Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Sur race report

Well that race is hilly! I found out today that yep, still have a long way to go with my strength; the left butt is still so much weaker than the right from my earlier in the year butt issue. (My trainer LAQ said we'll work on more one legged strength exercises, yyessss! I need it)
Anyhow, here's the race report:
I definitely tapered perfectly! My legs were so bouncy and fresh, and I had so much energy! When I feel over carbed, under workout, full of energy, and lite/springy legs, I know I tapered right! I slept well and hydrated well too. So the issue lies with my lack of strength, still- but I'm not discouraged, I'll get there!
Miles 1-4
About a couple weeks ago, I emailed Coach George about his recommended start pace for me; he recommended to start about 8:15's since the elevation chart showed most hills in the first four miles- so I did my best to start here:
8:13, 8:12, 8:10, 8:16
I felt so good, I was smiling and felt so springy! I had a feeling this was my day....
That mile 4 has quite the everlasting climb, which caused my breathing to get quite labored- so I slowed my pace a bit to conserve energy. This hill just kept going... Or it just seemed that way to me because I hate hills! It was quite the incline, wowzers! (Like the hill at about mile 4/5 in the San Fran 1st half, it just keeps going...)
Miles 5,6,7
Further recommendation was to start to drop pace after the hilly mile 4; to start to get serious about the race, so I did-
7:48, 7:56, 8:02- I was feeling fine, falling back into my rhythm post mile 4 mountain;)
7:50-8's are my current happy spot/pace in running, it just feels perfect to me. I like to settle here...
Miles 8,9,10
8:18, 8:15, 8:22
Where did these hills come from?! WTF! I totally do not remember these many rolling hills on the course! Up, up, down, down, up, down, more up, did I forget about these?! I was not mentally prepared. It is the same course as it always have been since I first ran this race in 2004 and 2007. I'm convinced I forgot about these hills (and the pain from them) like women forget the pain of labor- then we are silly enough to do it again, only to remember, oh ya, it hurts!
My quads were starting to tire quickly, and my weak left butt was also starting to scream "weak and tired!!"
Miles 11,12,13.1
9:16, 8:17, 9:00 (8:29-0.1)
Ya, these times speak for themselves- I blew up, ka-boom! My quads screaming, my left butt hollaring "overused!!" I fought hard both
physically and mentally not too stop, I didn't want to quit despite my screaming, tired legs!
I have never felt my legs so used- truth. Wowzers!

Finish was 1:50:27. Only one split was recorded at mile 8- 1:03:56 avg pace at that point 7:56.
*We ran through a pretty long tunnel, which I'm sure threw my Garmin times slightly off...

Moral of the story- I have a lot work to do on leg strength! (Hill workouts start in Decemeber, plus strength training..)
OR pick flat courses ;)

Despite the above, this race is my ultimate favorite, and I plan to do it next year! I had fun, and I'm in love with the views!!

Until my next race... Jingle all the way 8K

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  1. It's good you had the opportunity to go to CA and do your favorite race. I often don't do well at my favorite races, but I still enjoy them. Here come the hills!