Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eugene Marathon: Race Recap

I think part of what makes marathons so rewarding is that each race has its own unique challenge.


Let me start with, about 2 weeks before the marathon, my adductors became cranky. I was told it was an over use issue. I had to stop running. In fact, I didn't run for 9 days, with the exception of a bad slow 4 mile run mixed in the Monday before the run, and a test 0.5 mile the Saturday before the marathon. Not good.
It took 1 massage/PT appointment and 2 ART sessions to relieve the tension.
But in the end, my adductors were not the reason why my marathon was tough. I didn't even feel them during the run. (Although, I did have them taped)

Race recap:

Miles 1-6
1- 8:53 (crowded start)
2- 8:15 (gah! pacer too fast)
3- 8:26 (Gu at mile 3.5)
4- 8:27
5- 8:22
6- 8:23

My plan was to start with the 3:45 pace group or 8:30 pace, and hang there for the 1st 10k or so.
The start was actually pretty crowded. I had many runners bump into me, and even grab me. (It felt like a swim start during a triathlon, being kicked and slapped everywhere) This was annoying.
Because of the crowding, the 3:45 pace group was pacing a 9 minute mile for the start. I realized this, and picked up my pace just a bit, weaving my way through the crowds, leaving the 3:45 pace group slightly behind me.
On the 2nd mile, the 3:45 pace group passed me, which made me think I was still running too slow, so I picked up my pace. After the pick up, I realized this felt too fast, I looked at my Garmin and they were running an 8 minute pace! I quickly let them go ahead of me and settled back into an 8:30 pace. I didn't run with the 3:45 pace group after that.

I felt perfectly fine the 1st 6 miles, but I did have to take in a GU at mile 3.5, which is a half mile early for me. I typically take in my GU's every 4 miles. (Perhaps my bunk was because I did not fuel properly in the weeks leading up to the race???)

**I can say, with fact, my body from the start of the Eugene race, did NOT feel as amazing as it did last November during the Two Cities Marathon. My body and legs felt so light and fit that day; I felt like I could have run forever at Two Cities.**

Miles 7-12

7- 8:20 (Gu at mile 7)
8- 8:16
9- 8:32
10- 8:26 (Gu at 10.5)
11- 8:22
12- 8:20

I was having fun during these miles, especially miles 7-11. I saw my boyfriend. My adductors were happy, so my worry for my legs at this point started to fade. I also felt like during these miles I could drop pace safely to 8:20- 8:25. My body still feeling ok, but I was still definitely needing my GU's early.

Miles 13-18

13- 8:33
14- 8:19 (Gu at 14)
15- 8:28
16- 8:19
17- 8:36 (Gu 17.5)
18- 9:15

I hate seeing my pace slip. At the half mark I started to feel tired, the 8:33 pace started to feel like work. (This pace, during my training cycle, has felt easy and even slow) I tried to knock any negative thoughts out of my head, just saying it was probably a small incline of the course and this is why my legs were feeling tired at the time. (Mile 13) So, I picked my paced up on mile 14, but this felt hard. My legs felt like I should be on mile 24, not 14. My effort felt like a 7:40 pace, not 8:28!!

By mile 15, I walked a bit, and I knew any chance at a BQ or even a PR were a no go today. As I  began to run again, I started chanting to myself my running mantra, "the body achieves what the mind believes" over and over. I refused to give into any negative "I can't finish" thoughts, at this point. I again picked my pace up for mile 16, but my legs were heavy, hurting, and the bottom of my right foot was beginning to hurt. (Like it typically does around mile 24/25 of a marathon.)

But by mile 17 I slowed again, my legs and body were betraying me, sigh. But why?? I had just run a 22 miler at 8:23 average pace and a 20 miler at 8:17 average pace and felt strong...but on the big day, these paces felt like I was trying to run a pace I have never attempted before. Again, I stopped, this time to stretch my foot out, and then started to run. Ok, to be honest, by this time, I was thinking maybe I should DNF, because I did not want to break a foot being stubborn, or hurt my body trying to complete something that clearly my body is saying "I can not do this today". At this point, was also when the 3:45 pace group passed me by, sigh...with my aching body, and the 3:45 group passing me by, I broke down and I just started to cry. I was starting to feel defeated, and as hard as I was trying not too let the mind games take over, they were.

