Monday, October 4, 2010


So I'm planning my 2011 season during this time that I am side lined from running. Planning is what is helping me get through the low/down moments. ( along with my many amazing friends:)
I do think this will get easier once marathon season is over (I see my fellow G2B ppl finish under 3:40 )and this cast is off!

Anyhow so far my 2011 looks as so: ( tentative)

St. Patty's 8k-March
National half-Match ( anticipating a slower time, but you never know)
Crystal City 5ks-April
GW Parkway-Late April
Pacer's half marathon or another local half marathon race. (aiming to break my PR 1:46:17) May
San Diego RnR marathon ( returning to where my love for the marathon began) June
2010 training plan was aimed to PR. It was adjusted to 3:40 training once I saw how my running was shaping out.
Next year, I'm upping my goal, or should I say downing it; I am training towards a 3:30 marathon. This injury is the drive, and it has certainly made my determination shoot up 1000%. Watch out 2011!!
A 4th July race
Philly half or Disneyland Half marathon( or where ever CAR goes for a team race)
Chicago marathon ( will just run and not worry so much about time, just have to do this one)

Of course this is all tentative, and more will be added/subtracted as I go. :)


  1. yes Disney!! Do it!! Keep thinking forward, this will all be over soon!

  2. Ya! Im pretty sure it will be Disney! I wanted to do it 4 yrs ago, and missed it do to an injured IT. So 2011 is the year of completing races that I havent d/t injuries! :P

    here's hoping! :)