Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As good as it gets- Wordless Wednesday

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a PR! Please :)

Oh look, there's me!

What am I doing? Is this really the only photo from this race? O well... PR!! 37:54!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jingle All the Way 8K- Race Report

I PR'd! I PR'd by 1 min and 2 seconds- despite the cold and not feeling that energetic pre-race. I am pretty excited!
This past week I have been watching the Garmin less or not at all during my runs. (Although, I think it got me in trouble at track as I took my 1st mile too fast)Anyhow, going into this race, I decided I would wear it (so I could record times and such) but I would not look at my Garmin during the race- and I did not, except for 1 peak.

Mile 1: 7:34
Felt great! I took this mile to warm up, get in my rhythm. No Garmin watching.

Mile 2: 7:29
Settling into my pace and my breathing. No Garmin watching.

Mile 3: 7:24
My mouth started to dry a bit from the cold air, and my breathing. I could start to feel (sorry if this is TMI or gross) some flem settling towards the bottom of my throat. I coughed and cleared it, but after a bit a little more returned. I decided when I would run past the 2nd water stop, I would "wet my whistle" with some water to help clear my throat. (Which was not clearing well since my mouth was dry at this point) Besides the flem filled throat, I was feeling good physically. No Garmin watching.

Mile 4: 7:45
Water! I grabbed a cup, slowed, and drank/spit repeat. Finally a wet mouth and a cleared throat! As I turned the corner to get on Pennsylvania Ave I began to pick up my pace, this was the only time that I peaked at my Garmin, and it was just to see the race time, not my pace.

Mile 5 - 7 :15 (My Garmin read a total of 5.07 miles. An 8K is a 4.9 mile race)
The last mile felt like it was a net downhill towards the finish line. With a cleared throat, and the finish line in sight, I gave it my all until the end.

(According to the Garmin my .07 was 6:04)

Time: 37:54! Avg pace on Garmin for measured 5.07 miles is 7:28

I typically have longer race reports, but this was a pretty uneventful race; I had fun, I felt great, and I PR'd.
By not watching my Garmin, I felt great the whole time; I naturally progressed my pace, instead of forcing it. I also noted, no Garmin watching for me = A LOT less mind games for myself as well. Winning!
Obviously, the Garmin is a very useful training tool, I am definitely not giving it up at all. After all, how would I then keep track of my training runs!?I am just saying, my new strategy, when it comes to racing, is just have fun, and not clock watch. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

at finish

legs were toast from hills....still love this run though!

stil having fun despite the used quads/gluts....notice my form is GONE!

Feeling great around mile 5!

1st 8 miles went as planned! :) The hills on the following 4 miles finished my legs, hence the time....o well! Next flat race is mine!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Sur race report

Well that race is hilly! I found out today that yep, still have a long way to go with my strength; the left butt is still so much weaker than the right from my earlier in the year butt issue. (My trainer LAQ said we'll work on more one legged strength exercises, yyessss! I need it)
Anyhow, here's the race report:
I definitely tapered perfectly! My legs were so bouncy and fresh, and I had so much energy! When I feel over carbed, under workout, full of energy, and lite/springy legs, I know I tapered right! I slept well and hydrated well too. So the issue lies with my lack of strength, still- but I'm not discouraged, I'll get there!
Miles 1-4
About a couple weeks ago, I emailed Coach George about his recommended start pace for me; he recommended to start about 8:15's since the elevation chart showed most hills in the first four miles- so I did my best to start here:
8:13, 8:12, 8:10, 8:16
I felt so good, I was smiling and felt so springy! I had a feeling this was my day....
That mile 4 has quite the everlasting climb, which caused my breathing to get quite labored- so I slowed my pace a bit to conserve energy. This hill just kept going... Or it just seemed that way to me because I hate hills! It was quite the incline, wowzers! (Like the hill at about mile 4/5 in the San Fran 1st half, it just keeps going...)
Miles 5,6,7
Further recommendation was to start to drop pace after the hilly mile 4; to start to get serious about the race, so I did-
7:48, 7:56, 8:02- I was feeling fine, falling back into my rhythm post mile 4 mountain;)
7:50-8's are my current happy spot/pace in running, it just feels perfect to me. I like to settle here...
Miles 8,9,10
8:18, 8:15, 8:22
Where did these hills come from?! WTF! I totally do not remember these many rolling hills on the course! Up, up, down, down, up, down, more up, did I forget about these?! I was not mentally prepared. It is the same course as it always have been since I first ran this race in 2004 and 2007. I'm convinced I forgot about these hills (and the pain from them) like women forget the pain of labor- then we are silly enough to do it again, only to remember, oh ya, it hurts!
My quads were starting to tire quickly, and my weak left butt was also starting to scream "weak and tired!!"
Miles 11,12,13.1
9:16, 8:17, 9:00 (8:29-0.1)
Ya, these times speak for themselves- I blew up, ka-boom! My quads screaming, my left butt hollaring "overused!!" I fought hard both
physically and mentally not too stop, I didn't want to quit despite my screaming, tired legs!
I have never felt my legs so used- truth. Wowzers!

Finish was 1:50:27. Only one split was recorded at mile 8- 1:03:56 avg pace at that point 7:56.
*We ran through a pretty long tunnel, which I'm sure threw my Garmin times slightly off...

Moral of the story- I have a lot work to do on leg strength! (Hill workouts start in Decemeber, plus strength training..)
OR pick flat courses ;)

Despite the above, this race is my ultimate favorite, and I plan to do it next year! I had fun, and I'm in love with the views!!

Until my next race... Jingle all the way 8K

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's been awhile...

Now that I am finally getting back into the swing of things, aka racing, I'll start blogging again. (I actually will have something to write about!)

It has been an up and down year for me coming back from an injury, with my running. I thought I could just jump right back on the saddle and just run how I was pre-injury. Whoops, my bad- wrong!
Finally after a few months of running, then injuring, then running, and yes injuring once more, I took a different approach- the smart approach. Evaulation>Strength>Speed.