By mile 18, I was running/walking lot. I believe during this mile, I ran by a medical table, stopped, turned around, and started to walk my way back to the medical table...but, I stopped again, stubborn, turned around, and and started to run on, I wanted to finish this.

Miles 19- 23

19- 8:32
20- 9: 00
21: 9:59
22- 10:31
23- 19:49

I cried a lot during these miles. I was hurting so bad. My legs were heavy, and tired. The bottom of my right foot ached. My pace was getting slower, and slower, yet my effort remained the same - giving it my all. By mile 22, I started to feel out of breath, and my heart rate felt higher then normal, so I took my pulse. I then convinced myself my pulse was skipping a beat (it wasn't) and my anxiety began to take over. I panicked. I stopped, and started to walk slow; I just wanted the next first aid station. I was convinced I had pushed my body too far, and I was having some type of heart arrhythmia, now.

I finally walked my way to the mile 23 first aid station, and told the medics my foot was hurting. (I omitted the increased work of breathing and heart rate, because instantly, when I arrived at the help station, I felt better.(Anxiety)) Here, I stayed, and sat for about 5-6 minutes, firmly decided I was done running for the day. After a brief look at my foot, the male medic talked me into trying to walk a bit to see if I could continue on. I tried, and jogged a bit past them, then stopped- my legs hurt, and my right foot still angry, so I turned around, and sat back down.

The female medic asked if I wanted a ride back to finish/start area, I said 'yes'. I let her know I could call my boyfriend, and she lent me her phone. I dialed, and he answered, "uh oh" he said. I began to cry that I was hurting, that I was done and wanted to be picked up. His response, he would come get me, but also reminded me how close I was to the finish and he asked if I was sure if I wanted to quit? I cried, I didn't know what I wanted to do, but all I knew was how bad I was hurting. I just wanted the pain to be done.

The boyfriend asked if I thought I could make it to the next aid station, that was just past mile 24, to see how I felt. I replied, that I didn't know.  He told me, if I go and I still wanted to be picked up at mile 24, he would go. I agreed, and said I would try. At this point, I was probably at the med station for about 10-15 minutes.

I stood up, wiped my tears from my cheeks, told the medics I was going to run to the mile 24 med station, turned off my Garmin, and began to jog on my stiff, angry legs.

I actually ran the last 3 miles, and never stopped, not to walk or to stretch, I just ran. As I approached Hayward field I had all kinds of emotions. Mad it was a bad run and I bonked, crying from the pain, but also so happy to be done. I ran onto the track, hurting bad, but I finished! 4:08.(My marathon PR is 3:43) I got my finishers medal and marathon #5 finish....I cried when I crossed the finish line. I actually I cried for awhile, especially when I found my boyfriend. I was crying from the pain (my legs and foot ached), the disappointment that this run did not turn out as planned, but I also cried at the glee to be done running. ;)

I know many may think, "why didn't she just DNF early, and live to run another marathon in a few weeks?" While BQ'ing is something I want more then anything, I am not in a rush to get there, either. I will get there when it is meant to be. If not this race, then the next! I also didn't quit early on because of my plan to take time off from the marathon distance after Eugene- I knew if I quit this day I wouldn't turn around and attempt another marathon in X weeks, I'd be done on a DNF. I am so thankful that my boyfriend convinced me to keep going at mile 23. I had a weak moment, but he was able to to snap me out of it.


I plan to race shorter distances for awhile, and maybe I'll attack a winter marathon. But for now, I am "resting", aka, Coach wants me to work on speed and shorter distance races for the summer.

Looking back:

 I have had time to reflect back on my training cycle on my 11 hour car ride back home, and I can see where this cycle was not up to par to the ones I have run strong/PR'd.

-I only peaked at 35-40 miles a week this cycle. The marathons I have had the best outcome, San Diego, Shamrock and Two Cities, I peaked at 45-50 mile a week. The marathons I lacked the extra miles (Marine Corp and Eugene) my marathon performance lacked.
The marathon knows when you haven't put in the homework.

-I lacked the extra easy runs in between the hard runs. I was just running what I had to- interval, tempo, long run, easy 3.

-I was 133lbs for the November marathon I PR'd. Eugene I was 5 lbs heavier. (Yes, 5lbs can make a difference) I am applying nutrition program from my coach next cycle.

