Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 1/16-1/22

AM: Body Pump x1 hour (started class hungover;finished feeling better:)
calf raises and bosu work
PM:Stairmasterx25 minutes
No aches or stiffness today; legs are happy today. :)

AM: very easy 4 mile run (4o minutes) Legs felt good, and I didn't feel my shins; but I think this is because I kept the treadmill flat and at an easy 10 min pace. The top of the foot is feeling arthritic lately(residual from stress fracture 3 years ago, that has begun to re-flair since cast removal) After about 1/2 mile it loosens up and feels fine.
(I typically take Glucosamine to take care of the stiffness,but I think because of the weak surrounding muscles I will wil feel it for awhile, despite the glucosamine) Legs felt lighter today, and run left me feeling a bit more confident.
I did call my Orhto today and got my PT order!! I start physical therapy next Monday at 3pm....and I'm excited! :)
PM: Spinx1 (awesome workout!)

PM:calf raises/ankle/shin/plantar facsia stregthening exercises/ abs
Low key night. Weather is not helping with my motivation; so I decided to trade my rest day to today.

AM:Run5 miles@10min pace
I ran with my new compression socks...LOVE! Run was comfortable, and I had zero issues with right foot. Coincidence?!
PM: Body Pumpx1hr
calf raises x3 off step ledge (toes straight forward, turned in and in 1st position,. ( ballet talk) or toes turned out:)
stair stepperx20mins

I have started icing nightly, followed by heat for foot; really think the more consistant icing/heating is helping the foot remain happy.

PM: tempo 7 miles total
great run! Started out conservative, but this part of the new game plan....and it's working so far; legs felt great, and I am currently on a runners high...yay!
2 mile warm up
5k tempo
mile 1: 8:15
mile 2:8:01
mile 3: 7:48
Woot!! :)Perfect start slow finish fast, if I do say so myself.

2 mile cool down

PM: bad tummy=workout fail :( plus is I can't really eat, so this may help with the losing weight goal.

AM long run 8 miles
18* out, with a wind chill of 6*, but what an amazing day! I'm super stoked!! I totally just had fun, even sang along to my new play list music. Legs felt great,no stiffness or aches, nothing. (I am a big fan of compression stocking, by the way)
The last 4 miles I was definitely in my old running rythm. What a difference, I decided to relax, stop being so type A, and I've had a great running week! Relax the mind, and the body will follow. :)
Garmin history:
9:28 (m1) 9:03(m2) 9:17(m3) 9:07(m4) 8:34(m5) 7:58(m6) 7:50(m7) 7:42(m8) 9:35(last .40 to finish) WOOT!!!!!!
Sample my new running music list:

I thugged it out;)

PM: abs
ankle/calf/plantar fascia stregthening exercises

Total miles: backed off a bit, only 23 for the week, but legs are happier.

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  1. Beautiful week! Fantastic tempo!! Congrats!