1st step get my gait evaluated.
I had read from fellow Capital Area Runner blog's about how they went to a Dr.Magg's to have their running gait evaluated at,
So, naturally, I made an appointment!
I brought all my running shoes to Dr.Magg's- my old minimalists, my old Mizuno Wave Riders, and (during that time) my current Brooks stability- (Brooks that I was placed in by Pacers.) Dr.Maggs had me run with my neutral Mizono's, and after a hour with Dr.Magg's video tapping my running outside, and watching me do various movements, I learned/he taught me:

1. My right ankle collapses when I do squats. This is the ankle I broke- no surprise I still have to do work on it.
2. I do not pronate (just a tinge) and it would be best for me to run in my Mizuno neutrals! Good bye Brooks stability shoes!
3. I have a "hip dip" to my left hip as my foot strikes the ground.
4. I do NOT over stride! Yay!
5. I have good running posture- but need to work my core.

I now had the knowledge on what to work on, next step, address the issues!

The next day I went to Road Runner's and bought new Mizono Waveriders (which I've been in since 2004) and set out to run an easy 2-4 miles that afternoon. I was nervous making the shoe switch, but excited to see if I felt any difference in my achy right calf.
First, let me back up. Two days prior I ran in the Brooks and my calf muscles were still hurting as I tried to run.
Okay, fast forward me heading out on my 2-4 mile run with my new (old) Mizono's, and the second I started to run in my Mizono- NO CALF PAIN!
Seriously, I'm not making this up. I even wrote my coach to tell him this after my run, I was so amazed! I have always known the importance of having the proper running shoe, but this was crazy- no pain, it was gone! All this time, I was just in the wrong shoe!!! (Lesson learned- do not go to Pacers to have your gait evaluated on a treadmill. FIND A PROFESSIONAL)
Calf pain has not return since the shoe change...

Evaluation and proper shoes, check! Next step, get strong. I had a weak left hip, and a weak core. My plan, find a personal trainer...So, I wrote my friend/body pump instructor LAQ asking her if she knew of a good trainer at Gold's Gym- well, low and behold, she is a trainer! (and a great one at that- she kicks my butt!) I met up with her later that week, and I have been working with her since! She has made me so much stronger and has taught me so much. That left hip/butt is slowly getting stronger, (although still weaker compared to the right hip) but it's getting there. Thanks to LAQ, I am such a different athlete now!

Third, it was time to be patient and smart (again) about my running. My "smart plan", take my mileage up very slowly. I started in August increasing my miles. (at just 10 a week) Now in November I am now just hitting 26-27 miles a week. Baby steps.
I also have promised myself, one achy anything, and I'm shutting down and hitting the pool, or just dropping speed work for a week, and only easy run.
I actually did this is early October, I had something tight happening in my left inner thigh, so I shut it down, and after a week of pool/easy run, I was back at track and the tight inner left thigh was gone. No fitness loss, and no time loss.

Of course, I am referring to my coach, A LOT. I email Coach George A LOT, and I listen.... and so far so good. I've been training steadily with speed work since September.

Big Sur half marathon next weekend! I feel fit, and would love a 1:44-1:45, but in the end, I just want to have fun, relax, and enjoy my most favorite race ever!! (It was also my very first long distance race ever in 2005)

PS. I need to really learn how to use this blog, and make it fancy like everyone's I read! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I never have time...

To write a blog. Life is busy; work barely allows me time to pee, much less blog. I'm also up early to train/early to bed to do it again the next day, busy!....So you can find me on daily miles where I post much shorter workout updates.
Happy trainings!

(I'm not closing blog; just posts will be very spotty!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week in Review

Total miles this week: 33.5
total miles last week: 34.2
Plan miles this week: 35-36

Week 6/6-6/12

easy 4.5 mile run

Tuesday: Track. Repeat 800's. total 5 miles
It was a hot morning. Coach had said 6-8, 800's. I managed 4. My body was tired, my legs felt heavy, and my body was not a fan of the humidity. I have lived out east for about 4.5 years now, and still, I am not used to running in humid conditions. I also think my mental endurance was lacking today. The work out was okay, but definitely not solid.
The work out went as follows:
I ran late, so only a 1 mile warm up
easy 400
easy 400
easy 400
easy 400
attempted another 800- bonked!
cool down 1 mile

Body Pump
Cross Trainer, easy, 35 minutes

REST (1st rest day since Sunday May 29th....whoops!)

Easy 5 miles, early in the morning.

7 miles.
Please see the race/day recap: (Previous post)

12 miles
It was a great long run. I joined the group Maria Sherwell, Katharina, and Joseph. Coach had us running the Capital Cresent because it was a warm muggy morning, and this trail had a lot shade and water fountains.
The run felt pretty solid. My Garmin choose to stop working after mile 6 (too wet from all my sweat?!) but according to my running partners, we clocked 8 min/mile and less for the last 4 miles of our 12 mile run, yay!. Despite my not so hot training week, todays run was pretty solid way to end the week.
The only splits recorded: (dam you Garmin!)
9:43, 9:02, 8:59, 9:00, 8:57, 8:27, non-functioning Garmin, gggrrrr.

