Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Tempo

The weather was perfect out, high 50's, little wind, cloud cover; I had to run today. (Christmas Day)...So I made my way to the Clovis West High School track and ran a tempo run :)
I had originally planned only a 2 mile tempo; as I approached the 8th lap, I noticed I still felt full of energy and my legs strong, so I proceeded to extended my workout 1.1 more miles.....
According to my Garmin:

1 mile warm up 10 minute average pace.

5k tempo:
Mile 1: 8:08 pace average (felt great)

Mile 2: 8:05 pace average (still felt great)

Mile 3: 8:03 pace average

1 mile cool down @ 10 minute pace

Total miles :5

Not exactly "start slow-finish fast" more like " just consistent"...whoops! Still, the work out did feel good, and I am happy about that.:)

Now, it's time to eat! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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