Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At home work-out plan

Well, I def can't just sit around and let ALL my muscles I'm planning to maintain an upper body,(and as much as I can lower body) regimen, until I get into a walking cast. Then it's body pump time...but until then my plan is keep things toned, and strong.

(9/28) I did x1 hour toning exercises. I began with with 6 minutes of abs to warm-up. Followed by the '100 push up' regimen. I did 45 total, modified, with 60 second rest between each. During these 60 seconds, I did lower back 'sit-ups'.
Following the push-up/lower back work, I did more ab work. Followed by bicep and tricep work with my weights. Ending with inner/outer thigh work, and hamstrings on both leg. My goal, is to only have to rehab from the knee down on the affected leg.
I did note, however, this was probably too much time with the leg down. ( toes looked a bit swollen) So the new plan is to to do the exercises in pieces, allowing elevation foot, this will give me things to do throughout the day!

(9/29) I did a 6 minute ab warm-up, followed by the 100 push up challenge. Again, 5 sets, with 60 seconds lower back work between. Today's total was 50 modified push-ups total. I am hoping, that by the time I get the cast off, I can do real X amount push-ups daily, easily. :)
I plan to do more abs this afternoon. ( obliques, and lower)

As soon as I can find away to get myself places, I am getting myself to WSC to do the handle-cycle while I re-hab, to get my sweat on!
Like Beth said...I better start shopping for my sleeveless Christmas dress to show off my guns! :)


  1. I can't wait to see the guns!! I'm sorry again that you are going through this. I had a stress fracture in my tibia and was casted in 2001. I had a stick shift, so I was stuck at home too. I didn't do jack, except overload on Jerry Springer. Sounds like you will have an easier come back then I did! ;) Chin up, this will all be a bad dream this time next year!

  2. Thank girl :)

    I'm hoping, and praying it will be a 4 week deal in a cast, then just rehab like crazy. Sucks, bc Im a planner, and would love to be planning races while down, but too much is up in the air to plan...sigh. Def can't wait to look back at this as a nightmare!
    Day TV sucks, btw! lol...

    I hope you're feeling better!

  3. Good for you T! I love the 100 push-up challenge. I started it a couple years ago...and got up to doing like 50+ in a row, and over 100 total per night! (Right now I can probably do 3, ha ha). It sounds like your attitude is in the right place...keep up the good work! :) Do you have netflix?? Brett and I watch shows on netflix "watch it now" all the time when we are bored....check it out... a month subscription may be worth it while you're stuck at home. Favorite shows I recently watched are VERONICA MARS (i know it sounds silly), and 24. :) Good luck!

  4. Kmoe! I'm trying to keep the right attitude, I slip up time to time and get sad, but try not too be there long. :)
    Great idea about netflix!

  5. This is awesome! There are so many times when we have to neglect the upper body in favor of more miles. You're going to be jacked by the time this is all done!

  6. great idea - i raided the sports authority for exercise stuff when i was injured. It can be a fun change of routine for awhile. I'm already impressed with the number of push-ups! Just think how many you'll be able to do if you keep it up.

  7. Ya, Im actually researchng on getting a portable handcycle, with resisitane, fothe days I cant go to WSC. :)
    for the record, these push ups are on my knees:) I cant wait to see how many real ones I can do when this torture devise is removed! :P
    good work last night! ( read ur blog):)

  8. great work out. Cant ignore that upper body.