Next race is July 1st, a 5k.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DNF- the 10k that was a 5k

I woke up at 5:30am this morning, ready to run a 10k!
At 6am I decided to check my iPhone to see who has emailed me throughout the night. (From my west coast family or friends), and there it was, an update from Lawyers Have a Heart race director, "10k changed to 5k due to heat advisory" Ughe. I wasn't prepared for a 5k! I had made my game plan earlier this week, and re-played it in my head over and over throughout the week...for a 10k!
My game plan: Start slow 8 min pace, at the 3 mile turn around, drop my pace to end fast. (~7:30's) which would easily have gotten my a PR, of around 46-47 minutes. (My current 10k PR in 49:11)
I hate not feeling prepared for a race, and this last minute change bothered my running OCD personality! I was so not prepared to run a 5k today.
After some thinking, going back and forth- "Yes, I'll run", "No, I'll just do do the long run", "Oh, maybe I'll do the 4 mile race tonight"...I decided I would go run the 5k, but just as a tempo. That's a fine plan, right? I figured, at this point I will just get my miles in for the day-warm up 1 mile, tempo 3 miles and cool down 2-3 miles. Great plan right? Well, my new plan didn't really go, well, as planned....
"Race" report:
1. At the start, my shoe untied! What the?! I had to pull over to tie my shoe just after crossing the start, and I guess out of habit I turned my garmin off, ughe!(I stop running = I turn off Garmin) Already a bad start!
2. Okay, LLH had wave starts. Wave 1 was for 8 minute mile pace, or less. There were several joggers in wave one. Once I pulled back onto the street to run, post shoe tying, I then was weaving through slow runners. As I went to look at my Garmin for my pace, that's when I realized it was OFF!! (Why didn't I just quit then?)
It just erks me, slower joggers start at the front, it's just rude.
3. Okay, regrouped, shoe tied, and out of the crowds (just after running up the ramp, and turning left to head to canal road) I turned my watch back on, to at least watch my pace, I cruised the first mile at 7:40, and felt fine. I thought maybe I could savage such a bad start, and honestly, at this point my body was feeling great!
4. At the mile and a half turn around, I then decided to start to drop my pace down to 7:30; still I felt okay. I maintained that pace for a little while, and decided I felt good enough still to drop it a bit more. (Figuring I probably only had a mile left to this run) Just after the water stop (I did not see a mile 2 marker, and my garmin was obviously way off) before turning back onto the over pass, I dropped to a 7:17 pace.
5. I was able to hold the 7:17ish pace, until about half way through the over pass; at which time my body decided to start to protest. The sun was blaring, the over pass omitting heat, my legs started to feel weak, and I couldn't get good breath in; I began to worry, and so I stopped.
6. I caught my breath, walk a few seconds and said "F*ck it" to myself, At that point I decided to DNF this run, and I did. I began to start running back in, slowed my pace to 8:30 and jogged in. I did not cross the finish, and did not take a finishers medal.
7. I was able to meet up with a few CAR runners post race, and we ran a nice 3 mile cool down. (The Capital Crescent Trail was nice and cool with all that shade!) I still managed to get my miles in for today: 7. :)
This is my first DNF in years!! I hate the feeling of DNF, BUT it's still so early in the season, I have many races still ahead of me. I'm trying not to feel disappointed or worried about my training-I keep reminding myself- I've been strong at track and tempo, and what really counts is Oct. 9th, 2011!!
One side note: My mental endurance sucks, still. How does one work on that to improve it?
Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week in Review

I'm so in love with running right now. I'm so happy to be back at it. I'm not a religious person, but I pray daily that I continue to improve, that I stay healthy, and that I continue to train smart. (being surrounded by Capital Area Runners helps with the training smart part)

Last weeks miles: 28.5 land
This weeks miles: 34.2 land

7 miles with Maria Sherwell.
She was strong, I was still sweating out alcohol from my Atlantic City trip. I said last week that I plan to minimize my drinking while marathon training, and this run was my reason. It's awful to feel how alcohol really effects your body. I'll still drink the occasional beer or glass of wine, but no more crazy nights for me, at least not until 10/10/11. (With my job, and drug reps taking our office out all the time for FREE happy hours, you start to find yourself in a bad more!)

Track. Repeat 400's. HOT 6.5 miles total.
2 mile warm up
400-dropped. Couldn't breath problem again.
1 mile cool down.

Considering it was a million degrees today, I'm okay with the workout.

easy 35 minutes on Elliptical
Body Pump

4.7 easy miles on a gorgeous DC morning.

Tempo. 2x 2mile. Total 6 miles
Negative split!!
2 mile warm up
1st 2 miles:
400 very easy
2nd 2miles:
1 mile cool down. I felt great today. Strong. It's my 1st 4 mile tempo since last summer.

Long run: 10 miles.
I miss my running pals. I ran alone. I may need to find another running group for my long runs. Running 10 miles alone is okay, but 20 miles, no thank you. Does anyone know of other groups that long run Saturday mornings?
Splits: 9:27,9:14,9:02,9:17(potty/Gu) 9:05,8:10,8:13,7:45,8:18(gu), 7:49

70 minute Spin Class
Body Pump

Lawyers Have aHeart 10k next Saturday!! The forcast looks like the weather breaks Friday, and the race maybe warm, but not hot. Fingers are crossed!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week in Review

Total miles this week: (5/22-5/29)
land: 28.5 (down 2 miles from the last 2 weeks at 30)
pool: 7
total: 35.5

Plan next week: (5/30-6/5)
To begin the slow and appropriate process of increasing my weekly mileage. I am aiming for 31-34 miles this week. I'd also like to add a tad more cross training to my week.

This weekend (6/4) is my official start to marathon training!!

Long run-10 miles-9:52, 9:00, 9:21, 8:39, 8:56, 8:52, 9:049:08, 8:25, 8:09
I was late to meet up with the group, so I ran this alone, which was okay-I had just downloaded new music to my ipod.

Body Pump. Active recovery day.

Track- ~7 miles total
2 miles warm up
Set 1:
800- 3:31
400 easy
400- 1:41
200(?) easy
Set 2:
800: 3:28
400 easy
200 easy
Set 3:
800: 3:22
400 easy
400- 1:35
200 easy
Set 4:
800- Felt like I could not catch my breath, only 300 completed.
400 easy
400- 1:36 (Coach let me because my shut down in last 800 was not due to anything hurting)
200 easy
1 mile cool down

All in all I am VERY happy with today's workout.

Pool running x70 minutes with Maria Sherwell. ~7 miles.

