Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 3/5-3/11

I totally missed posting last, plus catching up at work, plus catching up at home, meant no time to log my training.

I have been trying to fight off a tight lower left back (I can feel the knots) that has also migrated down to my left booty cheek.
Not sure what happened exactly; it was last Sunday post 12 mile hilly run. I felt great the whole run, nothing ached, and really, I could have kept going, it was one of those awesome runs. On my way to my car, post long run, my lower back just decided to lock up, and wow, did that hurt!! Literally ,stepped down the curb to cross the cross walk, and *kink!!! I spent the rest of the afternoon on my stomach, icing and heating; I could barely walk.
Fast forward a week full of icing, heating, epsom salt soaks, ice baths, foam rolling ,and massage...the tightness is still there. (The only thing I haven't done is PT, but my co pay is 120...I can't afford this right now) I am meeting with a trainer tomorrow to assess me, and let me know what he thinks I should focus on and train more, to help prevent these silly injuries.
I can at least spin, and can also do weights, even squats and lunges. It is walking and running where I have the issue/discomfort. I feel like I am 80 years old; I havent had a back issue since I was 17! (from dance...I had to have PT for 90 days) Anyhow, at least I can work out, and I'll get back to running when I am healthy.
I have new game plan to race the HALF marathon in San Diego in June, and race the Steam Town Marathon in October 2011. I have no reason to stress much right now about not running. Last year at this time I had a strained left quad, and couldn't run for 4 weeks, and still, I had a kick ass season, and ran a 10 miler PR (1:20) just after I'm not stressing much. I also plan to approach the National Half Marathon as a long run only, no PR's to attempt here.

Below is my week so far:
AM: Spin x 1 hour/abs
Body pump x1 hour
foam roller/ice bath

Run x1 mile ( eh, not ready yet)
walk the mile back home
foam roller, ice
PM: Spin x 1 hour

AM: Pool run # Fail. My body just doesn't want to get out of a nice cozy bed early anymore...sigh
PM: meeting with a personal trainer x1 hour. He had me work on the smaller movementsl then movements that work those little muscles that just dont get work as a runner, or even with classes like body pump. I plan to do these moves at least once a week. I would like to train with him at least once a week, but like everything, I'm not sure I can afford it. *sigh

PM: Eliptical x50 minutes
Body pump
foam roll

pure laziness. Rest day.



3 mile walk
35 min pool run, couple mins no belt
20 min swim/200m kick board

body pump
swim/pool run

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  1. Yikes! Hope your back feels better soon!!! That is crazy, get better, you need to have a good healthy season!