Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Game Plan....

So I've been thinking, out of 4 total marathons I have signed up for, I have finished only 2, and one with a post 4 hour time, boo. The other 2 you ask, I was not able to run due to injury, *sigh. My focus this year needs to be on tackling that forever troubling marathon and marathon PR.

Time to re-group and reprioritize my goals, which is San Diego. I have had myself so stressed on getting "fast" and "fit" for the National half marathon, that I have forgotten what my MAIN goal for 2011 is; the MARATHON. (National is just a small little run in the large scheme of things) I have all year to PR the half!(<1:45)
So, I may or may not run the half in March; this will be a game time decision, really. If I do, I'm ok with it being a slower half. Actually, I'm more than ok with that. I know I can easily do the miles required for the half, speed can come at a later race. We'll see how my fitness and strength are by then...

New Game Plan:
I will back off the speed/track training for a bit, and just focus on strengthening my legs and ankle.
How you may ask:
I do plan to add hills back into the regimen instead, and continue with my stair workouts.
I am starting Physical Therapy Monday.
I also plan to continue with tempo, but plan to run those at a slower 8:30-8:45's for awhile.
Of course, I will continue to cross train like crazy....Spin, weights, yoga and I have a CAR amigo helping me strengthen my swimming...I'm excited for this!

I do not have to start seriously training for the marathon until Feb 13th, (which gives me exactly 16 weeks to train)so I'm good :)

San Diego or bust!!


  1. I think this is a good plan. Sometimes we push so hard to be fit that we forget about the healthy part :)

  2. I love the new, positive Tara! Way to re-prioritize girl! Guess who else might do San Diego??

  3. @Cristina...amen!

    @Brook...for reals!? that would rock!!! The full or half? I think I have another amiga running it too...