Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in review (rehabbing: wk 1)

Woo-hoo!! I'm working out(!!!) and I feel my ankle getting stronger daily! I actually ran a few steps this weekend (unconsciously) getting out of the crosswalk for a speeding car to pass. After I realized what I did, first I thought to myself "oops", but then I realized that those few running steps didn't hurt! Ya! (Granted this was like 5 running steps, not 5 miles, but still made me smile!:)

Below is my cross training frenzy week:

Week 11/7-11/13

Pool x1 hour
Body Pump x1 hr

MD check up, and I was cleared to start cross training!! So....x1 hr on elliptical!

pool x1 hour and 15 mins

Body Pump ( snuck in before CAR happy hour)


Pool running x 1 hr
Elliptical x 1 hr

Body Pump x1 hour
Elliptical x1 hour
walking (as cardio) 15 minutes.

My ankle is feeling stronger and is tolerating the elliptical very well. I plan to incorporate biking this week, and continue to increase my walking (cardio) time. I may even attempt yoga:)

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  1. Congrats on a successful back at it week! Yay!