Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 5)

First, last blog I mentioned I wanted to start to clean up my diet, so I have scheduled an appointment, next Friday, with a nutritionist. I want to drop the weight correctly=having enough energy to run/train, while still dropping 5-10lbs, so I have decided to meet with a professional. The goal is to drop to my happy 127lbs. The alcohol consumption, unfortunately, will not stop until Jan 1st. I have too many Christmas gatherings to try and stop that this month. I have decided to keep it to red wine only, 2 glasses, and I am avoiding beer and sugary drinks.(both empty calories) I figure, if I am going to continue drinking, drink the "healthier" of the liquor family:

Red Wine - Heart Health Benefits?

I definitely did not meet my "pool run more" goal for the week, in fact, I did not at all. (oopsie!) Tis the season for holiday parties, like I mentioned earlier, so I haven't had the time to actually make it to the pool, in fact my 2 hour workout days, dipped to just 1-1 1/2 hours this week. O well, it is December....However, I did up my land miles this week, so I think that is a fair trade. :)

Total land miles: 18
(total land miles last week: 13)
total pool miles: 0
(total pool miles last week: 7)
total miles: 18

I also went into body pump this week with a new "increase my weight" goal.
Squats: I upped from 15 lbs on bar to 25 lbs on the bar
Chest: 20lbs on bar to 30lbs on bar
Back:25lbs on bar to 35 lbs on bar
Triceps: 15lbs to 20lbs
Biceps: 10lbs to 15 lbs (this is my least favorite muscle to work, and it shows)
Lunges: I have been working on balance strength with my right ankle, first. This week was the 1st time I added weight to the lunge exercise, as I am holding my balance much better. Upped from 0-10lbs.
Shoulders: I use hand weights for this track, not the bar: upped from 8lb hand wts to 10lb hand weights for the over head presses, and deltoids, 8lbs for side raises.
What I have found out, is I can totally lift this weight! I was definitely holding at a happy place for quite awhile, not challenging my muscles, but maintaining instead.

I also ran outside for the 1st time since the injury today! (11weeks post injury) It was great, but boy, I am out of running shape! My pace varied to much, and I was huffing and puffing from mile 2-6,and legs felt weak...but it's just the first time back, this will get better with time and training.
The ankle is feeling great! No pain, and no discomfort; about 70% back to normal, I would say. I actually go long moments now, throughout the days, not thinking about or feeling the ankle; that makes me a very happy runner.

Week 12/5-12/11

AM: Rest
PM: elliptical x1 hour
Body Pump x1hr ( 1st class at increased weight)

Rest (office party)

AM: Ran 6 miles ( start 10 minute pace, drop 910 pace)
PM:Body pump x1 hour (2nd class increased weight)

PM: active recovery: elliptical x1hour

AM: 6 miles ( start 10:20, dropped 9:50)
PM: CAR Holiday Party


AM: 6 miles (avg pace 9:50) outside run....much, much harder than a treadmill run :)
Body pump x1 hour (3rd class at increased weight)

Good luck to everyone running JATW 10K Sunday! :)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 4)

I have officially added running to my regimen(!!!) and ankle is feeling fine. It is a little achy today, but it is also freezing outside, so I'm not sure if it was the running or the cold weather or a combo of any case, I won't run today (Sunday) or on Monday and I'll take it back to the elliptical for the next couple days. I'm far from being discouraged, I'm only at 10 weeks post break, and I know I am way ahead of the running schedule, so these "aches" are to be expected.
I did less pool time this week, and not on purpose. Tis the season for holiday happy hours and less time to work out. I do want to keep at least 2 days in the pool a week; I'm hoping to add, next week, more pool days back into my routine....but I have a holiday party this Monday and the CAR happy hour on Thursday, so this maybe difficult. :)
Other note: I need to start to clean up my diet, being injured/holiday season, I have let it lax....5 lbs later, yikes, I need to cease this pattern, and get back into shape! ( except for Christmas day>I'll eat whatever)

Week of 11/28-12/4


AM:Body Pump x1 hr
PM: Spin x1 hour

AM: 4 mile run ( started 11 min pace and dropped to 1015 pace)
PM: Hot Yoga

PM:pool running x1 hour 15mins (~ 7 miles in pool)

PM: Margaritas :)

AM:Body Pump x1 hour
PM: 4 mile run x1 hour total tread mill (ended with a cool down walk) started 1045 pace dropped to a 10 min pace

AM:5 mile run ( again x1 hour treadmill, including cool down walk) started 10:45 pace and dropped to a 930 pace.
3o minutes on eliptical and abs

Total land miles: 13
(total land miles last week: 3)
total pool miles: 7
(total pool miles last week: 15)
total miles together: 20
(total miles last week: 18)

I hope everyone is staying warm! Winter is definitely here!