Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 5)

First, last blog I mentioned I wanted to start to clean up my diet, so I have scheduled an appointment, next Friday, with a nutritionist. I want to drop the weight correctly=having enough energy to run/train, while still dropping 5-10lbs, so I have decided to meet with a professional. The goal is to drop to my happy 127lbs. The alcohol consumption, unfortunately, will not stop until Jan 1st. I have too many Christmas gatherings to try and stop that this month. I have decided to keep it to red wine only, 2 glasses, and I am avoiding beer and sugary drinks.(both empty calories) I figure, if I am going to continue drinking, drink the "healthier" of the liquor family:

Red Wine - Heart Health Benefits?

I definitely did not meet my "pool run more" goal for the week, in fact, I did not at all. (oopsie!) Tis the season for holiday parties, like I mentioned earlier, so I haven't had the time to actually make it to the pool, in fact my 2 hour workout days, dipped to just 1-1 1/2 hours this week. O well, it is December....However, I did up my land miles this week, so I think that is a fair trade. :)

Total land miles: 18
(total land miles last week: 13)
total pool miles: 0
(total pool miles last week: 7)
total miles: 18

I also went into body pump this week with a new "increase my weight" goal.
Squats: I upped from 15 lbs on bar to 25 lbs on the bar
Chest: 20lbs on bar to 30lbs on bar
Back:25lbs on bar to 35 lbs on bar
Triceps: 15lbs to 20lbs
Biceps: 10lbs to 15 lbs (this is my least favorite muscle to work, and it shows)
Lunges: I have been working on balance strength with my right ankle, first. This week was the 1st time I added weight to the lunge exercise, as I am holding my balance much better. Upped from 0-10lbs.
Shoulders: I use hand weights for this track, not the bar: upped from 8lb hand wts to 10lb hand weights for the over head presses, and deltoids, 8lbs for side raises.
What I have found out, is I can totally lift this weight! I was definitely holding at a happy place for quite awhile, not challenging my muscles, but maintaining instead.

I also ran outside for the 1st time since the injury today! (11weeks post injury) It was great, but boy, I am out of running shape! My pace varied to much, and I was huffing and puffing from mile 2-6,and legs felt weak...but it's just the first time back, this will get better with time and training.
The ankle is feeling great! No pain, and no discomfort; about 70% back to normal, I would say. I actually go long moments now, throughout the days, not thinking about or feeling the ankle; that makes me a very happy runner.

Week 12/5-12/11

AM: Rest
PM: elliptical x1 hour
Body Pump x1hr ( 1st class at increased weight)

Rest (office party)

AM: Ran 6 miles ( start 10 minute pace, drop 910 pace)
PM:Body pump x1 hour (2nd class increased weight)

PM: active recovery: elliptical x1hour

AM: 6 miles ( start 10:20, dropped 9:50)
PM: CAR Holiday Party


AM: 6 miles (avg pace 9:50) outside run....much, much harder than a treadmill run :)
Body pump x1 hour (3rd class at increased weight)

Good luck to everyone running JATW 10K Sunday! :)


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  1. Great to see you are running again! See you back at practice soon ;)