-I do not think I took enough time off between the November marathon and this cycle. The whole training cycle felt like a burden. (Lack of motivation = why weekly miles were lower then  my normal)

-I need my recovery week. I once complained to my coach that I hated recovery week. (taking every 3rd week easy) Now, I think my body best responds to a break from training every now and then.
I was definitely feeling burnt out at the end of this cycle.

-This taper I ended up having 9 days off from running. I think whatever fire I had to run a marathon, was gone with this time off. While I didn't lose fitness, I did lose my fire. I couldn't get excited for it, I didn't even get nervous. I kind of didn't even feel like running it, honestly. Ya, I know, not a way to head into a marathon and expect to succeed.

-Strength training didn't even exist, and yoga even eventually fell off the map too. I plan to add back 1-2 days a week of strengthening, and yoga at least once every 2 weeks, at minimum.

-I will keep my next marathon attempt a secret, on the down low. I tend to find the runs that a lot of people know about, and set a high expectation on, are the ones I bonk at. I actually do have a marathon in mind, but only my coach and my boyfriend know, for now.

My fire is definitely re-lit to race the marathon.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Surf City Half Marathon Race Report

I do not typically write a race report as I find do not have much to say about them...but yesterdays race was a big physical and mental battle for me! Whew, it was one of my tougher races, ever. (Since I began to take my running seriously.) I PR'd the course, but it was a fight from start to finish.
First thing, I totally misunderstood the elevation shift of the course, (I expected mostly flat with a couple bumps) but the course, was not the pancake flat I hoped was a rolling hill course. The hills were not anything major like you see in The Marine Corp Marathon, they were gentle rolling hills, but regardless of how large or small, I was mentally prepared for mostly flat, not rolling hills.
Another surprise, was the weather. All week, including Saturday afternoon before the race, the Weather Channel predicted Huntington's race day weather as CLOUDY and low 60's - perfect, right? Well, when I woke up that day, it was nothing but clear skies, which later became a hot blaring sun! (Great California weather, but bad racing weather.)
That is just the outside factors, that were not expected- I also had a slightly emotional/stressful Saturday, and was also still recovering from working 4-12 hour shifts that week.
All that said, I was thinking it would be flat course and a cool day,  so I was hoping I could try to go sub 1:45 (1:43-1:44 was my goal). I have had some pretty strong and fast runs in my young spring training cycle, so why not try. But I also had promised myself, if it does not happen today to remember to HAVE FUN! (ya, that was soon forgotten.)

I was also able to meet up with a friend from my DC running group, Capitial Area Runners! It was great to see her! :) (I miss that group!)

Race Recap:

Miles 1-3
It was a crowded start, and Surf City is not strict on who gets into to what corrals. I say this, because there were walkers(!!) in corral #2, within the first half mile of the run! Ughe. (People, get into your correct corrals!!! Such a pet peeve of mine.) There was a lot of swerving the 1st mile to get through the slower runners/walker, that did not belong in corral #2.
It stayed pretty crowded, until about mile 6.5(ish) for me, when we finally made a turn back onto the PCH (so the road was wider)
The 1st 3 miles were ok; my body felt just ok, not strong, like I felt for Disneyland half marathon. (Where I PR'd the half distance.) I could also feel the sun warming quicky, and warming me up very quickly.

Miles 4-6
I am typically very focused during my runs, but I was not today, and despite trying to so hard to get focused, it was not happening. I was distracted, by many thoughts, like, "it's too hot, I was tired, this hill sucks, etc"...still, I was feeling relaxed in my pace, and felt ok. ( I was shocked, when I reviewed my pace post run, that I ran 3 miles under 8 minute pace so easily)

Miles 7-9
At this point we were back on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and I feeling pretty ok physically. (Note I am not saying great or good, because I never felt great or good the whole run) My lack of concentration was really draining my energy>to try and stay positive and focused. This will make me sound crazy, but it was a battle within my head, and it went like this: "I haven't trained enough." " but you have had such strong fast runs lately." I was so not expecting rolling hills!" "It's hot!" You're strong, you've got this, just run." etc....LOL. This will be my metal battle from mile 9 through the mile 13.
When I finally made the turn around to the finish, we turned around right into the sun!! It was HOT!! There was no shade, anywhere, just sun, beach and ocean. With the heat beating down on me, and my legs tiring, I actually started to think I may DNF (did not finish) this race pretty soon. I was unsure if, in this heat, I could keep up my pace or just keep up running, period. I was mentally breaking down and I actually walked briefly through a water stop, in mile 9. (I never walk!) I drank the cold water fast and poured water down my back, and began to run again....then I became mad at myself for stopping- ughe!

