Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2010 vs 2012

I love going back and reading over my 2010 training cycle for the Chicago Marathon. It is also a reminder of how long this journey has been returning from breaking my ankle in 2010, and the injury filled 2011 that was also related to the ankle throwing my whole body and running gait way off.
Finally, in 2012, I feel like I am slowly getting back to where I was in August/September 2010 with the help of training smarter, working on my weaknesses, and listening to my body.
Last night the team did repeat 1200's, with my last 1200 being 5:12. It was an amazing workout, with pretty much each 1200 getting faster with still remaining in tempo;s finally starting to feel like my running is starting to "click"!
Anyhow, last night I got home and I was curious what my 1200 PR was, so I went way back and read my weekly recap blog in late August 2010.....and it is 5:02! Wow, I am much slower in 2012! Last nights 5:12 was as fast as I could go, without actually transitioning into a race pace effort.
I then continued to read the remaining times in different blog posts....
My 1600 PR in 2010 was 6:50, I am currently running 7's.
My 400 PR was 1:30, now I can get to 1:39.
I'm not frustrated, but actually opposite. It's great to remember I can go faster. I can get fitter. I can do better...but I will also just let my speed happen naturally, like it did in 2010.

Throw back below!

The following is a recap of the week of 8/22/10-8/28/10.

8/22-Sunday-x1 hour pool running (active recovery) and x 1 hour body pump= total miles in pool, 6.

8/23-Monday-Rest day.

8/24-Tuesday-Track work. Exercise: Pyramids. (400,800,1200,1600,1200,800,400) Pyramids, btw, are one my favorites workouts to do on the track, so I was excited for this workout!
(400=1:48) (800=3:25) (1200=5:10) (1600=6:53) (1200=5:02) (800=3:14) (400=1:30)= total miles w/ recovery laps, 6.5.
I felt strong, knee felt good, and the negative splits are exciting!

8/25-Wednesday-pool x1 hour 30 mins. total pool miles, 9.

8/26-Thursday-Tempo-I ran to track as part of my warm up (1.5 m) I did an extra mile on track w/Dre to complete my warm up.(=2.5 miles) Tempo 4 miler (a PR! 4 miles in 30:13!) Cool down, 1 mile around the track, and a 1.5 mile run home. (cool down=2.5 miles) total miles, 9.

8/27-easy 3 miles

8/28-20 miles. I totally did this long run right! First, I ate my Cliff bar and scoop peanut butter one hour before the run, so I still had fuel inside me at run start. (this was something I discovered worked best for me while training for San Diego.) I refueled every 40-45 mins, never allowing myself to "hit the wall"; again this is what I discovered worked best for me while training for San Diego...and I listened to my coach, I began slow, and finished fast.
I began at a 9:50-9:45 pace, and dropped accordingly. I had planned to go out the first 10 miles slow...I did not want to drop below a 9 min pace until the turn around at the 10 mile mark. Miles 10-13, I remained at a conservation 8:56 avg pace. Mile 13 I dropped to an 8:45. Mile 14, 8:35, then 15-18, I dropped my pace to 8:04 average. Miles 18-20, my pace "slowed" to a 8:20 average...I felt strong, and good, and was actually having a lot fun...I felt amazing!!

Total mileage: 53.5