Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review (rehabbing wk 2)

So far so good! The ankle is behaving, and I can feel it getting stronger daily! It does have moments where it's sore, but it's not painful or worrisome, it's just sore. ( which I'm told by my doctor is to be expected while rehabbing) I know when to stop, and what I can work through. Any "pain" I feel, I stop. (Being an athlete, I know my body and it's limits well) That being said, progress can't be made without a little push.

I did a few firsts this week, like lunges! (Yay!!) I haven't been able to do these in Body Pump due to lack range of motion; but yesterday I did!Woo-hoo!
I also returned to Spin Monday, which felt amazing! Sweating, awesome/loud/driving music, and being out of breath;did I mention it felt amazing! I felt my inner bad a$$ come out at times during the class, which I have missed! Happiness.
Friday, Jessica, Greg and I went to hot Vinyasa Yoga. I used to do this about 4 times a week when I lived in Baltimore, so I went into it a little too confident. My 1st session was filled with child poses, and dizzy spells, but it still felt great to sweat that much!! Plus, I feel like yoga will definitely help strenghten my ankle quickly, so I will keep this in my cross training regimen at least 2 days a week.
(side note: I just completed my 2nd hot yoga class today, and I am happy to report no child pose rests or dizziness. My ankle even held the balance poses; I felt great!! :)

Ok, I hope every one's weekend is going well!
Below is my week :) Luv!

Week 11/14-11/20

PM: pool jogging x 1 hr

AM: Body Pump x1hr
PM:Spinning x1hr

AM: Elliptical x 45 mins
PM:Stair climber x 25 mins
Body Pump x1 hr

Rest (sick)

PM: Elliptical x 40mins
Stair Climber 20 mins
Walked x1 mile! :)

AM: Pool Jogging x1 hr
PM: Hot Yoga x 1hr 30 mins

AM: Body Pump x1hr
PM: Rest


  1. Yay! You're back! There's only one thing better than being at your peak, in my opinion: fighting to get back there. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Thanks! and agreed! The fight is the drive! You'll get back to the 'fighting' in no time!! :)
    sending you heal quick vibes! (those worked for me)