Miles 10-13.1
I ran strong through mile 10, as strong as I could, ignoring my "just stop" thoughts, with my sight focusing down at the road. (So that I do not see the course ahead) With 3 miles left, I kept trying to convince myself that 3 miles is nothing, that I am strong, and just to keep running!!!
 Well, mid mile 11 I broke down again, and this time I walked and for longer, through another water stop. (ughe) I was hot, and mentally broken down even though mile 10 was ok, I was just tired. While I walked though the second water stop, I again thought about DNF'ing this run. I wasn't feeling strong physically or mentally, anymore...but I drank the water, poured to 2 cups of cold water over my head and took off...I just wanted to finish this no matter what the time.
Mile 12 I just ran as hard as I could. Again, my sight was down towards the road, so I couldn't see the finish line. I was afraid the distance to the finish would look too far away from me, and it would break me down mentally, again.
Finally I crossed the 13 mile mark to the finish, and gave it my last push of energy left...finally, this battle was done!!
To my surprise(!!) I PR'd the half marathon, say what?!? This run sucked! LOL....My time is 1:45:14, a 14 second PR. I was shocked!! I had no where felt as strong as Disneyland half, nor did I think I felt that I was running it "fast", like I felt like I had at Disneyland. I definitely did not have the concentration that day, that I had at Disneyland half either! ...I was mentally drained and physically gave it my all and still got me a PR- crazy!
I am happy I PR'd, but I am also frustrated I walked, TWICE!! I lost probably about 20-30 seconds, combined from both walks, from my time. So would have I gotten my sub 1:45 yesterday, probably, blarg....I missed my sub 1:45 by "that much", aka 15 seconds...

So lesson learned: I do see myself a much stronger runner, both physically and mentally, from yesterday run. Yes it was a battle, yes I walked twice, but I still pushed on, and I still PR'd! I will walk away from this run proud of my new fitness level.

If I can PR in shitty conditions, I can not wait for the stars to aline perfectly (great weather, flat course, and focused) Sub 1:45 will happen....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Training week #3


Miles this week: 26 miles 

Monday 7/2- REST DAY

Tuesday 7/3- 4 miles
Easy paced. Stretching and abs after.

Wednesday 7/4- 7 miles
Freedom 4 mile race. 2 mile warm up. 4 mile race- 7:44, 7:42, 7:33, 7:59. 1 mile cool down.
The race had a large hill in the last mile- basically we went from the lowest point of the park to the highest point. I used my hill training from Capital Area Runners, dug deep, and finished strong....but my pace still slowed on that last mile. O well. I am still very happy with the race, in that I felt great and strong the whole 4 miles. (Even on the hill) It's no PR, but it's a mental victory and a confidence boosting run. I did also end up with 3rd place in my age group! (31:22)

Thursday 7/5- 0.6 mile swim
Easy free, pulls, and kicks. Stretching and abs after.

Friday 7/6- My birthday! 5 miles
Easy run w/ x3 accelerations to open the legs

Saturday 7/7- REST DAY (assigned) 
Recovery weeks are a definite challenge for this type A-OCD "need hard work outs/high mile weeks"athlete. I feel antsy!

The next 3 weeks will be a great challenge with my workouts, and I look forward to it!! :)

Sunday 7/8- 9.6 miles
Easy 3 mile warm up and stretching to loosen legs before beginning prescribed 5 miles at 8:20 average pace.
Prescribed 5 miles: (1)8:08 (2)8:01 (checked Garmin;slowed pace) (3)8:13, (4) 8:08(checked Garmin; slowed pace) (5) 8:12. Average of 8:09 pace. Below prescribed pace. My pace drops when I am not watching my Garmin. I actually feel very relaxed at an 8's pace (like I used to at 8:30's) when I am not monitoring my Garmin, my pace drops, but all the while I actually think I'm around 8:20 pace.
Easy 1.6 mile to car due to not well planning on my part; I thought I would hit 5 miles about half mile from my car.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Training Week #2

Training log for week 6/25/12- 7/1/12

Total running miles this week: 37.43

Monday 6/25- 
1000 meter swim. Abs and stretching after workout. 