Rest day

Easy 7 miles very early in the morning. I love getting my runs done before most of the world wakes up, it's so peaceful and mind clearing.

Save the Trees 5k. Garmin: 23:10. 4.5 miles total for the day.
1st race since returning back from being injured. I haven't raced raced, really since September of last year, so I had nerves on board.
The race was a 9am start, very hot and humid. Greg and I did a 1 mile warm up and sweat was dripping down our faces within the 1sr .25 mile of our very slow jog-not a good sign.
So nerves, plus heat, plus I started fast and finished slow, (Sorry Coach George) and mentally crumbled and walked for a few seconds = no PR, and rightfully so... but this was my 1st race in a very long time, so I'm not going to be hard on myself.
I am a little perturb they have my offical finish time as 23:27!! My Garmin says 23:10. I know times never match up, and are always a few seconds off, but 17 seconds, sorry no. When I turned the corner back to the finish the clock said 22:49, and I remember thinking to sprint because maybe I could still make it under 23 minutes-so I am sticking with my Garmin time. It seems more feasible 23:10, then 23:27. I didn't jog my way to the finish from the point on where I saw that clock!!
I'm not sure who to write to protest this for this race, but I plan too!

Recovery from a very late night in Atlantic City. I plan to make this the last time I drink so much, it just ruins my training, really. Plus I have about 7lbs left to lose, and drinking sugary drinks does not help this cause. I will continue to have the occasional wine glass or beer, but no more craziness. I too old, and I want to take the training seriously.

Back at blogging-Woo-hoo!

1. I'm back! I had purposefully taken time off from documenting my workouts, blogging and reading every one's blogs. It was more just for me mentally, so I could just remain relaxed and focused with my second time around at PT, for a new injury. I LOVED reading every one's training, and race reports, but I found it also got me a little down because I was missing out on it I closed it up, and just relaxed. I had a goal to get out of THIS injury the right way-compared to how I rushed myself back after the broken ankle. I felt if I conitnued to read other's training blogs, I would potentially fall in my old pattern....of wanting to keep up.
(Plus, I had no where to write my excitement about my workout times, except for Facebook- and I can't elaborate much on FB status about my workout! :p)

2. To sum up my recovery:
I did 4 weeks of PT, during those 4 weeks-I was cleared to run again after 2 weeks of being grounded from running all together. I built a base during those 4 weeks of running, pool running, swimming and strength building-after those 4 weeks of base building, I was finally cleared to return to tempo work outs.
I was recently just cleared to return to speed workouts 3 weeks ago! (whew!)
My "long runs" started at 6 miles, slowly pregressing up to 8-10 miles 4 weeks ago. (the last 3 weeks have been 10 mile long run distance.)
According my pre-marathon training plan, and Coaches news letter, I will not start increasing my long run miles until I am inside 16 weeks from my marathon race date.
I increased my weekly mileage slowly from the day I was cleared. It took me 8 weeks to get up to 28 miles a week. The last 2 weeks I have been at 30 miles a week. I will begin to appropriately increase my mileage up to 40, beginning in June; and per Coach George's recommnedation, will peak at 50miles in full marathon training mode.
It was baby steps back, for sure, but my body is most definitely happier this time around. (I pray everyday that it continues too remain happy and cooperative.)

3.My speed work times are already much faster than they were last year at all effort. I don't feel exerted or that I pushing, actually I am quite comfortable at my new pace, and I love it! I'm excited!!! (and hopeful) NO MORE hear my God ;)

4. I have a 5k this Saturday! Save the Trail 5k. Last Thursday my 5k tempo was 23:16. I was definitely not at race effort.
I am hoping to try to be <23 minutes. My PR is 22:50, but I know my fittness level is not where I could hope for <22:50, so I just want a 22:5x.
It's my 1st race back in a LONG while, I just to gage where I am with my fitness level after 5 weeks of tempo.

5. Next races:
Lawyers Have a Heart 10k
*Independence 5k
*Rockvile Twilight 5 miler
*Leesburg 20k
*Philly Half
Steamtown Marathon


Okay, that's it for now! Thanks for reading :) Love!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

training log: 3/13-3/19

Total pool "miles": 26
total land miles: 2
total miles: 28

body pumpx1hr
butt and inner thigh work
pool run x45 mins
50m pool run not belt
15 mins swimming

.75 running....nope, not ready :(
Pity Party shortly after
x1 hour pool running ( 50m no belt)
but strengthening exercises/abs

Body Pump
hamstring work/abs
no pain with walking today :)

American Odyssey Relay meeting with team mates
1st apt at Capitol Rehab and x1 hour deep tissue massage
Day 2 of not pain with walking.... :)

Okay, so I have had no pain x3 days now, so I decided to do a test "drive". I laced up my Mizuno's and made my way outside...and my butt let me jogged 8 minutes, no pain! Woo hoo! I stopped and walked for 5 minutes because I didn't want to press my luck. After the 5 mins walking I turned around and jogged back to my apartment. Hey, it's only 20 minutes, but it 20 minutes more than yesterday!
I then made my way to the pool to tempo/swim.

Tempo in pool: 35 minutes
5 min warm up
20 minute tempo- "running" at a faster pace. This is definitely work! I was actually feeling warm, and breaking a sweat!
Cool down 5 mins
100 m pool running NO BELT! :)
5 minutes swimming....then my stomach started to rumble, so I left to eat. :)

Bridges for butt strength. Inner outer thigh strengthening exercises.

20 mimute jog. Butt felt OK, still some muscle tightness by the tail bone, but nothing hurt... and this is the furthest it has let me run in 3 weeks; I love progress!
40 minute walk outside in this gorgeous weather!!

2 hour pool run
upper body weights/abs

Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 3/5-3/11

I totally missed posting last, plus catching up at work, plus catching up at home, meant no time to log my training.

