Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Training Week #2

Training log for week 6/25/12- 7/1/12

Total running miles this week: 37.43

Monday 6/25- 
1000 meter swim. Abs and stretching after workout. 

Tuesday 6/26- 9.2 miles 
Interval workout. 
2 mile warm up
4 x 800 (4:00, 3:39, 3:28, 3:26) 1x1600 (6:54) with easy 800's between each.
2 mile cool down

Wednesday 6/27- 5.62 miles
Easy paced recovery run. Abs and stretching after.

Thursday 6/28- 8 miles
Tempo run completed on the treadmill.
2 mile warm up
3 mile tempo (8:02, 7:44, 7:32)
easy 800
1 mile tempo (7:28)
1.5 mile cool down
Abs and stretching followed.

Friday 6/29- REST DAY
I met my new coach Felicia Gomez today, from Pinnacle Training Systems- she is amazing!
( http://www.pinnacletrainingsystems.com/ ) I am excited for my new program, and hope for the best marathon time from it! (Fingers crossed) Essentially the training program is to help increase my lactate threshold by holding a maximal steady-state pace during runs and decreasing my recovery time between intervals during the interval workouts. (*Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) has been viewed as the key component to success in prolonged exercise activities) 

Saturday 7/1- 9 mile long run at prescribed pace of 8:20 average
8:28, 8:24, 8:09, 8:09, 8:03, 8:10, 8:05, 8:04, 8:11- avg 8:11 pace- I felt great, the pace felt easy. After my 2nd mile, I settled into runnning and decided I wouldn't constantly watch my Garmin to make sure I stayed ~ 8:20 pace. I just went by feel. Needless to say I ended up running under my prescribed pace, but the pace felt easy, and I naturally kept this pace - so both myself and my coach are happy. Stretching after.

Sunday 7/2- 5.63 miles 
Easy recovery run with Sierra Express running club. I was a little worried I would feel Sunday's quicker paced run on Saturday, but I really didn't; my legs felt fine. Stretching after.

Week 7/2-7/8 is a prescribed recovery week. I hope I don't go insane from the lower miles this week!


  1. Great week! Yes, stop looking at that watch!!! :)

    1. hehe, trying to cutthat habit ;) ...thank you!