Tuesday 6/26- 9.2 miles 
Interval workout. 
2 mile warm up
4 x 800 (4:00, 3:39, 3:28, 3:26) 1x1600 (6:54) with easy 800's between each.
2 mile cool down

Wednesday 6/27- 5.62 miles
Easy paced recovery run. Abs and stretching after.

Thursday 6/28- 8 miles
Tempo run completed on the treadmill.
2 mile warm up
3 mile tempo (8:02, 7:44, 7:32)
easy 800
1 mile tempo (7:28)
1.5 mile cool down
Abs and stretching followed.

Friday 6/29- REST DAY
I met my new coach Felicia Gomez today, from Pinnacle Training Systems- she is amazing!
( ) I am excited for my new program, and hope for the best marathon time from it! (Fingers crossed) Essentially the training program is to help increase my lactate threshold by holding a maximal steady-state pace during runs and decreasing my recovery time between intervals during the interval workouts. (*Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) has been viewed as the key component to success in prolonged exercise activities) 

Saturday 7/1- 9 mile long run at prescribed pace of 8:20 average
8:28, 8:24, 8:09, 8:09, 8:03, 8:10, 8:05, 8:04, 8:11- avg 8:11 pace- I felt great, the pace felt easy. After my 2nd mile, I settled into runnning and decided I wouldn't constantly watch my Garmin to make sure I stayed ~ 8:20 pace. I just went by feel. Needless to say I ended up running under my prescribed pace, but the pace felt easy, and I naturally kept this pace - so both myself and my coach are happy. Stretching after.

Sunday 7/2- 5.63 miles 
Easy recovery run with Sierra Express running club. I was a little worried I would feel Sunday's quicker paced run on Saturday, but I really didn't; my legs felt fine. Stretching after.

Week 7/2-7/8 is a prescribed recovery week. I hope I don't go insane from the lower miles this week!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Training week 1

I thought it would be fun to go ahead and track my training on my blog once again, on my journey to the Steamtown Marathon. This blog is for the week of 6/18-6/24.

Total miles: 37.44
I have been running at 30-34 miles per week for about 5 weeks at this point. I plan to increase my mileage to ~45-50 during peak marathon training. (Mileage I have held with no issues in past training cycles)

Monday 6/24- 1 mile
Ran stairs x20 minutes (1 mile). Elliptical x 30 minutes. Core work, x3 1 minute planks and stretching followed.
Tuesday 6/25- 6.4 miles
Easy 8:45 pace. (56 minutes) Legs were stiff from stairs, but run felt good.
Core work, x3 1 minute plank and stretching followed
Wednesday 6/26- 8 miles
2 mile warm up. 4 x1 miles completed with easy 800's in between each.
(7:55) (7:30) (7:10) (6:58) Core work x2 1 minute planks and stretching after.
Thursday 6/27-  Rest day
Friday 6/28- 6.04 miles
Easy paced run(8:59). x3 1 minute planks and stretching followed. Since my calves were still tight from the stairs/intervals, I opted out of tempo and decided to run easy pace run to allow recovery time for the calves.
Saturday 6/29- 4.8 mile run
(9:01 pace) The day was too pretty to not run in!
Sunday 6/30- 11.2 miles
(8:43 average pace. Progression run. 1st mile 10 minute pace, last mile 8:07 pace) I ran with my old running club from Fresno (Sierra Challenge) and bumped into/ran briefly with my old kick-a$$ x3 peat Ironman roomate and her dog. It was great to see old familiar faces, and the weather was amazing to run in!
Stretching after. x3 1 minute planks.

I have a meeting on Friday 6/29 with the Coach from Pinnacle Training Systems, I'm excited to join a training group!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running Gait: Before and Now

Below is a race photo of my running gait last summer, I look like I have scoliosis. Below is the result of a 2010 injury, and me not strengthening properly.

So I went and had my running gait evaluated in August 2011 and I was told to get strong, up my running cadence, and return to my neutral shoes....

