Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me Vs. this Bug

It's war!!...and I think I am winning! :) With 17 days till Chicago, I had to take all measures to prevent this cold from progressing into something more. So I marched myself down to the pharmacy in our building, and had a talk with the Pharmacist!
I was in luck, not only did he know what to recommend, but he also advises his friend, who is a Ironman triathlete, on what supplements to intake to help prevent getting sick! I was thrilled to hear this!
So the 3000mg of Vitamin C I have been doing for the last 3 weeks. ( With Chicago around the corner, I didn't want to risk getting sick).
Today, I began the Echinacea/Zinc/Vit C supplements. ( What the pharmacist advised). I can say, I could feel worse, I think all of these measures are definitely helping in keeping this tame.


  1. I like the Emergen-C, that stuff and airborne, in my opinion, work well!! Keep warding it off! ;)

  2. I thin without, this bug would have taken over. They def work...I'm warding!;)