Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week in Review

Total miles this week: 33.5
total miles last week: 34.2
Plan miles this week: 35-36

Week 6/6-6/12

easy 4.5 mile run

Tuesday: Track. Repeat 800's. total 5 miles
It was a hot morning. Coach had said 6-8, 800's. I managed 4. My body was tired, my legs felt heavy, and my body was not a fan of the humidity. I have lived out east for about 4.5 years now, and still, I am not used to running in humid conditions. I also think my mental endurance was lacking today. The work out was okay, but definitely not solid.
The work out went as follows:
I ran late, so only a 1 mile warm up
easy 400
easy 400
easy 400
easy 400
attempted another 800- bonked!
cool down 1 mile

Body Pump
Cross Trainer, easy, 35 minutes

REST (1st rest day since Sunday May 29th....whoops!)

Easy 5 miles, early in the morning.

7 miles.
Please see the race/day recap: (Previous post)

12 miles
It was a great long run. I joined the group Maria Sherwell, Katharina, and Joseph. Coach had us running the Capital Cresent because it was a warm muggy morning, and this trail had a lot shade and water fountains.
The run felt pretty solid. My Garmin choose to stop working after mile 6 (too wet from all my sweat?!) but according to my running partners, we clocked 8 min/mile and less for the last 4 miles of our 12 mile run, yay!. Despite my not so hot training week, todays run was pretty solid way to end the week.
The only splits recorded: (dam you Garmin!)
9:43, 9:02, 8:59, 9:00, 8:57, 8:27, non-functioning Garmin, gggrrrr.

Next race is July 1st, a 5k.

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