Below is the result of addressing the issues: (strengthening exercises, proper shoes, working on cadence..etc)

Body is aligned, no more scoliosis running gait! haha

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shamrock Marathon: Race Report

I finally ran a marathon! Yes! My last marathon was in 2009, so I had no idea what type of goal to make, so I never did! (actually I didn't place a goal time on this race until 6 days before!) After thinking over my training and fitness I came to a goal of 3:48-3:50. I felt confident about this goal....and I came pretty close.

It was a gorgeous day for a run! The day started cloudy in the 50's, the highs were only predicted to hit the low 60's, partly cloudy, this was perfect in my book! I was so nervous, I was shaking placing my bib number on; but I was also so ready and excited! I had a feeling it was going to be a great day, a great race, I was so ready to go!

Race plan: My plan was to start slow at 9 minute mile pace for the first 10k, then drop to 8:45-8:50's for the remaining 20 miles.

Race Recap:

Miles 1-6. (8:52, 8:52, 8:59, 8:52, 8:57, 8:52)
I felt lite, my legs felt strong and rested, I had tapered right. I was nervous at the start so it was definitely work not to want to speed up and run with the masses. It was also conscience effort to keep my breathing steady, due to my nerves. Looking at my times, I stayed pretty consistent at a 8:52 pace, slightly under my goal pace for the first 10k, but I felt like I was running too slow, and that is exactly what our Coach told us it should feel like for the first 10k.

Miles 7-12
8:50, 8:49, 8:44, 8:39, 8:40, 8:51
I was feeling great, and dropping my pace felt easy. My nerves were finally calming, and I was settling into pace. The 8:40's felt easy but I decided to pull back and hold at 8:50's-9 to be conservative. I had many more miles ahead of me and I became intimidated by that fact, I doubted my fitness, so I slowed my pace...

Looking back today, and knowing how great I felt the whole race, I should have pushed my pace just a little to have kept it at 8:40's zone. (Next race!) That being said I am very happy with my race, my pace, how I felt and my time!

Miles 13-19
8:48, 9:04, 8:55, 9:08, 8:57, 9:05, 9:02
The crowds here were electrifying, there were so many people around, it was great! Here is where I got to see my boyfriend for the 1st time too, since the start.
I also met up with Capital Area Runner's Coach, George, at about mile 13- he had Gatorade ready for me to grab.
He ran up beside me, and as I was filling my hand held with Gatorade, he was giving me race pointers/advice. It was so great to see him and hear encouraging words, and I am so thankful for the Gatorade hand off!

Side note: At mile 17ish a man collapsed, I mean just fell to the ground, fainted. Five runners ran to his aid, and the remaining of us started to yell, " medic, medic!" The marathon is a beast...I hope he is okay today.

Miles 20-26.2
9:21, 8:59, 9:32, 9:26, 9:12, 9:41, 8:57, 7:46(0.2)
The last 10k was getting HOT! The cloud cover had disappeared, dam! Mile 20 was my first walk, just briefly, and really this was more of a mental thing than a physical- I felt fine, I was just cautious.

Per Coach's order, I had drank at each and every water aid station. I also had my hand held, and drank every time I thought about it. I was cautious to not dehydrate. I was determined to remain hydrated for the whole run! (Pee color report post 26.2 miles: it was mostly clear. Hydration goal met! TMI? Sorry...)

Mile 24 was my hardest mile- no trees, hot, I began to mentally hit "the wall", I walked here a bit too. (ughe!) I actually began to give up on my sub 4 hour goal and changed it to a just finish goal-dam you sun!

Soon after I became okay wit this new goal, I spotted my boyfriend running on my right! He tells me now he yelled encouraging words to me, but I couldn't hear him, (I had pumped up my music so loud at this point just to drown out my heavy breathing) so I just responded "can't talk"! (HA!) My boyfriend, while not realizing it was exactly what I needed to get out of my just finish goal funk and back into my sub 4 hour goal; it was such a relief to see him!

Another great fact, my boyfriend having nice fresh legs, was also running a faster pace than me; so without him realizing it, not only was he a mental pick me up, but he was pacing me! My pace picked up and mile 25, 26 to 0.2 felt strong and fast, all thanks to his pace push!

Crossing a finish line has never felt so amazing, I have been waiting for this feeling since October 2010! I was all smiles!! (and a few happy tears).