I have been trying to fight off a tight lower left back (I can feel the knots) that has also migrated down to my left booty cheek.
Not sure what happened exactly; it was last Sunday post 12 mile hilly run. I felt great the whole run, nothing ached, and really, I could have kept going, it was one of those awesome runs. On my way to my car, post long run, my lower back just decided to lock up, and wow, did that hurt!! Literally ,stepped down the curb to cross the cross walk, and *kink!!! I spent the rest of the afternoon on my stomach, icing and heating; I could barely walk.
Fast forward a week full of icing, heating, epsom salt soaks, ice baths, foam rolling ,and massage...the tightness is still there. (The only thing I haven't done is PT, but my co pay is 120...I can't afford this right now) I am meeting with a trainer tomorrow to assess me, and let me know what he thinks I should focus on and train more, to help prevent these silly injuries.
I can at least spin, and can also do weights, even squats and lunges. It is walking and running where I have the issue/discomfort. I feel like I am 80 years old; I havent had a back issue since I was 17! (from dance...I had to have PT for 90 days) Anyhow, at least I can work out, and I'll get back to running when I am healthy.
I have new game plan to race the HALF marathon in San Diego in June, and race the Steam Town Marathon in October 2011. I have no reason to stress much right now about not running. Last year at this time I had a strained left quad, and couldn't run for 4 weeks, and still, I had a kick ass season, and ran a 10 miler PR (1:20) just after I'm not stressing much. I also plan to approach the National Half Marathon as a long run only, no PR's to attempt here.

Below is my week so far:
AM: Spin x 1 hour/abs
Body pump x1 hour
foam roller/ice bath

Run x1 mile ( eh, not ready yet)
walk the mile back home
foam roller, ice
PM: Spin x 1 hour

AM: Pool run # Fail. My body just doesn't want to get out of a nice cozy bed early anymore...sigh
PM: meeting with a personal trainer x1 hour. He had me work on the smaller movementsl then movements that work those little muscles that just dont get work as a runner, or even with classes like body pump. I plan to do these moves at least once a week. I would like to train with him at least once a week, but like everything, I'm not sure I can afford it. *sigh

PM: Eliptical x50 minutes
Body pump
foam roll

pure laziness. Rest day.



3 mile walk
35 min pool run, couple mins no belt
20 min swim/200m kick board

body pump
swim/pool run

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 2/20-2/26

AM: Work
PM: Long run with Maria Sherwell and Megan Parker 11.75 miles 1:49:29 total time
9:19 average pace
(1m) 9:35 (2m) 9:10 (3m) 9:18 (4m) 8:39 (5m) 9:08 (6m) 9:37 (weaving through the DC tourists) (7m) 9:03 (8m) 8:51 (9m) 8:34 (10m) 8:58 (not sure what happened here, this can't be correct; we all were exerting effort at this point) (11m) 8:37 (.75m) 8:01
Great company, fun run!

AM: Body Pump
PM: Spin

Fail. Did nothing but foam roller and cleaned my apartment.

PM: 6.36 mile run
(1m) 10:10 (2m) 9:07 (3m) 9:22 (4m) 8:52 (5m) 9:01 (6m) 9:24
Felt lite, and full of energy.

Airplane ride

5.5 mile run

5 mile run

Total week:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

week 2/13-2/19

Sunday: 2 weeks on Super Cissus, and I'm in love. :)
AM: total miles 10 1h 25m total running time
3/4 mile warm up
Love the run your with 5k: 23: 41 (Garmin time) *still awaiting chip time
(1m): 8:06 min (2m): 7:19 (3m): 7:30, avg. 7:38 pace. Except for that mountain of a hill at race start, I over all felt good. Definitely not a bad time for still coming back from injury, so I am happy and proud. :)
additional 7 mile run after 5k (for long run)
(4-1m): 10:16, (5-2m):8:50 (6-3m):8:25 (7-4m): 9:10 (running through snow remaining on Cap. Crescent)
(8-5m):8:55 (9-6m): 8:29 (10-7m):7:50
The additional 7 felt good. I felt strong, and body was nice and comfortable and quiet. I'm very happy with today's running!
PM: beer ;)

PM: Spinx1 hour

PM: track 5 miles total
2 mile warm up
per Coach George:
1x800: 3:32
400 easy
1x800: 3:25
easy 400
1X1600: 6:58!! (1st sub 7 miler since returning to running post injury)...Honestly, I don't like using that term anymore, "post injury"; I think I'll start saying, since I returned back to running. I just want to forget about last year, and how it ended, and just look forward to healthy running and PR's. :)
800 easy/cool down
Great workout! :)

PM: Body pump x1 hour/rest day

Tempo 5.5 miles
1 mile warm up
mile 1: 7:36
mile 2: 7:44 (when I realized we went out too fast, I tried to slow things down)
but bunked and only did 1/2 mile more: 7:44
total tempo: 2.5 miles
2 mile cool down with Anna Russell :)
Despite the bunk, I have ran a 5k Sunday, broke 7 min mile on Tuesday at track, and still had a decent tempo tonight. This is the most speed work I've done since returning, and so far body feels great! Best week I've had in a long while. :)

AM: Body Pump
foam roller
PM: 3 mile easy run

AM: work

Total miles: 23.5

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 2/6-2/12

Sunday: x1 week on SuperCissus. It says it takes about 2 weeks to build in your system, here's hoping it does! What I have read and heard about, it's supposed to amazing for joints, and muscles. Will keep you posted.
AM: work :(
PM: 6.5 mile run
I felt a slight tightness to the mid-inner right shin area, as I started, but as I warmed up it subsided. Both legs felt fine (though slightly fatigued from yesterdays spin/body pump combo) a very few times, I felt a tinge on my right shin, where I described earlier; but all in all, run felt good, the day was beautiful, shin pain has definitely decreased and is definitely feeling like it is on the healing side of things. I plan to increase my running slowly back up, by alternating my days I run, and keeping the miles low...for now :)

