Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a week!...mileage recap wk 8/22

I am so excited, I had one of my strongest weeks this season! It was definitely a confidence booster! (a much needed boost, after last weeks 18 mile mental break down, and low mileage the week before due to a knee issue taking me out for couple days.)
The following is a recap of the week of 8/22-8/28.

8/22-Sunday-x1 hour pool running (active recovery) and x 1 hour body pump= total miles in pool, 6.

8/23-Monday-Rest day.

8/24-Tuesday-Track work. Exercise: Pyramids. (400,800,1200,1600,1200,800,400) Pyramids, btw, are one my favorites workouts to do on the track, so I was excited for this workout!
(400=1:48) (800=3:25) (1200=5:10) (1600=6:53) (1200=5:02) (800=3:14) (400=1:30)= total miles w/ recovery laps, 6.5.
I felt strong, knee felt good, and the negative splits are exciting!

8/25-Wednesday-pool x1 hour 30 mins. total pool miles, 9.

8/26-Thursday-Tempo-I ran to track as part of my warm up (1.5 m) I did an extra mile on track w/Dre to complete my warm up.(=2.5 miles) Tempo 4 miler (a PR! 4 miles in 30:13!) Cool down, 1 mile around the track, and a 1.5 mile run home. (cool down=2.5 miles) total miles, 9.

8/27-easy 3 miles

8/28-20 miles. I totally did this long run right! First, I ate my Cliff bar and scoop peanut butter one hour before the run, so I still had fuel inside me at run start. (this was something I discovered worked best for me while training for San Diego.) I refueled every 40-45 mins, never allowing myself to "hit the wall"; again this is what I discovered worked best for me while training for San Diego...and I listened to my coach, I began slow, and finished fast.
I began at a 9:50-9:45 pace, and dropped accordingly. I had planned to go out the first 10 miles slow...I did not want to drop below a 9 min pace until the turn around at the 10 mile mark. Miles 10-13, I remained at a conservation 8:56 avg pace. Mile 13 I dropped to an 8:45. Mile 14, 8:35, then 15-18, I dropped my pace to 8:04 average. Miles 18-20, my pace "slowed" to a 8:20 average...I felt strong, and good, and was actually having a lot fun...I felt amazing!!

Total mileage: 53.5

Goals for next week: now that I know my knee is good, get my land mileage up to where it was pre-"injury", and still keep my 1-2 days in the pool up. Do not slack on my body pump class! Next weeks long run will be 18 miles.

Days till Chicago Marathon: 41 days!!!!


  1. Great week! You are going to rock Chicago!

  2. Awesome week! So happy that your knee is ok!

  3. great blog! yay for a good week!!!!

  4. thanks everyone:)

    all above commenters are looking great too!!

  5. amazing week - glad you are feeling and running strong!