Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week in review: (Rehabbing wk 6)

I'm not one to push a product, but I have too with the 'Mizuno Breath Thermo' Body Warming really works! (I am in no way payed by Mizuno to endorse this product)
I set out today (Sunday) for an easy 3 miler, and my toes were never cold, not once; nor did they over heat. (Which I was a little worried about) ...My toes, since I have lived out East, no matter how thick the sock, are always cold at start, and take about 4-5 miles to finally warm. (no kidding) Today's run, no cold toes, not even for a second....I'm sold(!!) and definitely recommend this product to my running amigos(as).
Down side: They are a little pricey, ($20.00 for A pair of socks), but they truly work. I'm definitely saving, and buying 2 more pairs socks, and a hat. (I also had the gloves, and after I generated some heat, I could feel the gloves start to warm.)

I'm a total cold weather wimp, this product will definitely help me be a bit braver with heading out into the cold...


Week 12/12-12/18

AM:Work (blah)
PM: 4.5 miles run (see previous blog:) outside run

AM:*Body Pump x1 hour
PM:Elliptical x50 minutes


AM: 5.6 mile run (treadmill)
PM: *Body Pump X1 hour

PM: 5k tempo. total: 4.5 miles. 1 mile w/u. 5k tempo.(8:30, 8:27, 8:20) 1/2 mile c/d. (treadmill)

AM:Rested again...oops!

AM: Long run with CAR! (outside) 9.8 miles
While I am trying not to look at my Garmin during my runs right now, I did check it out a couple times during Saturdays run. One was when I was huffing and puffing to keep up with Steph, and so thought we were just running a 9:30; but when I looked we were running a 8:45! Cool. (Then we hit a snow filled Haines Point, Steph took off, and I stayed back at a ~9 min pace, nervous of falling)
The next time I peaked, was about mile 7, I took a gander( because I was feeling a little fast:) and it was averaging 8:14, which I decided to try and hold for a mile...and did. After which I dropped to ~8:45 at mile 8, and really slowed the last 1.8 miles in, due to stopping, and walking through the icy/snowy parts heading back to TR island...Yep, I definitely have a phobia of falling. (I'm working on it)

*Body Pump still at increased weight

Total miles this week: 24 miles
Total miles last week: 18 miles

Merry Christmas everyone!

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