Saturday, January 22, 2011

week 1/23-1/29

AM:Pool running x 90 mins (~9 pool miles)
PM: Body pumpx1 hour
abs/calf rasies

PM: PT-Well, what can I say. I only met the PT for 5 minutes, and she walked off and I never saw her for the rest of the hour. I was heated and iced (which I do daily already) and then her assistant came over with a piece paper with pictures, and a band....and we did all the same band work I've been doing. *sigh. I notified the assistant my of my issues, and what I would like to focus on, and she looked at me clueless. (not impressed) On the way out I spoke with the PT, and because she never assessed me, she states my course was to continue with the band work, and ice/heat....I do this already for free!
I've had PT twice before in my life, and I know what it should entail....I was NOT impressed with today. Unorganized, and who doesn't assess your patients....that's annoys me, especially as a nurse! So my search is on for another PT or maybe sports therapist.

4.5 HiLlY (10 min paced) run
Right front shin felt tight, so icing/stretching tonight. Otherwise, body felt great; nice easy hilly run! (PS. I'm sore from pool running!) Thank u Chistina for sharing your different strides. :)

AM:Yogax1 hour @gym
PM: Track- 6 miles total. I didn't keep time, or log it. 1. it's not of my concern right now to focus on the time too much. (Although, the 2nd half of the pyramid was definitely faster than the 1st half:) 2. My Garmin wasn't working anyhow.
1.5 mile warm up with Greg
100 easy
500 easy
800 easy
800 easy
500 easy
.50 cool down

felt good. The left shin started to act up on last 400, so this is why I cut the cool down short...It's only uphill from here. I can only get more fit and more fast. (God willing)

Good news: I'm down 2lbs! 8 more to go....

PM: Weather is ugly; rest day, ughe.

PM: Eliptical x1hour
Shins are acting up today, so crosstraining instead, along with ice/heat treatment.
Body pump x1 hour
bosu balance work
calf raises (toes in, out, straight)

AM: lunch time Spin (RPM) x45 minutes
PM: day 1 of Super Cissus. Let's see if everything I've read, and heard is true! :)
Still resting the shine; really it's the lower inner part of my right ankle. Now I'm thinking it's not shine splints, but an uber tight/weak muscle that is being stubborn. Still, I'm icing,heating, and I took x3 days off from running. I will try and see how it feels tomorrow; goal long run miles 6-8.
I really wish it hadn't of snowed so bad Wednesday, I would loved to get in 2 pool runs this week. O well, there's always next week! (hopefully)

PM: Long Run 9 miles Felt great! I stated nice and slow, and eased into a no faster pace than 9:30, but I could have run forever. I felt so comfortable. This run makes me feel secure enough to know I can run the National Half; it maybe not be a fast time, but I can definitely do the miles.
Shins were happy today, but still icing and heating to be prophylactic about the problem.

Because I rested the shins x 3 days this week from running my weekly miles were only 20, but I did did 90 minutes pool runing, so that would put my miles this week at 29 miles.

Land: 20
Pool: 9
Total: 29

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