. The other 2 you ask, I was not able to run due to injury, *sigh. My focus this year needs to be on tackling that forever troubling marathon and marathon PR.

Time to re-group and reprioritize my goals, which is San Diego. I have had myself so stressed on getting "fast" and "fit" for the National half marathon, that I have forgotten what my MAIN goal for 2011 is; the MARATHON. (National is just a small little run in the large scheme of things) I have all year to PR the half!(<1:45)
So, I may or may not run the half in March; this will be a game time decision, really. If I do, I'm ok with it being a slower half. Actually, I'm more than ok with that. I know I can easily do the miles required for the half, speed can come at a later race. We'll see how my fitness and strength are by then...

New Game Plan:
I will back off the speed/track training for a bit, and just focus on strengthening my legs and ankle.
How you may ask:
I do plan to add hills back into the regimen instead, and continue with my stair workouts.
I am starting Physical Therapy Monday.
I also plan to continue with tempo, but plan to run those at a slower 8:30-8:45's for awhile.
Of course, I will continue to cross train like crazy....Spin, weights, yoga and I have a CAR amigo helping me strengthen my swimming...I'm excited for this!

I do not have to start seriously training for the marathon until Feb 13th, (which gives me exactly 16 weeks to train)so I'm good :)

San Diego or bust!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 1/16-1/22

AM: Body Pump x1 hour (started class hungover;finished feeling better:)
calf raises and bosu work
PM:Stairmasterx25 minutes
No aches or stiffness today; legs are happy today. :)

AM: very easy 4 mile run (4o minutes) Legs felt good, and I didn't feel my shins; but I think this is because I kept the treadmill flat and at an easy 10 min pace. The top of the foot is feeling arthritic lately(residual from stress fracture 3 years ago, that has begun to re-flair since cast removal) After about 1/2 mile it loosens up and feels fine.
(I typically take Glucosamine to take care of the stiffness,but I think because of the weak surrounding muscles I will wil feel it for awhile, despite the glucosamine) Legs felt lighter today, and run left me feeling a bit more confident.
I did call my Orhto today and got my PT order!! I start physical therapy next Monday at 3pm....and I'm excited! :)
PM: Spinx1 (awesome workout!)

PM:calf raises/ankle/shin/plantar facsia stregthening exercises/ abs
Low key night. Weather is not helping with my motivation; so I decided to trade my rest day to today.

AM:Run5 miles@10min pace
I ran with my new compression socks...LOVE! Run was comfortable, and I had zero issues with right foot. Coincidence?!
PM: Body Pumpx1hr
calf raises x3 off step ledge (toes straight forward, turned in and in 1st position,. ( ballet talk) or toes turned out:)
stair stepperx20mins

I have started icing nightly, followed by heat for foot; really think the more consistant icing/heating is helping the foot remain happy.

PM: tempo 7 miles total
great run! Started out conservative, but this part of the new game plan....and it's working so far; legs felt great, and I am currently on a runners high...yay!
2 mile warm up
5k tempo
mile 1: 8:15
mile 2:8:01
mile 3: 7:48
Woot!! :)Perfect start slow finish fast, if I do say so myself.

2 mile cool down

PM: bad tummy=workout fail :( plus is I can't really eat, so this may help with the losing weight goal.

AM long run 8 miles
18* out, with a wind chill of 6*, but what an amazing day! I'm super stoked!! I totally just had fun, even sang along to my new play list music. Legs felt great,no stiffness or aches, nothing. (I am a big fan of compression stocking, by the way)
The last 4 miles I was definitely in my old running rythm. What a difference, I decided to relax, stop being so type A, and I've had a great running week! Relax the mind, and the body will follow. :)
Garmin history:
9:28 (m1) 9:03(m2) 9:17(m3) 9:07(m4) 8:34(m5) 7:58(m6) 7:50(m7) 7:42(m8) 9:35(last .40 to finish) WOOT!!!!!!
Sample my new running music list:

I thugged it out;)

PM: abs
ankle/calf/plantar fascia stregthening exercises

Total miles: backed off a bit, only 23 for the week, but legs are happier.


It's time to rearrange my training a bit; I'm adding more cross training/strengthening back into my routine, pool running when I can, and I am also calling my doctor tomorrow to get PT prescribed, and of course still running; sans Garmin....If I can't PR National, then I'll PR another. :)
This morning, I clicked on Dash's ( blog, and to my surprise, it was something I desperately needed to read; I was not alone. Here is an amazing runner, who at one time had felt the same way as I am currently feeling today. ( frustrations; clock watching; feeling discouraged when I'm running a slower than normal pace) Now, she is a non-Garmin watching, "fierce warrior", laid back, PR'ing runner! Noted.
I definitely needed to read this today, especially after yesterdays horrible run. What a greatly time blog. It's funny how the universe sends you signs....I hear you loud and clear universe. :)
Thank you Dash.
So, when did I get so serious and crazy about my running!? I've traded in my California laid back whatever attitude for type A New Yorker attitude, and it's doing nothing but discouraging me. I need my "eh" attitude back. (another proof, I need to move back west soon...I'm losing my California-tude;) I was once asked last racing season, prior to a race, what my game plan was, I stated I had none, I was just going to run, and go with what I felt...and I had a great 20k race!
My new goal: to return to the whatever will be will be race/run attitude; being type A is exhausting!! (perhaps my new running mantra??)
Coming back from a major injury is a hard and slow process; I am finally realizing this.Why have I been so niave about it?!
I have been active since I was a child, and used to perform and dance. (once upon a time) I've been a runner since I was 20, and racing since 2003; I am experienced.I have race triathlons and duathlons in 2005, and even joined a tri-club at my university. I have run with a few different groups, and have had a coaches back in California, and currently here out east. I have also worked with personal trainer for many years in California, and she taught me a lot about's time to show my experience. I know what to do, how to do it, and it's time to apply it and become level headed about this recovery process.

Happy training!