Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 1/30-2/5

AM:Pool Run x70 minutes (~7 miles)
PM: Body Pump x 1 hour
10 minutes on stair stepper
I'm really tired and dehydrated, I cut the workout short, and came home to rest.
Shin exercises (walk around on heals, toes up)
Calf raises ( toes forward, out and in)

AM: easy 5 mile run
PM:Spin x 1hour

PM: 7 mile run easy 10 min/mile start only dropped to 9 mins pace last few miles. Felt good, R shin had a mild tinge to it, but definitely much less than last week; of course I continue to ice and heat both legs. Glad the rain held off, and hope the track is clear for Thursday Tempo.

PM: Body Pump

Rest day...
and re-evaluating my major 2011 race plan. I have pretty much decided I want to aim for Steam town 2011, and I believe I am okay with not re-attempting Chicago this year. (maybe another year:) Chicago was probably cursed anyhow; my ex paid for Chicago last year, and well; we all know how the relationship and the race ended-unsuccessful. With that in mind, I decided to try for a smaller, quicker marathon in hopes to get my BQ, with no bad memories attached. :) That being said, I may down grade San Diego to just the half marathon, so...
1.I can just focus on training hard for ST 2011.
2. I have been fighting a shin splint in my R leg. Some days I feel it, some days it's better;, and I don't feel it at all...frustrating! (currently sitting with ice over shin) Shin Splints make me nervous, so when I feel them, I back down instantly on running. So obviously, this week, I'm backing down, because again, my R leg is making itself apparent. So the winter training season has not been successful with running-but it has been with strength training and rehabbing the ankle. (and learning to let go of my type A issue I got caught up in earlier in January.)
3. When I planned for San Diego I was in a cast, and dreaming of running 50+ miles a week I think I was too quick to decide; but I can still get a vacation from it,and a long run. (and who knows. maybe I'll still run the full; we'll see)

Rehabbing from a major injury is an emotional roller coaster....

AM: Very tired today. A long week as work has definitely wore me out.
PM: starimill x 30 minutes
elliptical x 50 mins
Good news, R shin feels fine today; I didn't feel anything day. I still will give the shin a full weeks rest-I'll attempt to see how is feels on Monday or Tuesday with a small easy run.

AM:Spin x1 hour ( the instructor rocked; I had pool sweat on the bike and floor!)
Body Pump x 1 hour
foam roller
Work out was tough, body feels tired, but in a good way! I used to do this Spin/Body pump combo every Saturday...I remember why I liked it, it kicks booty!
Shin is feeling fine, I used the foam roller on it at the gym. Still will take a couple more days of "taking it easy" to ensure recovery/healing. Time to eat and nap!


  1. it sounds like you are being smart about recovering from your injury and your goals...and ST is a great race!!! tons of luck for continued healing your way, babes!

  2. thanks chica! same to you!!! I can't wait to be back at every CAR workout!:)