Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New found drive

If you would have told me 8 weeks ago that "everything happens for a reason", I would have tuned you out, and then proceed to mope.
Fast forward 8 weeks,( and it definitely took me a process to say this) but I do really think it happened for a reason. Yes, you read this correctly.
Since I moved out east my drive for training and running have just not been the same. 2010 was the most motivated season I have had as of lately, but it was more because I had great group to get me out there to run along side with. I did have motivation, but it was mute. (actually in my head, all season, I never thought I would get the 3:40 or less, but more like a 3:45-3:50) Yes, I didn't believe in myself so much, and I do believe that is why I only did a 1:46 half in Philly, where I should have easily been under 1:45 like the rest G2B. ( Steph, Beth, Amy, Liz) I needed something to shake me back awake, to wake me back into my love for training, running, and running fast. (my definition of fast;)

I started to feel this new drive the day I was cleared to start pool running, it was just a little spark then, but I was feeling it; and the more my ankle lets me do, the more I feel this new drive. It's exciting!!
Last night I did Spin and it kicked some major a$$, but I also felt this major high during it. I was smiling, having fun pushing, and feeling a drive I have not felt in forever. Wow! Is it possible to get a runners high from a Spin class, because I was ssooo high after!!
I can say now, without this break, I would never have this new found drive and love towards running, training, and my physical fitness. 2011 is going to be exciting!!!! I can't wait to cash in this new found drive!
I'm coming back and with a vengeance!!


  1. That is awesome, Tara! I can't wait to see the super motivated Tara in action this spring! :)

  2. thanks chicas!! it's crazy energy Im feeling!! woo-hoo!!