Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ankle Confidence! (An amazing run)

I set out today with a goal of 3 miles, because it was looking icky outside, and I had ran 6 miles yesterday. I piled on the layers: 2 long sleeve tops, my MCM jacket to block the rain, my new CWX tights, a hat, and a beanie over the hat. (Oh ya, and gloves) I was ready to face the cold!...but as I walked outside, it didn't feel that cold to me; so off I went!
As I began my run today, immediately I noticed that my confidence in the ankle was much better today. :)

Quick topic change:
The issue with the ankle now, is not so much physical, but in building confidence in it. I find myself sometimes wanting to hold back, "baby it", but I do not need to be. It' s stronger ( but still not at pre-break strength), it no longer aches, and I'm also about 3 months post injury, which means (according to the medical professionals) I can return back to normal activity; bone is healed.

Ok, back to the run:
The 1st mile felt good, so good in fact, I rerouted my 3 mile planned loop and edited my run to do my old 4 1/2 mile loop instead.
This was my second outside run, and I felt great! I also went sans Garmin (dead battery), and I definitely had a much more relaxd/fun run in lieu of it.

I know I started around an easy 10 minute pace, and by the 2nd mile, since I was feeling so great, I dropped pace.( I must have been in the 9:40-45ish time range, it felt that way at least) The 3rd mile, I played the "I want to catch up and pass that girl runner in front of me game", so I did! (LOL) I dropped pace even more, and probably dropped to the hi 8:X pace ( I'm guessing around 8:45ish) and actually after I passed her (in my own personal head race) I decided to hold that pace for 1 I did. :)
The last mile and a half my pace slowly slowed from probably around low 9's to hi 9's pace...but I felt amazing this run! :)

The rain was fun!....and ankle, what ankle, it felt great!
I got what I wanted for Christmas; running. :)

*paces above are estimated by feel.


  1. Yay! This sounds like a great run, and you should go out sans garmin more often!

  2. what a great christmas present indeed!!