I really don't know what has been wrong last 3-4 days; my body has just been so tired and fatigued. I am eating balanced (except for last night, I had chips and salsa for dinner) I am feeling like I used to working the night shift; just exhausted. Whatever it is, hope it passes soon....knowing my body, I'm going to hit that proverbial "wall", and just sleep for 24 hours. (which I did a few time last marathon season)

AM: Body Pumpx1hour (Success, I woke up early!) R shin is quiet today; post 6. 5 mile run yesterday, the silence is great!
PM: Spinx1 hour
foam roller

PM: track- 4.5 miles total
WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!!! I felt strong, I felt amazing, I felt no where near tired, I felt like the old me!!!...Can you tell I'm on a runners higher currently?!
It was freezing, and the wind was crazy...but it was my best run since pre-break. Shin is good! Met a new pace partner, and she was awesome to run with...
1 mile warm up
1x2000 ~9:35
1x800 easy
1x1600 7:13
1x600 easy
1x1200 (watch was off)
1x400 easy
1x800 (watch off)
brief cool down...then ran into my warm car!

PM: Pool Runx1 hr (6miles)

AM: 4 mile easy run during lunch break
PM: body pump x1 hr
foam roller
Body feels great this week! I think this has to do with 2 things:
1. training smarter
2. Super cissus
LTRYW is Sunday; plan to just go with how I feel....

Resy day

AM: x1 hour massage!!
Packet pick up for LTRYW
easy 3 mile run

total miles: 24
land: 18
pool: 6

One of my BEST weeks since pre-injury. Body was quiet, no protesting. Thanks for everyone, who a month ago, talked to me and said to basically "calm down, and train smart!!" Tough love, but definitely needed. My running is much happier and stronger since I stopped stressing, and focused on being smart (and relaxed about training) Love my friends, and running club. :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 1/30-2/5

AM:Pool Run x70 minutes (~7 miles)
PM: Body Pump x 1 hour
10 minutes on stair stepper
I'm really tired and dehydrated, I cut the workout short, and came home to rest.
Shin exercises (walk around on heals, toes up)
Calf raises ( toes forward, out and in)

AM: easy 5 mile run
PM:Spin x 1hour

PM: 7 mile run easy 10 min/mile start only dropped to 9 mins pace last few miles. Felt good, R shin had a mild tinge to it, but definitely much less than last week; of course I continue to ice and heat both legs. Glad the rain held off, and hope the track is clear for Thursday Tempo.

PM: Body Pump

Rest day...
and re-evaluating my major 2011 race plan. I have pretty much decided I want to aim for Steam town 2011, and I believe I am okay with not re-attempting Chicago this year. (maybe another year:) Chicago was probably cursed anyhow; my ex paid for Chicago last year, and well; we all know how the relationship and the race ended-unsuccessful. With that in mind, I decided to try for a smaller, quicker marathon in hopes to get my BQ, with no bad memories attached. :) That being said, I may down grade San Diego to just the half marathon, so...
1.I can just focus on training hard for ST 2011.
2. I have been fighting a shin splint in my R leg. Some days I feel it, some days it's better;, and I don't feel it at all...frustrating! (currently sitting with ice over shin) Shin Splints make me nervous, so when I feel them, I back down instantly on running. So obviously, this week, I'm backing down, because again, my R leg is making itself apparent. So the winter training season has not been successful with running-but it has been with strength training and rehabbing the ankle. (and learning to let go of my type A issue I got caught up in earlier in January.)
3. When I planned for San Diego I was in a cast, and dreaming of running 50+ miles a week I think I was too quick to decide; but I can still get a vacation from it,and a long run. (and who knows. maybe I'll still run the full; we'll see)

Rehabbing from a major injury is an emotional roller coaster....

AM: Very tired today. A long week as work has definitely wore me out.
PM: starimill x 30 minutes
elliptical x 50 mins
Good news, R shin feels fine today; I didn't feel anything day. I still will give the shin a full weeks rest-I'll attempt to see how is feels on Monday or Tuesday with a small easy run.

AM:Spin x1 hour ( the instructor rocked; I had pool sweat on the bike and floor!)
Body Pump x 1 hour
foam roller
Work out was tough, body feels tired, but in a good way! I used to do this Spin/Body pump combo every Saturday...I remember why I liked it, it kicks booty!
Shin is feeling fine, I used the foam roller on it at the gym. Still will take a couple more days of "taking it easy" to ensure recovery/healing. Time to eat and nap!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

week 1/23-1/29

AM:Pool running x 90 mins (~9 pool miles)
PM: Body pumpx1 hour
abs/calf rasies

PM: PT-Well, what can I say. I only met the PT for 5 minutes, and she walked off and I never saw her for the rest of the hour. I was heated and iced (which I do daily already) and then her assistant came over with a piece paper with pictures, and a band....and we did all the same band work I've been doing. *sigh. I notified the assistant my of my issues, and what I would like to focus on, and she looked at me clueless. (not impressed) On the way out I spoke with the PT, and because she never assessed me, she states my course was to continue with the band work, and ice/heat....I do this already for free!
I've had PT twice before in my life, and I know what it should entail....I was NOT impressed with today. Unorganized, and who doesn't assess your patients....that's annoys me, especially as a nurse! So my search is on for another PT or maybe sports therapist.

4.5 HiLlY (10 min paced) run
Right front shin felt tight, so icing/stretching tonight. Otherwise, body felt great; nice easy hilly run! (PS. I'm sore from pool running!) Thank u Chistina for sharing your different strides. :)

AM:Yogax1 hour @gym
PM: Track- 6 miles total. I didn't keep time, or log it. 1. it's not of my concern right now to focus on the time too much. (Although, the 2nd half of the pyramid was definitely faster than the 1st half:) 2. My Garmin wasn't working anyhow.
1.5 mile warm up with Greg
100 easy
500 easy
800 easy
800 easy
500 easy
.50 cool down

felt good. The left shin started to act up on last 400, so this is why I cut the cool down short...It's only uphill from here. I can only get more fit and more fast. (God willing)

Good news: I'm down 2lbs! 8 more to go....

