Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's been awhile...

Now that I am finally getting back into the swing of things, aka racing, I'll start blogging again. (I actually will have something to write about!)

It has been an up and down year for me coming back from an injury, with my running. I thought I could just jump right back on the saddle and just run how I was pre-injury. Whoops, my bad- wrong!
Finally after a few months of running, then injuring, then running, and yes injuring once more, I took a different approach- the smart approach. Evaulation>Strength>Speed.

1st step get my gait evaluated.
I had read from fellow Capital Area Runner blog's about how they went to a Dr.Magg's to have their running gait evaluated at,
So, naturally, I made an appointment!
I brought all my running shoes to Dr.Magg's- my old minimalists, my old Mizuno Wave Riders, and (during that time) my current Brooks stability- (Brooks that I was placed in by Pacers.) Dr.Maggs had me run with my neutral Mizono's, and after a hour with Dr.Magg's video tapping my running outside, and watching me do various movements, I learned/he taught me:

1. My right ankle collapses when I do squats. This is the ankle I broke- no surprise I still have to do work on it.
2. I do not pronate (just a tinge) and it would be best for me to run in my Mizuno neutrals! Good bye Brooks stability shoes!
3. I have a "hip dip" to my left hip as my foot strikes the ground.
4. I do NOT over stride! Yay!
5. I have good running posture- but need to work my core.

I now had the knowledge on what to work on, next step, address the issues!

The next day I went to Road Runner's and bought new Mizono Waveriders (which I've been in since 2004) and set out to run an easy 2-4 miles that afternoon. I was nervous making the shoe switch, but excited to see if I felt any difference in my achy right calf.
First, let me back up. Two days prior I ran in the Brooks and my calf muscles were still hurting as I tried to run.
Okay, fast forward me heading out on my 2-4 mile run with my new (old) Mizono's, and the second I started to run in my Mizono- NO CALF PAIN!
Seriously, I'm not making this up. I even wrote my coach to tell him this after my run, I was so amazed! I have always known the importance of having the proper running shoe, but this was crazy- no pain, it was gone! All this time, I was just in the wrong shoe!!! (Lesson learned- do not go to Pacers to have your gait evaluated on a treadmill. FIND A PROFESSIONAL)
Calf pain has not return since the shoe change...

Evaluation and proper shoes, check! Next step, get strong. I had a weak left hip, and a weak core. My plan, find a personal trainer...So, I wrote my friend/body pump instructor LAQ asking her if she knew of a good trainer at Gold's Gym- well, low and behold, she is a trainer! (and a great one at that- she kicks my butt!) I met up with her later that week, and I have been working with her since! She has made me so much stronger and has taught me so much. That left hip/butt is slowly getting stronger, (although still weaker compared to the right hip) but it's getting there. Thanks to LAQ, I am such a different athlete now!

Third, it was time to be patient and smart (again) about my running. My "smart plan", take my mileage up very slowly. I started in August increasing my miles. (at just 10 a week) Now in November I am now just hitting 26-27 miles a week. Baby steps.
I also have promised myself, one achy anything, and I'm shutting down and hitting the pool, or just dropping speed work for a week, and only easy run.
I actually did this is early October, I had something tight happening in my left inner thigh, so I shut it down, and after a week of pool/easy run, I was back at track and the tight inner left thigh was gone. No fitness loss, and no time loss.

Of course, I am referring to my coach, A LOT. I email Coach George A LOT, and I listen.... and so far so good. I've been training steadily with speed work since September.

Big Sur half marathon next weekend! I feel fit, and would love a 1:44-1:45, but in the end, I just want to have fun, relax, and enjoy my most favorite race ever!! (It was also my very first long distance race ever in 2005)

PS. I need to really learn how to use this blog, and make it fancy like everyone's I read! :)


  1. TARA!!! This post is maybe THEE highlight of my day. NO - weekend. NO...week.
    Seriously. Thank you for sharing:) (I LOVE MY JOB!!!)

  2. Fantastic! Glad to see you running healthy and blogging again. Dr. Maggs is great. I think you are going to really turn things around for yourself with this next training cycle!