Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 2/6-2/12

Sunday: x1 week on SuperCissus. It says it takes about 2 weeks to build in your system, here's hoping it does! What I have read and heard about, it's supposed to amazing for joints, and muscles. Will keep you posted.
AM: work :(
PM: 6.5 mile run
I felt a slight tightness to the mid-inner right shin area, as I started, but as I warmed up it subsided. Both legs felt fine (though slightly fatigued from yesterdays spin/body pump combo) a very few times, I felt a tinge on my right shin, where I described earlier; but all in all, run felt good, the day was beautiful, shin pain has definitely decreased and is definitely feeling like it is on the healing side of things. I plan to increase my running slowly back up, by alternating my days I run, and keeping the miles low...for now :)

I really don't know what has been wrong last 3-4 days; my body has just been so tired and fatigued. I am eating balanced (except for last night, I had chips and salsa for dinner) I am feeling like I used to working the night shift; just exhausted. Whatever it is, hope it passes soon....knowing my body, I'm going to hit that proverbial "wall", and just sleep for 24 hours. (which I did a few time last marathon season)

AM: Body Pumpx1hour (Success, I woke up early!) R shin is quiet today; post 6. 5 mile run yesterday, the silence is great!
PM: Spinx1 hour
foam roller

PM: track- 4.5 miles total
WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!!! I felt strong, I felt amazing, I felt no where near tired, I felt like the old me!!!...Can you tell I'm on a runners higher currently?!
It was freezing, and the wind was crazy...but it was my best run since pre-break. Shin is good! Met a new pace partner, and she was awesome to run with...
1 mile warm up
1x2000 ~9:35
1x800 easy
1x1600 7:13
1x600 easy
1x1200 (watch was off)
1x400 easy
1x800 (watch off)
brief cool down...then ran into my warm car!

PM: Pool Runx1 hr (6miles)

AM: 4 mile easy run during lunch break
PM: body pump x1 hr
foam roller
Body feels great this week! I think this has to do with 2 things:
1. training smarter
2. Super cissus
LTRYW is Sunday; plan to just go with how I feel....

Resy day

AM: x1 hour massage!!
Packet pick up for LTRYW
easy 3 mile run

total miles: 24
land: 18
pool: 6

One of my BEST weeks since pre-injury. Body was quiet, no protesting. Thanks for everyone, who a month ago, talked to me and said to basically "calm down, and train smart!!" Tough love, but definitely needed. My running is much happier and stronger since I stopped stressing, and focused on being smart (and relaxed about training) Love my friends, and running club. :)


  1. Hmm, I take liquid glucosomene and love it, but Tim is allergic to shell fish and cant't take it. I may get him some of this, let me know how it works and what it does to you stomach!! I'm interested in hearing more!

  2. Def will! Anna Russel told me about this, and I went home and did some research that same night, and it has great reviews, along with a few awards.... I'm exactly one wk in, so we'll see. (I used to do glucosomene as well)....I can tell you I have a super sensistive stomach, and GERD, and so far supercissus has NOT cuased any tummy issues.I should start to feel something some, I'll let you know if I do:)