Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1/9-1/15

PM: body pump x1 hour
easy 4 mile run (@10 min pace)

calf raises

Tuesday: 6 miles total
Slow but only the start to my 2nd week back at track; already feeling a tad of my rhythm returning. :)
AM: track
1 mile warm up
1x1600 (7:38)
2 laps easy
1 lap easy
2 laps easy
cool down 1/2 mile

PM: Body pump x1 hour
Eliptical x35minutes
Stairmaster x20 minutes

AM: rest
PM:I can tolerate 20 degrees with little to no wind; I wimp out when windchill is a factor, so.....
Treadmill Tempo: 5 miles total
(post migraine, so took it "slower")
1 mile warm up @10 min pace
2 miles @ 8:30 pace
1/2 mile easy (10 min pace)
1 mile 8:20 pace
1/2 mile cool down (10 min pace)

PM: easy 3 miles (32 mins)

AM: Long run scratched....5 miles (only bc I had to run back home) Both shins started to ache today, like I am developing shin splints. I never have shin splints!! :( I'm just so frustrated today. Running is so awkward now(!!!); and it's not even the righ ankle that bothers me anymore. Every other thing that can go wrong, is!! Right now I'm thinking about pulling out of National half. 11 wks to go, and I'm no where near fit.
I miss the comfort I used to feel while running.

Total miles for the week: 23


  1. So Anna took me to body pump once - my shoulders got so tired on squats that I couldn't put the bar down. I had to do this sideways bend and sit or something - so embarrasing ;) Way to work the cross-training and congrats on getting into the running routine again!

  2. LOL....we all have to start somewhere :)and thanks!....u too!

  3. I love how Happy Hour makes it into your training log! :) You looked great at the track yesterday!

  4. hehe....always gotta include happy hour :) but I ended up skipping, doh!
    thanks! too! (PS. LOVE your CWX tight...cute!)

  5. Hey girl! I guess you added to this post for the rest of your week! You had a big week, don't let one bad day get you down. We're still 11 weeks away! That's plenty of time. My run today was really, really rough, this weather is no good! Keep National on your queue, just be prepared to use it as a training run if you still don't feel up to par by then. Don't back out, you'll be fine, getting through Jan and Feb are the hardest parts of training for spring races! You looked great at the track Tuesday, don't worry about one bad run.

  6. Thank you...I was drinking some yesterday, and I think it brought out my running frustrations! (wine=truth serum;p)
    It's something new in regards to this injury, 1st PF, now shin splints wanting to start up both legs ( my 9 mile goal dropped to 5, and it was painful bc of shin splints)funny thing, ankle feels great! it's everything else that is hurtong...yesterday I was running 10-1030 pace, and couldnt drop anymore. it got to me mentally, pain, plus slow pace, then memories of how my running used to be so comfy....
    thanks for the encouraging words! I'm calling my MD tomorrow to get some PT work while I train; despite what I'm doing to stregthen, I thnk still I need more....I lOVED your blog, btw, and your attitude about runs now, and I need to follow your lead.Just go out and run, and poo on the garmn and watching time.
    I am still thinking about National, but your right I could use it for distance, and try another half for time. Mentally I guess I thought I'd come back ok to running after a month or so, but my body is proving otherwise. (this is where I think PT will help)
    Thank u again!!!! I appreciate the words a TON, and you're blog. I'm sorry to hear about your run yesterday, winter training is hard!
    PS. I never knew that about Ryan Hall....fascinating!