Saturday, February 12, 2011

week 2/13-2/19

Sunday: 2 weeks on Super Cissus, and I'm in love. :)
AM: total miles 10 1h 25m total running time
3/4 mile warm up
Love the run your with 5k: 23: 41 (Garmin time) *still awaiting chip time
(1m): 8:06 min (2m): 7:19 (3m): 7:30, avg. 7:38 pace. Except for that mountain of a hill at race start, I over all felt good. Definitely not a bad time for still coming back from injury, so I am happy and proud. :)
additional 7 mile run after 5k (for long run)
(4-1m): 10:16, (5-2m):8:50 (6-3m):8:25 (7-4m): 9:10 (running through snow remaining on Cap. Crescent)
(8-5m):8:55 (9-6m): 8:29 (10-7m):7:50
The additional 7 felt good. I felt strong, and body was nice and comfortable and quiet. I'm very happy with today's running!
PM: beer ;)

PM: Spinx1 hour

PM: track 5 miles total
2 mile warm up
per Coach George:
1x800: 3:32
400 easy
1x800: 3:25
easy 400
1X1600: 6:58!! (1st sub 7 miler since returning to running post injury)...Honestly, I don't like using that term anymore, "post injury"; I think I'll start saying, since I returned back to running. I just want to forget about last year, and how it ended, and just look forward to healthy running and PR's. :)
800 easy/cool down
Great workout! :)

PM: Body pump x1 hour/rest day

Tempo 5.5 miles
1 mile warm up
mile 1: 7:36
mile 2: 7:44 (when I realized we went out too fast, I tried to slow things down)
but bunked and only did 1/2 mile more: 7:44
total tempo: 2.5 miles
2 mile cool down with Anna Russell :)
Despite the bunk, I have ran a 5k Sunday, broke 7 min mile on Tuesday at track, and still had a decent tempo tonight. This is the most speed work I've done since returning, and so far body feels great! Best week I've had in a long while. :)

AM: Body Pump
foam roller
PM: 3 mile easy run

AM: work

Total miles: 23.5