Sunday, March 13, 2011

training log: 3/13-3/19

Total pool "miles": 26
total land miles: 2
total miles: 28

body pumpx1hr
butt and inner thigh work
pool run x45 mins
50m pool run not belt
15 mins swimming

.75 running....nope, not ready :(
Pity Party shortly after
x1 hour pool running ( 50m no belt)
but strengthening exercises/abs

Body Pump
hamstring work/abs
no pain with walking today :)

American Odyssey Relay meeting with team mates
1st apt at Capitol Rehab and x1 hour deep tissue massage
Day 2 of not pain with walking.... :)

Okay, so I have had no pain x3 days now, so I decided to do a test "drive". I laced up my Mizuno's and made my way outside...and my butt let me jogged 8 minutes, no pain! Woo hoo! I stopped and walked for 5 minutes because I didn't want to press my luck. After the 5 mins walking I turned around and jogged back to my apartment. Hey, it's only 20 minutes, but it 20 minutes more than yesterday!
I then made my way to the pool to tempo/swim.

Tempo in pool: 35 minutes
5 min warm up
20 minute tempo- "running" at a faster pace. This is definitely work! I was actually feeling warm, and breaking a sweat!
Cool down 5 mins
100 m pool running NO BELT! :)
5 minutes swimming....then my stomach started to rumble, so I left to eat. :)

Bridges for butt strength. Inner outer thigh strengthening exercises.

20 mimute jog. Butt felt OK, still some muscle tightness by the tail bone, but nothing hurt... and this is the furthest it has let me run in 3 weeks; I love progress!
40 minute walk outside in this gorgeous weather!!

2 hour pool run
upper body weights/abs


  1. I love how you count everything as training.

    Happy Hour
    Pity Party

    That way you're always over-training.

    Get over the PP! ;) Hope you are feeling better today!

  2. Thank you! No PP today :) and my butt even felt good today! I start PT tomorrow!

    EVERYTHING does count as training!! haha

  3. ^^^ In that case, Imma log "sleep" as training, too. lol