Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Yoga

Being on vacation, I wanted to:

1. "rest" this week from my training.
2. cross train.

Well, I have taken that "rest". I ran or really jogged an easy 6 miler Monday, and 4 easy on Tuesday. I plan to do 6 easy tomorrow, to give a light week mileage of just 16 total. Next week when I return, I plan to ease my way back into my training. Week 1=30 miles total; the following week back to high 30's and up from there.

I was able to do hot yoga yesterday.(cross train!)...How I have missed doing yoga! (especially of the hot kind)I first found hot yoga in Baltimore, 3 years ago. I fell in love on how incredible it made my body feel, how little my body ached ( though I would be sore from the sessions!),and how much stronger I was as an athlete. I also became slowly addicted to the amount sweat you lose;feels like you lose all that yucky body chemicals that is collected from stress, workouts, left me feeling cleansed!

Yesterday, I was reminded on how tight my body has become! Oy! But, it felt so good to stretch all that runner tightness away. In fact it felt amazing!

To back track...I'm horrible at stretching after a run, especially after the long run. I mean, I stretch, but it's of the ADD kind. 1. I'm hungry. 2. It's been hot, and I just want to get home. 3. Once I'm home, ice bathed and showered, it's eat and nap time!, I can say to add yoga to my training would be beneficial keeping me lose! I.e. in theory, injury free.

So new plan, I will add at least 1 yoga class a week to my training. Golds has an 1hr and half Vinyasa sessions every Saturday. I'll also look into Georgetown's yoga studio. I have yet to find a "hot" studio in DC, or Arlington,so until/hopefully I find one, room temp yoga will do! :)
does anyone know of a hot studio in NOVA/DC area?


  1. Off the top of my head, I know that Down Dog Yoga in Georgetown does hot yoga. I've never been, but one of their instructors teaches at Lululemon all the time, and she was always trying to get me to sign up for a hot yoga class there because it's so good for runners. And she was a pretty good instructor, but why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free ;)

  2. I totally forgot Lulumon does FREE yoga!

    and I will also look into Gtown...hope all is well!!

  3. no, and I've been desperately looking for one since I moved back here 2 years ago. I was in love with Charm City Yoga in Baltimore, yum. I strongly do NOT recommend Dancing Mind Yoga in Falls Church. I have been to Down Dog Yoga and really like it, but it's a hike to get there.