Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's hot!...I mean the weather!

It's June in DC, and it's supposed to be warm out, but this heat streak is crazy! Eighty degrees at 7am, plus humidity you can see in the air, means you know you in for a hot one!
I had to do 13 miles today.( this weeks mileage=31) The first 5 miles went by really quick, and easily. We ( CAR) took to the RV park route, which is rolly hilly, but I was feeling great! Holding a good 830-845 pace, I was having my normal fun running; feeling my improvements :)...then mile 7.5 hit. ( I turned around at 6.5 out)
When I turned around, I still felt ok, but the heat was definitely on the rise, at 8am! geez...By mile 7.5ish, I could tell I needed to slow my pace, and now just go into survive this run mode. o! So I dropped it down to 9-910 min. pace. In this heat, you just do what you can to get through it.
The last 2 miles were the hottest/hardest. I veered off to the bike path (Capital Crescent) so I could have shade, and kept my eye sight somewhat downward, b/c mentally I did not want to see what distance I had left. Basically, I had to zone out...
Finally! Made it!...and I ran straight to the fountain at Fletcher's, before heading to my group, and just poured cold water over my head and neck, aahhhh! Then I proceeded to meet with my teammates/coach, who were equally drenched, lol...
13.08 done.
Tired, and drenched from ounces of sweat, and the from the water I poured on myself post run, I was happy to be done,and still feels great to get out there and run...I love this sport!
Next week it looks like it'll be 10 degrees cooler! Here's hoping!! :)

Side note... During the last 4 miles of this run, all I wanted/craved was a huge cup icy Nuun! Which was the the 1st thing I did when I returned home! I made my ice cold nuun drink, and drank it down! mmmm:)


  1. It was miserable out there! I waited til 8 to start--HUGE mistake. Congratulations on getting through it!

  2. I hope your knee feels better soon!! and you enjoy vaca:) missed you this am!