Monday, October 4, 2010

100 push-up challenge and 200 sit up challenge

So Push ups are going great! Along wih the every other day trip to WSC to take advantage of their hand bike x1 hour. My upper body is gonna rock in 4-6 weeks!

As I was planning this week out, what do I see on the left panel of the 100 push up challenge, but the 200 sit up challenge! Hello....done! Adding that to my broken ankle regimen.

x1 hour hand bike
push ups: 63 total, modified. x5 sets
sit-ups: 67 x5 sets ( along with oblique and lower ab work)

no hand bike
push ups: modified x 5 sets. 71
sit-ups: 81 ( oblique and lower ab work added)

hand bikex1 hr
push ups: 81
sit ups:87 ( oblique and lower ab work added)

Sunday rest


So I'm planning my 2011 season during this time that I am side lined from running. Planning is what is helping me get through the low/down moments. ( along with my many amazing friends:)
I do think this will get easier once marathon season is over (I see my fellow G2B ppl finish under 3:40 )and this cast is off!

Anyhow so far my 2011 looks as so: ( tentative)

St. Patty's 8k-March
National half-Match ( anticipating a slower time, but you never know)
Crystal City 5ks-April
GW Parkway-Late April
Pacer's half marathon or another local half marathon race. (aiming to break my PR 1:46:17) May
San Diego RnR marathon ( returning to where my love for the marathon began) June
2010 training plan was aimed to PR. It was adjusted to 3:40 training once I saw how my running was shaping out.
Next year, I'm upping my goal, or should I say downing it; I am training towards a 3:30 marathon. This injury is the drive, and it has certainly made my determination shoot up 1000%. Watch out 2011!!
A 4th July race
Philly half or Disneyland Half marathon( or where ever CAR goes for a team race)
Chicago marathon ( will just run and not worry so much about time, just have to do this one)

Of course this is all tentative, and more will be added/subtracted as I go. :)