Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's time to rearrange my training a bit; I'm adding more cross training/strengthening back into my routine, pool running when I can, and I am also calling my doctor tomorrow to get PT prescribed, and of course still running; sans Garmin....If I can't PR National, then I'll PR another. :)
This morning, I clicked on Dash's ( blog, and to my surprise, it was something I desperately needed to read; I was not alone. Here is an amazing runner, who at one time had felt the same way as I am currently feeling today. ( frustrations; clock watching; feeling discouraged when I'm running a slower than normal pace) Now, she is a non-Garmin watching, "fierce warrior", laid back, PR'ing runner! Noted.
I definitely needed to read this today, especially after yesterdays horrible run. What a greatly time blog. It's funny how the universe sends you signs....I hear you loud and clear universe. :)
Thank you Dash.
So, when did I get so serious and crazy about my running!? I've traded in my California laid back whatever attitude for type A New Yorker attitude, and it's doing nothing but discouraging me. I need my "eh" attitude back. (another proof, I need to move back west soon...I'm losing my California-tude;) I was once asked last racing season, prior to a race, what my game plan was, I stated I had none, I was just going to run, and go with what I felt...and I had a great 20k race!
My new goal: to return to the whatever will be will be race/run attitude; being type A is exhausting!! (perhaps my new running mantra??)
Coming back from a major injury is a hard and slow process; I am finally realizing this.Why have I been so niave about it?!
I have been active since I was a child, and used to perform and dance. (once upon a time) I've been a runner since I was 20, and racing since 2003; I am experienced.I have race triathlons and duathlons in 2005, and even joined a tri-club at my university. I have run with a few different groups, and have had a coaches back in California, and currently here out east. I have also worked with personal trainer for many years in California, and she taught me a lot about's time to show my experience. I know what to do, how to do it, and it's time to apply it and become level headed about this recovery process.

Happy training!


  1. Glad you're back, no more Happy Hours on the training schedule!! ;) hahaha! All hail the hippie runner, good times!

  2. Good for you! I'm totally with you about CA by the way.. West Coast is looking great these days. I need some sunshine and flakiness in my life! haha