Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is definitely the worst injury I have encountered in the 24 years I have been a runner. I have had the IT problem, that took me away from running for 4 months, but I was able to cross train and sweat.
I had my plica syndrome flair up during MCM last year, that took me out from running for 3 months. Again, I was able to cross train, stay busy.
But this injury, all I can do until cleared to start cross training, is weights. Which I realize is better than nothing, so I am definitely not complaining, but this also leaves me a lot time to think and be reflective. Here are some of those thoughts....

1. I have amazing friends, period.
2. I loved running before this injury. But now I LOVE RUNNING!! I have found a whole new love for this sport now that I don't have it in my life. So yes, 2011 training season will be much different than 2010's. Not that 2010 was bad, in fact it was great! PR's, and quick strong times; and if that was produced from when I just loved running, I can't wait to see what I'll produce from my NEW LOVE for running. :) Woot!!
3.While I was weak for the first couple of weeks post injury, I really have learned that I am ok on my own. I really do not need a man to lean on. I have myself, my family, and my friends.
Backing up, after the 'massive heart break of 2010', I dedicated a year to no dating, time off if you will, from dating, to just love myself. I began this promise in March of this year. I am happy to say I have stuck to my promise to take time off from dating, and work on loving me. Eight months later, I'm feeling strong, secure and happy with my decision. I still do not feel ready to date, but I can say 100% without a doubt, I am healed.
4. I need to keep a life while marathon training. This injury slowed down my life considerably, and I was able to reflect and see what/who I had neglected for most of this year. So next training season,( San Diego Rock n Roll 6/11) I will work at maintaining a life as much as I can outside of running. I realize this will be difficult when I reach peak mileage, but I promise, I will try.
5.I don't know where I want to live. I started the year really believing I wanted to move to California soon, but now the bonds I've made, and the club I run with, and the people I've met through running are changing my mind. Now I think I want to postpone this move until at least 2012. But I guess time will tell on this one. :)


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