Monday, October 4, 2010

100 push-up challenge and 200 sit up challenge

So Push ups are going great! Along wih the every other day trip to WSC to take advantage of their hand bike x1 hour. My upper body is gonna rock in 4-6 weeks!

As I was planning this week out, what do I see on the left panel of the 100 push up challenge, but the 200 sit up challenge! Hello....done! Adding that to my broken ankle regimen.

x1 hour hand bike
push ups: 63 total, modified. x5 sets
sit-ups: 67 x5 sets ( along with oblique and lower ab work)

no hand bike
push ups: modified x 5 sets. 71
sit-ups: 81 ( oblique and lower ab work added)

hand bikex1 hr
push ups: 81
sit ups:87 ( oblique and lower ab work added)

Sunday rest


  1. Isn't the hand bike such a great workout?

  2. yes! My upper back and arms are feeling it today, esp with the push ups.
    it gets me sweating, so thats good. :) ( not the sweat I love, tons, but Im seating, so I'll take it! ;)

  3. hey just thinking about you - how are the push-ups going? I seriously can't even do 15 of them!