PM: Weather is ugly; rest day, ughe.

PM: Eliptical x1hour
Shins are acting up today, so crosstraining instead, along with ice/heat treatment.
Body pump x1 hour
bosu balance work
calf raises (toes in, out, straight)

AM: lunch time Spin (RPM) x45 minutes
PM: day 1 of Super Cissus. Let's see if everything I've read, and heard is true! :)
Still resting the shine; really it's the lower inner part of my right ankle. Now I'm thinking it's not shine splints, but an uber tight/weak muscle that is being stubborn. Still, I'm icing,heating, and I took x3 days off from running. I will try and see how it feels tomorrow; goal long run miles 6-8.
I really wish it hadn't of snowed so bad Wednesday, I would loved to get in 2 pool runs this week. O well, there's always next week! (hopefully)

PM: Long Run 9 miles Felt great! I stated nice and slow, and eased into a no faster pace than 9:30, but I could have run forever. I felt so comfortable. This run makes me feel secure enough to know I can run the National Half; it maybe not be a fast time, but I can definitely do the miles.
Shins were happy today, but still icing and heating to be prophylactic about the problem.

Because I rested the shins x 3 days this week from running my weekly miles were only 20, but I did did 90 minutes pool runing, so that would put my miles this week at 29 miles.

Land: 20
Pool: 9
Total: 29

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Game Plan....

So I've been thinking, out of 4 total marathons I have signed up for, I have finished only 2, and one with a post 4 hour time, boo. The other 2 you ask, I was not able to run due to injury, *sigh. My focus this year needs to be on tackling that forever troubling marathon and marathon PR.

Time to re-group and reprioritize my goals, which is San Diego. I have had myself so stressed on getting "fast" and "fit" for the National half marathon, that I have forgotten what my MAIN goal for 2011 is; the MARATHON. (National is just a small little run in the large scheme of things) I have all year to PR the half!(<1:45)
So, I may or may not run the half in March; this will be a game time decision, really. If I do, I'm ok with it being a slower half. Actually, I'm more than ok with that. I know I can easily do the miles required for the half, speed can come at a later race. We'll see how my fitness and strength are by then...

New Game Plan:
I will back off the speed/track training for a bit, and just focus on strengthening my legs and ankle.
How you may ask:
I do plan to add hills back into the regimen instead, and continue with my stair workouts.
I am starting Physical Therapy Monday.
I also plan to continue with tempo, but plan to run those at a slower 8:30-8:45's for awhile.
Of course, I will continue to cross train like crazy....Spin, weights, yoga and I have a CAR amigo helping me strengthen my swimming...I'm excited for this!

I do not have to start seriously training for the marathon until Feb 13th, (which gives me exactly 16 weeks to train)so I'm good :)

San Diego or bust!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 1/16-1/22

AM: Body Pump x1 hour (started class hungover;finished feeling better:)
calf raises and bosu work
PM:Stairmasterx25 minutes
No aches or stiffness today; legs are happy today. :)

AM: very easy 4 mile run (4o minutes) Legs felt good, and I didn't feel my shins; but I think this is because I kept the treadmill flat and at an easy 10 min pace. The top of the foot is feeling arthritic lately(residual from stress fracture 3 years ago, that has begun to re-flair since cast removal) After about 1/2 mile it loosens up and feels fine.
(I typically take Glucosamine to take care of the stiffness,but I think because of the weak surrounding muscles I will wil feel it for awhile, despite the glucosamine) Legs felt lighter today, and run left me feeling a bit more confident.
I did call my Orhto today and got my PT order!! I start physical therapy next Monday at 3pm....and I'm excited! :)
PM: Spinx1 (awesome workout!)

PM:calf raises/ankle/shin/plantar facsia stregthening exercises/ abs
Low key night. Weather is not helping with my motivation; so I decided to trade my rest day to today.

AM:Run5 miles@10min pace
I ran with my new compression socks...LOVE! Run was comfortable, and I had zero issues with right foot. Coincidence?!
PM: Body Pumpx1hr
calf raises x3 off step ledge (toes straight forward, turned in and in 1st position,. ( ballet talk) or toes turned out:)
stair stepperx20mins

I have started icing nightly, followed by heat for foot; really think the more consistant icing/heating is helping the foot remain happy.

PM: tempo 7 miles total
great run! Started out conservative, but this part of the new game plan....and it's working so far; legs felt great, and I am currently on a runners high...yay!
2 mile warm up
5k tempo
mile 1: 8:15
mile 2:8:01
mile 3: 7:48
Woot!! :)Perfect start slow finish fast, if I do say so myself.

2 mile cool down

PM: bad tummy=workout fail :( plus is I can't really eat, so this may help with the losing weight goal.

AM long run 8 miles
18* out, with a wind chill of 6*, but what an amazing day! I'm super stoked!! I totally just had fun, even sang along to my new play list music. Legs felt great,no stiffness or aches, nothing. (I am a big fan of compression stocking, by the way)
The last 4 miles I was definitely in my old running rythm. What a difference, I decided to relax, stop being so type A, and I've had a great running week! Relax the mind, and the body will follow. :)
Garmin history:
9:28 (m1) 9:03(m2) 9:17(m3) 9:07(m4) 8:34(m5) 7:58(m6) 7:50(m7) 7:42(m8) 9:35(last .40 to finish) WOOT!!!!!!
Sample my new running music list:

I thugged it out;)

PM: abs
ankle/calf/plantar fascia stregthening exercises

Total miles: backed off a bit, only 23 for the week, but legs are happier.


