Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miles this week.

Yay! Running again... my knee feels back to normal! :)

Sunday: Pool run x1 hour and body pump x 1 hour ( 6 miles)

Monday: The knee was feeling better, so I test drove it with a 3 mile run. It felt great to sweat, and to get the heart pumping!

Tuesday: I skipped track, and opted for a slower paced 6 mile run.

Wednesday: Body Pumpx1 hour, and pool running for 1 1/2 hour. ( 9 miles)


Friday: 7 mile run

Saturday: a very frustrating 18 mile run. It was hot, no water fountains to refill, and my thoughts would not focus on anything but how much longer I had to go...definitely the worst run for me this season.

Total miles this week: 49 ( pool:15, land:34 )

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