Thursday, July 5, 2012

Training week #3


Miles this week: 26 miles 

Monday 7/2- REST DAY

Tuesday 7/3- 4 miles
Easy paced. Stretching and abs after.

Wednesday 7/4- 7 miles
Freedom 4 mile race. 2 mile warm up. 4 mile race- 7:44, 7:42, 7:33, 7:59. 1 mile cool down.
The race had a large hill in the last mile- basically we went from the lowest point of the park to the highest point. I used my hill training from Capital Area Runners, dug deep, and finished strong....but my pace still slowed on that last mile. O well. I am still very happy with the race, in that I felt great and strong the whole 4 miles. (Even on the hill) It's no PR, but it's a mental victory and a confidence boosting run. I did also end up with 3rd place in my age group! (31:22)

Thursday 7/5- 0.6 mile swim
Easy free, pulls, and kicks. Stretching and abs after.

Friday 7/6- My birthday! 5 miles
Easy run w/ x3 accelerations to open the legs

Saturday 7/7- REST DAY (assigned) 
Recovery weeks are a definite challenge for this type A-OCD "need hard work outs/high mile weeks"athlete. I feel antsy!

The next 3 weeks will be a great challenge with my workouts, and I look forward to it!! :)

Sunday 7/8- 9.6 miles
Easy 3 mile warm up and stretching to loosen legs before beginning prescribed 5 miles at 8:20 average pace.
Prescribed 5 miles: (1)8:08 (2)8:01 (checked Garmin;slowed pace) (3)8:13, (4) 8:08(checked Garmin; slowed pace) (5) 8:12. Average of 8:09 pace. Below prescribed pace. My pace drops when I am not watching my Garmin. I actually feel very relaxed at an 8's pace (like I used to at 8:30's) when I am not monitoring my Garmin, my pace drops, but all the while I actually think I'm around 8:20 pace.
Easy 1.6 mile to car due to not well planning on my part; I thought I would hit 5 miles about half mile from my car.

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