It's time to rearrange my training a bit; I'm adding more cross training/strengthening back into my routine, pool running when I can, and I am also calling my doctor tomorrow to get PT prescribed, and of course still running; sans Garmin....If I can't PR National, then I'll PR another. :)
This morning, I clicked on Dash's ( blog, and to my surprise, it was something I desperately needed to read; I was not alone. Here is an amazing runner, who at one time had felt the same way as I am currently feeling today. ( frustrations; clock watching; feeling discouraged when I'm running a slower than normal pace) Now, she is a non-Garmin watching, "fierce warrior", laid back, PR'ing runner! Noted.
I definitely needed to read this today, especially after yesterdays horrible run. What a greatly time blog. It's funny how the universe sends you signs....I hear you loud and clear universe. :)
Thank you Dash.
So, when did I get so serious and crazy about my running!? I've traded in my California laid back whatever attitude for type A New Yorker attitude, and it's doing nothing but discouraging me. I need my "eh" attitude back. (another proof, I need to move back west soon...I'm losing my California-tude;) I was once asked last racing season, prior to a race, what my game plan was, I stated I had none, I was just going to run, and go with what I felt...and I had a great 20k race!
My new goal: to return to the whatever will be will be race/run attitude; being type A is exhausting!! (perhaps my new running mantra??)
Coming back from a major injury is a hard and slow process; I am finally realizing this.Why have I been so niave about it?!
I have been active since I was a child, and used to perform and dance. (once upon a time) I've been a runner since I was 20, and racing since 2003; I am experienced.I have race triathlons and duathlons in 2005, and even joined a tri-club at my university. I have run with a few different groups, and have had a coaches back in California, and currently here out east. I have also worked with personal trainer for many years in California, and she taught me a lot about's time to show my experience. I know what to do, how to do it, and it's time to apply it and become level headed about this recovery process.

Happy training!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1/9-1/15

PM: body pump x1 hour
easy 4 mile run (@10 min pace)

calf raises

Tuesday: 6 miles total
Slow but only the start to my 2nd week back at track; already feeling a tad of my rhythm returning. :)
AM: track
1 mile warm up
1x1600 (7:38)
2 laps easy
1 lap easy
2 laps easy
cool down 1/2 mile

PM: Body pump x1 hour
Eliptical x35minutes
Stairmaster x20 minutes

AM: rest
PM:I can tolerate 20 degrees with little to no wind; I wimp out when windchill is a factor, so.....
Treadmill Tempo: 5 miles total
(post migraine, so took it "slower")
1 mile warm up @10 min pace
2 miles @ 8:30 pace
1/2 mile easy (10 min pace)
1 mile 8:20 pace
1/2 mile cool down (10 min pace)

PM: easy 3 miles (32 mins)

AM: Long run scratched....5 miles (only bc I had to run back home) Both shins started to ache today, like I am developing shin splints. I never have shin splints!! :( I'm just so frustrated today. Running is so awkward now(!!!); and it's not even the righ ankle that bothers me anymore. Every other thing that can go wrong, is!! Right now I'm thinking about pulling out of National half. 11 wks to go, and I'm no where near fit.
I miss the comfort I used to feel while running.

Total miles for the week: 23

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 1/2-1/8-1st week at training

AM: Ice bath!
PM: Elliptical x 50 minutes
Body pump x1 hour
Stairmill x 25 mins

AM: (lunch hour) easy 3 mile run (Training for National 1/2 begins!)
PM: Abs/calf raises

AM: Alarm FAIL
PM: Track workout: 6 miles total. I'm was not too concerned about time tonight, since it's just my 1st night back in 3 months, so I did not document time tonight. Legs felt good, especially the ankle. Now my quads, they will be sore tomorrow! (I am currently icing.) Apparently my left quad atrophied too, out of sympathy for the right leg! haha
1 mile warm up
600 recovery
400 recovery
200 recovery
600 recovery
400 recovery
1/2 mile cool down.

PM:Body pump x1 hr
easy 3 miler 9:50 pace
Calf raises

PM: Tempo: 4.75 miles
.50 mile warm up
1x2400 1st 1200~7:53. 2nd 1200 ~7:48>going off memory of what Coach George yelled out to me.
1x400 easy
1x1200 7:45
1 mile cool down
I'm so out of shape! This workout was tough, and it showed in my body language. Coach George kept alerting me on how tight I was holding my arms while running past him during my tempo. I definitely have not found my "running rhythm" yet, so running sometimes feels like work, so I think that is why my arms were so tense tonight.
This is just the 1st week back to track, so I know this is all temporary....just sometimes hard to see where I was, and where I am today....

AM: Rest ( legs are pretty sore from "speed" work)

AM: Long Run 8miles

Total miles for the week: 24.75 (basically 25)

Training log

I have come to realize I really do not have time to sit and write elaborate blog topics. (sigh) Life is too busy...So I've decided to turn my blog into a training log, instead. I will just be documenting my week's workouts, and may write a brief racing report every now and then.

Weeks 12/19-01/01

AM:Body Pump x1 hour
PM: easy 3 miler

PM:Last Ortho Apt! :)

AM:Hills w/ CAR ~5 miles
PM:Body Pump x1 hour


AM:Flying to California!

AM: Hot Bikrim yoga x 90 mins

AM:Merry Christmas!! :)
PM: 5 k tempo. 5 miles total. ( See previous blog for details)

Total miles: 18

AM:I went out with the intention of doing a long run (~8 mils) but the body was not feeling it. So I scratched this long run, and did an easy 3 mile instead.

AM: Hot Bikrim Yoga x 90 mins


AM:6 miles
PM:Flying home

AM:Body Pump x1 hour
PM:elliptical x 1 hour

PM:4 mile race: Fairfax 4 miler. 32:32. Avg 8:09 pace. I felt great! My Garmin was waked out, ( it actually read 2.66 miles at the end of the race! Who knows why it was acting up!?) so i just went with how I felt....not a bad time for not training, just coming off an injury and not trying to be "fast". After some training, I want to race a 4 miler and compare times. A before and after if you will. :)

PM: 8 .5 easy paced miles
Happy New Year! :)

Total miles: 21.5

Training begins now for National Half Marathon March 26th 2011!